6 April, 2011


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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Don’t try to defend yourself or your property. That’s racist. That’s male. Just adjust to having your property stolen. Just adjust to the trespassing. Just adjust to the invasion of your country by illegal mestizos. That’s the safe, feminine thing to do. That’s the Politically Correct thing to do.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to 05-27-2000.

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  7. 21 Responses to “Termites”

    1. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The problem with most Whites, is that they don’t live for anything nobler than their 9-5 jobs and material possessions. How can you explain land as an inherited thing to masses who have no ties to the land? Nothing is more despised among people than those who till the land, raise livestock, dwell in small communities. Americas problem is that it IS soooo jewed that it has become a NATION OF PSUEDO JEWS, who deplore the peasantry.

    2. Miller Says:

      We need a new Pierce to tell it like it is.

    3. -jc Says:


      WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2009

      I Am Still Mad About Illegal Border Crossings…And Roger Barnett’s Plight!

      Apparently America (along with the reporters) has moved on and Roger Barnett is no longer newsworthy. He only had to pay $70,000 instead of the earlier $32 million stated in his lawsuit. Well, snap out of it America! When a 64 year old senior citizen (sorry Roger) has to round up 12,000 illegal aliens in ten years time…there is something seriously wrong here.

      Do the math people. THAT EQUATES TO 100 PER MONTH! He lives just 233 miles from Phoenix, Arizona (ranked second in the world for kidnapping reports filed) and has shown great restraint not using the gun he greets them with, holding them until the U.S. Border Patrol can take custody of them. I guess the twisted court system has me fired up more than anything else. They are concerned about the rights of the illegals who come across our borders. It doesn’t matter that the 12,000 plus have destroyed fences, stole vehicles, killed livestock, and broke into his home!

      I feel that Roger Barnett could make a strong case against the Federal government of the United States and their negligence to defend him when he was being attacked by members of a foreign nation and they were failing to “provide for the common defense and general welfare of the U.S.” (Preamble to the Constitution of the United States). Our Constitution gives the government certain powers that allow it to keep the peace. When crime crosses state borders, federal police agencies, like the FBI, can swoop in to protect the lives of citizens and their property. Where are they? With drug cartels running drugs, guns, and men/women across the borders between Mexico and the United States, don’t you think 12,000 illegals constitutes a little protection for Roger Barnett? I’m sure he would “stand down” if the government would “stand up”…for its citizens.

      Note: I figure the government owes Roger Barnett for ten years on “active duty” so they should pay the $70,000 and replace his property…for service rendered. You sir, are a patriot!

    4. torrence Says:

      Theire has not arisen a spokesperson, teacher, commentator, exemplar or scholar of the stature of Pierce since his death. I return to listen to his ADV broadcasts weekly and although approaching a decade or more old, still find them inspiring, informative and of value. I’m pleased that VNN highlights his works weekly.

    5. torrence Says:

      I’ve criticized the Alliance in the past as having regressed following the death of Pierce. The causes are multifactorial, but clearly, those people entrusted with authority within the Alliance lacked the wherewithal to advance the organization forward beyond Pierce’s death. It is now relatively impotent and although not irrelevant, it’s not the recognized center of the racial nationalist movement it formerly was. It has marginailzed itself.
      However, there is a legacy feature of the Alliance that it makes its continued existence worthwhile, and that is that it remains the repository of Dr. Pierce’s life’s work. I would not like to see the Alliance dissolve. So, consider making a contribution now and then toward its maintenance.
      Who knows, a new spirit may one day take hold which guides it along ‘the upward path’ to former heights.

    6. -jc Says:

      The Alliance

      As I listen to the braying jackasses from the White House, Congress, and more locally, I become more and more convinced that style is more important than content when it comes to influencing people. Dr. Pierce touches on it in the instant article and it is a constant theme.

      These politicians have a staff that prepares their addresses. I’m convinced that the weekly pieces delivered by Chairman Gliebe are a group effort as well.

      Obama uses a teleprompter. Others simply, obviously read their speeches. For an excellent example, see this just in on the budget proposal from the so called Republican in charge of selling their version: http://www.aei.org/video/101424.

      My only objections to The Alliance currently is that they are neither as strongly worded nor as eloquently and forcefully delivered as those of Dr. Pierce, much less Adolf Hitler. And I agree that there is no one on the scene doing that job today. Alex Linder and Edgar Steele, arguably stylistically a bit elite for mass consumption, are as close as we’ve come. Hitler, by the way, as David Irving reminds us, was imprisoned for nine months during which he wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle).

    7. CW-2 Says:

      Dr Pierce was unique. He could have continued with his satisfying and rewarding life in academia, but instead he chose the difficult path of awakening his people.
      All of the weekly broadcasts, including a few very early ones with variable sound quality, are also available on solargeneral.com. There are some interesting film clips with voice-overs by the good doctor on youtube.

    8. -jc Says:

      Dr. Pierce touches style being more important than convent for convincing the masses. Obama reads from a teleprompter. Paul Ryan presenting the argument for the Republican verison of the budget reads from a speech probably also prepared by a staff: http://www.aei.org/speech/100212. My guess has been that Chairman Gliebe’s comments are prepared with the help of others.

      There is no one around today expressing the situation and the solution both forcefully and articulately in terms to which the average White man can relate. Linder and Steele are a little high brow. Gleibe ostensibly blue collar occasionally stumbles over important terms leading some to comment that they are not his own words. It is valuable to consider Hitler’s command of oratory and , with a tip of the hat to Ed Steele, the fact that he spent nine months in prison during which he wrote Mein Kampf– My Struggle.

    9. Luke Says:

      I would also like to applaud Alex Linder and VNN for continuing to post and promote links to the best orator that our White Nationalist movement has had, with perhaps an equal tip of the hat to Commander George Lincoln Rockwell.

      I must also agree with the other poster who commented that Dr. Pierce’s broadcasts, and their subject matter, are just as fresh and relevant to what’s going on today as they were when they were first broadcast.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      One of the biggest problems for our Race today is our mass-culture. In the past, when there were no TV networks or movies or pop music groups, before there were any national magazines, newspapers or advertising agencies, White people lived a much more pastoral and communal way of life. There was no outside pressure to conform to some alien minority’s way of seeing things. There was a lot more individuality among Whites and at the same time a much stronger sense of racial identity and of responsibility toward one’s own tribe or clan.

      That’s how Nature intended Whites to live, not in this present age of Tweets, Facebook, MTV, mindless consumerism, Wall Street, suburban sprawl, traffic jams, televised sports, submission to authority and all that other madness. A mass-society or mass-culture based on mass-conformity is fine for the Orientals and other races, who by nature have a stampeding herd or insect-colony type mentality. But the authoritarian, money-obsessed, cosmopolitan, materialistic Jewish-run world of today has been a disaster for us.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      As I’ve said before, it’s a shame that White kids today don’t have much of value to watch on TV. Either the programs are trying to sell them some kind of plastic toy made in China, or in the case of PBS, the kiddies are being indoctrinated with Jewish race-mixing propaganda. Nature did not intend White children to grow up like this.

    12. torrence Says:

      jc – I too have suspected that the weekly ADV broadcasts are not Gliebe’s work. This was more or less confirmed by a former high-level member (one of many of the old guard purged by Gleibe) who assurred me that this is the case. That does not bother me, nor that his back-ground is ‘blue-collar’. His not having the ability of Pierce is irrelevant. The fundamental issue which tethers the Alliance to inertia, stagnation and impotence is his unwilingness or inability to harness the collective capabilities latent within the remaining membership. The replacement for Pierce is not to be found in one man, but in a composite man, made up of any number of individuals contributing in cooperative fashion. And that is woefully missing.

      Gliebe spurnes the good will, advice and offers of assistance laid at his doorstep. He has a an intolerance to change that is beyond understanding. The Alliance does the same things the same way as Pierce did them a decade ago, but with no return on the effort. It is guided by the comfort of the routine so it need not be challenged to reform. Decision making on virtually any level is absent. So pronounced is this one feature, that I cannot help but believe it is rooted in some psychological block. It is a remarkable phenomenon. I have never seen anything quite like it.
      I can’t shake a conviction that an unseen controlling influence in the Alliance is at work neutralizing its development and progress. Some may view that as paranoidal, but so much of what I’ve observed is harmful and counter-productive that I need to find some explanation for it all. Infiltration? Possibly. If not this, then perhaps the Alliance is facing insurmountable difficulties not connected to the responsible personalties in the organization which can’t at present be solved and is biding time until solutions can be found. If that is the case, it has been biding time for quite a while.
      Whether the current state of the Alliance is as it is by deliberate policy and objective or not, I can’t say, but I’m not ruling that possibility out. Nor can I say whether this is all to be assigned to Gliebe or not. There probably are unknown shadow ‘advisors’ he is relying on.
      But enough for now. This discussion can go on for a long time. How the high and mighty can fall.

    13. torrence Says:

      A few posts have come appeared observing the obvious – that popular media is destructive and a controlling influence – a bad one – to white society. So what’s new here? Don’t like it? Then LEAVE IT! I’ve been TV-free for over a decade. And I don’t see contemporary movies either.
      To assist parents in provding child entertaiment and culturally-enriching ‘fun’ activites is one of the most worthwhile services white nationalist organizations can provide. I don’t see much in that area. The (now defunct, I believe) organization Sigdrifa worked for many years developing such home-based initiatives. I am really impressed on what I have seen.

    14. Miller Says:

      Today, we conscious Whites have at our fingertips all the tools to become a massive Pan-Aryan propaganda machine.
      Never in history have we had the ability to create and distribute our own videos worldwide at virtually no cost. If there is an effective medium, then video is it. Youtube actually reaches and engages the working class masses due to a a fascinatingly crude racial voyeurism that is going on there. For example, raw footage of random negro violence goes viral and offers viewers a giant leap in racial consciousness. The online video is no doleful pamphlet pleading its case. It is rather a petri dish of a very rude racial awakening for all races. Never have I had so much hope for my fellow Whites. I urge all White Nationalists to use the demonstration of raw video and commentary as the front lines of our WORLD WAR.
      With a video camera, White Nationalists can break the back of the Jewish media!

    15. SHOOT DOWN ZOG Says:

      Break the neck of every Zog media outlet

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      OK, since Torrence has forbidden any further discussion of the Jewish mass-media or its pernicious influence on society, we’ll need to talk about something else. OK, how about puppy dogs? They’re awfully cute, don’t you think? And sunny days are nice too. Anyone here like butterflies? Raise your hands, don’t all talk at the same time………..

      Later that day, a still fuming Tim McGreen chases Torrence in his car for several blocks before Torrence ducks into an alley on foot. Tim blocks the exit from the alley with his car and jumps out, catches up to Torrence and throws him against a chain-link fence, smacking him across the face several times.

      “So, you don’t want me talking about the Jewish mass-media anymore, eh, Torrence?”Tim says, as a sobbing Torrence curls up into a fetal position to defend himself against Tim’s repeated kicks. “You son of a bitch, I’ll talk about anything I goddamn well please, you understand?”

      Torrence is left crumpled on the ground as Tim gives him one last kick. “Why did my sister ever marry a bum like you? Maybe I should tell her about that “mens’ fitness film” you played in when you were in school? Harmless college prank my ass! You make me sick just looking at you!”

      Tim speeds off in his car as Torrence is left face-down in the mud and dog shit crying hysterically.

    17. torrence Says:

      Quite a story there Tim. Entertaining. Well written. I just don’t see the call for it from my two-cent post. My point was merely that, by and large, we have a way out from the Jewmedia and that is to just not engage it. I really don’t see where “Torrence has forbidden any further discussion of the Jewish mass-media or its pernicious influence on society”. Don’t see that at all. I was only encouraging comrades to turn their backs on it. It wasn’t hard for me to give up TV because I had become so irritated by it that it was a relief not to watch it. I don’t miss its Hollywood programing at all.

      Everything with a grain of salt here, Comrade. I never intend to insult or antagonize anyone on this board. No one on this board deserves it.

    18. CW-2 Says:

      Miller has hit the nail. Many of us, myself included, have been using worn out non-productive forms of propaganda such as windscreen and mailbox leafleting. We need to embrace the latest technology and get our message on video. One small caveat, how many guys in their 40’s or 50’s actually watch youtube? Also, it is a medium that is perhaps unattractive to young women?

    19. torrence Says:

      A wide array of tactics and techniques is called for in propogating a message. It is actually preferable to bypass the popular media in our effort, becuase that is the media controlled by Jews and is surrounded with neutralizing propaganda. By using other means, we learn to become more self-reliant and self-sufficient, although initially it can be slow and painful.

      the best means of spreading a message is simply face-to-face talking with people.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      There are some good pro-White YouTube videos, but like Torrence says the best way to communicate important racial ideas is through one person speaking honestly with (not at or even to) another person. The days when a great orator dressed in a uniform with tall boots and baggy riding pants struts up and down a stage in front of legions of supporters giving the Roman salute, while searchlights shoot beams of light up into the night sky at regularly spaced intervals, no longer works. Nor do weekly prepared radio speeches by the Dear Leader or “skinheads” thrashing in a mosh-pit during Aryan Fest.

      Forget the gimmicks and forget trying to get the message out through conventional Jewish channels. Let’s get real. This is important.

    21. Harsh Harvey Says:

      ‘A wide array of tactics and techniques is called for in propogating a message.’

      Good call!

      One should look back on other successful revolutionaries and see what they thought were good ideas and then incorporate that:

      “Let a hundred flowers bloom; let a hundred schools of thought contend.” — Chairmen Mao