7 April, 2011

White Inventions: the Marine Chronometer

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A chronometer is a super-accurate clock. These were built circa 1815 and enclosed in wooden boxes. They were used aboard ships. That was, of course, an era when negroes were still running around the jungle grunting and throwing spears.

About the marine chronometer: [Here].

A larger photo of a similar chronometer: [Here].

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  7. 17 Responses to “White Inventions: the Marine Chronometer”

    1. ED! Says:

      I read a book years ago titled John Harrison’s clock.



    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s an impressive looking device. The craftsmanship alone makes it valuable.

      But if you were to show this invention to a liberal, a Jew or a Negro, their typically dopey response would be “yeah, but they had slavery in those days and stuff ” or “yeah, but they wouldn’t let women or African Americans vote or anything.”

      So even 200 years later, that Marine chronometer can still serve one very useful purpose: To clonk idiots over the head with.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      If White people have one fault more damaging to their welfare than their trusting gullibility, it is their modesty. We MADE the modern world. Instead to shouting this fact from roof tops and inculcating in our children a fierce racial pride we go about preaching the joys of multiculturism to the races who not only don’t believe it, but who secretly seethe with a desire to destroy and take from us all we and our forefathers have striven to achieve.

    4. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Don’t worry, nature will find a way to upset the best laid plains of White mans cleverness, and turn the tables over on the kikes and their mud cohorts.. Yes, that sounds a little harsh doesn’t ? Whitey needs to quit bestowing all these inventions, and start becoming a sponge .. Why did that clock maker turn such a wonderful instrument over to a priest? Was he trying to buy his way into heaven?

    5. Waldo Starr Says:

      In this modern age we live in this marine chronometer is not even on the same level as George Washington Carvers peanut butter recipe. Heaven forbid that white men would try to flaunt this meaningless invention when it is not needed. Just think, if George Washington Carver had invented rice pudding or even Rice-A-Roni he would have won a Nobel Prize. As we now know, time stands still for whites, since we have chosen to reenact those days gone by, those days of Reconstruction where blacks are elevated to positions of their obvious incompetence. President Obongo, the imposter, is first on the list and a Nobel Prize winner too. How cheap are Nobel Prizes today! And of course who could forget that outstanding black genius serving his third term as a U.S. Representative from Georgia’s Fourth Congressional District, Rep. Hank Johnson, who fears Guam will tip over if we add more Marines and their families to the island. This guy is an absolute moron and lacks even the common sense necessary to appear normal, but it appears that he is smarter than the blacks that keep returning this guy. When will we see the bottom?

    6. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Can you see this device falling into the hands of some “ghetto youth” nigger gangs, and being turned into a device to help mankind?
      Sheet Mon, I wants dem silber toof pixs to take wif me down to Finklesteens pawn shop, Yeh mon, dat sho’ would like nice on de dash of mah 65 olds. Ise gwine to takes it to skool fo Black studies science class nes month, dem White folks gwines to beleef its positeef proof of Afro merican discubery of Amerrrikwa centruies fo Columbus an dem other honkies.

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      !2/11/2011 Bs bulletin, kosher daily news. Harvey Finkelsteen reporting.

      A recent discovery by youthful Black Scientists, in a rubbish heap in Watts, now being exhibited the combo Black studies institute and Shoah nauseum, err museum that is, this possible black invention, that had been turned over to jewish rabbi for safekeeping in Warsaw, which was taken at gunpoint by the SS totenkoph during a raid on a gas chamber.. Its been missing for well over 6 million years.
      Scientists at the Tel-a-lie institute in Telaviv have identified the object as undeniable proof of african ingenuity ranking almost as high as okra, and peanut butter, and possibly it was turned to nefarious objectives by those EVEEEEEL NAZIS to regulate the gas flow into the gas chambers.

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      where blacks are elevated to positions of their obvious incompetence.

      Its called the PEANUT BUTTER PRINCIPLE

    9. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      The story of Harrison (a carpenter) trying to constantly improve this device over almost a half century shows the sheer resilience and determination of the White inventor but his denial of the reward offered by the Royal Navy shows how our elites betrayed us then as now. He finally got some money for all his work but he was too old too enjoy it. The stinking, unproductive upper class didn’t want to give a mere Carpenter credit for creating such a marvelous device (which incidentally is still a marvel of mechanical engineering). Watching the documentary or reading the book makes you realize nothing has changed in 200 years. Highly recommended though!

    10. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The race is not to the swift, but to the shifty

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Once upon time such people as artists, painters, composers were fostered by landed wealthy, such as Frans Josef Haydyn, not that the life of landed aristocracy was a great joy, probably far less than that of their proteges. Rome and Greece were well on the way to inventing steam engines, ballistics, who know? Fate has strange ways. I doubt if such people could arise today.

    12. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Mr Linder is barking up the wrong tree here. ED is correct. The White Englishman John Harrison built the first chronometer successfully used in navigation in 1736. Harrison had to fight for 20 years to get the 20,000 pounds that the government owed him. He finally got King George III himself to force the payment. This is equivalent to about $11 million in current Jew dollars. Harrison was nearly 80 years old when he finally got his money. See
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Harrison .

    13. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Nom de Guerre reminded me. The Austrian genius Franz Joseph Haydn had to go to London to make a living. He composed his hateful Opus 76 which is the music for the German National Anthem, Deutschland Uber Alles. Playing that in Austria gets you a jail sentence today.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Nom de Guerre and Don Pauly deserve two gold stars each for mentioning the great Papa Haydn. In Haydn’s lifetime, he had fans that included Napoleon, Beethoven, Mozart, Jefferson, Lord Nelson and Marie Antoinette. And yes, the Op. 76 Emperor Quartet quotes the German and Austrian national anthem music that Haydn also composed. Compare the celebrity status that Haydn and Handel enjoyed among the jet-set back then with the same status accorded Madonna and Lady Gaga today. How far we’ve fallen.

    15. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      I’m sorry about hijacking the thread but great White men frequently have to sell their souls to create anything. Read about what Harrison had to go thru to build his first chronometer. The British government should have written him a blank check and given him the best 100 watchmakers in all of England for his assistants.

    16. ED! Says:

      Having done a little sailing I can tell you that before Harrison and others built and perfected the oscillating timing wheel to replace the pendulum, keeping accurate time at sea was impossible. All one could do with a sextant was to get a line of position (LOP) on latitude. A navigator would keep his ship off the latitude of an island or other obstruction and use the passing days to estimate his time of arrival (ETA). With accurate time and a book of tables one could get LOPs during the day for both latitude and longitude, and at night one could get a FIX using the stars. Five mile accuracy plus or minus is the norm if one is proficient with the sextant. The clock is always set to GMT or Greenwich Mean Time, and the clock’s error was recorded so that it could be accumulated day by day, and determined at any time for correction. The British Navy was first to be able to have it’s ships converge at any point on the globe. Needless to say that the achievements of the White Race are nothing less than stellar.

      Now we have GPS, and no, a nigger did not invent that system of navigation either! White people invent, niggers consume, destroy, or push Communism in the case of Obama!


    17. Fat Mike Says:

      I was flipping through the channels on the TV and as usual there was nothing worth watching. But I stopped long enough to see a few seconds of a program on a PBS station celebrating negro hissry munf. And a negro woman was saying how one time she heard some white people say “negroes were slow, ignorant, and stupid and less intelligent than other people”
      She then went on to try to dispell the theory by saying “how many white people in slavery times, could survive with just the clothes on their back, no money and no sense of direction and still manage to make it to Canada. Canada?
      I got a good laugh. I though well I don’t know what Canada has to do with anything but, just like a dog can find its way back home after being dropped off hundreds of miles away (no direspect to dogs) maybe some negroes can too.
      And I suppose the negro woman though the whites that first stepped foot in North America had it made, and everything was just a leisurely walk in the park.