15 June, 2011

But Why Did South Africa Decline?

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(above: the Jewish anti-apartheid leader “Joe” Slovo, right, showing his colors under the communist flag. The negroes in the photo are Nelson and Winnie Mandela)

Jewish author Mercer has a new book out about the horrible situation in South Africa and how it could happen here as well. But here’s a thought: if Jewish activists hadn’t dismantled White rule in South Africa, books of this type wouldn’t be written today [1].


[1] in fact, Mercer’s father was an anti-apartheid activist in South Africa

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  7. 10 Responses to “But Why Did South Africa Decline?”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Ilana Mercer looks like one of The Ramones. Hey, ho, let’s go!

      Question: Why is it that only Jews are allowed to write books and make speeches that are hostile towards Zionism, political correctness and multiculturalism? Don’t the lowly goy cattle have the right to be heard as well? Gentiles only have a microphone placed in front of their snouts when the Jews ask them about their favorite sports teams.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Funny thing, I don’t remember the Establishment press ever showing photos or video clips of the Mandelas standing in front of huge communist flags or attending communist rallies. The Jew press bent over backwards to portray the Mandelas as martyrs and heroes. But the reality is they are anti-White Marxists, terrorists and criminals.

      This is what happens when you allow colored inferiors to live in your country. Eventually they will rise up (with lots of Jewish help) and take it over. We don’t need Sambo’s help for anything. We can pick our own cotton and wash our own dishes. We should never wish to enslave, subjugate or exploit any colored people. Just get rid of them, send them back to the tropical hell-holes they scurried out of. And if they won’t go then you kill them.

    3. Nigger Jim Says:

      Whachu honkeys talkin ’bout? We niggers in Jo’burg been on a roll since we kicked you crackers out. We can rape, rob and murder all we want now and da White man can’t do nuthing ’bout it. De crazy White man, he just hand over de whole country to us and say, “You darkeys got de country now so please leave us Whites alone”. SHEEEIT. De darkey he not stupid like de White man. De White man he believe de lies ob de jooos. De darkey know dat de jooo only say BULLSHIT.

    4. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Ilana is just another shape shifting hebe who purports to be on our side. Just like rat faced David Horowitz who was a militant supporter of the black panthers in the 1960’s but who later became an opponent of the radical civil rights agenda and a political conservative.

      Ilana is merely playing the part of the “good” jew who will tell the middle American boobs all the things they like to hear so she can make money from her articles, books and speaking engagements. I expect Jewish influence which was so instrumental in the downfall of apartheid S. Africa to be airbrushed from her tome. For example, Communist party leader and Mandela handler Joe Slovo will be cast as a white leftist with high ideals rather than a hateful Jew bent on the destruction of white civilization. If his jewishness is noted then it will be downplayed and glossed over.

      Nope, the jews are always above it all just innocently eating their bagels and counting their shekels.

    5. Robert Cardillo Says:

      I agree with every post put on here. Spot on folks!!!

    6. Nigger Jim Says:

      You honkies thought dat y’all had a website where you could talk all kinna shit about de nigger and de jew and nobody gonna give y’all no shit, but now you got a jivin’ ass nigger on yor case. WHATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT IT WHITE BOY? Now dat we niggas got Obonga in office we gonna make dis a how you says it? Equal Opportunity Website. You White boys never learn nuttin does ya? About thirty years ago, old Doc Pierce went down to South Africa and warned all ob de Whites what gonna happen to der ass if dey let de darkeys run de country, but dey wouldn’t pay him no mind, homey. Well, de same thing gonna happen here, bro if y’all don’t put de nigga back in his place before he be gettin so uppity. But what would I know, homey. I jus’ be nuttin’ but a jive ass nigga.

    7. Wilfred Says:

      Isn’t it funny that the only thing these ‘concerned’ ‘conservative’ kykes seem to be able to do is write books about our people’s decline, rather than actively doing anything about it. Oh yes, of course, there’s a market for these sorts of books, and money to be made from gullible goyim, who pay to read what these parasites write, but won’t dare take any real positive action themselves.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      S.A. was betrayed by White politician’s taking order/odors from London, NYC and Zurich etc.

      Rhodesia was never defeated what so ever.

      Rhodesia was surrounded with S.A. joining in and stabbing Rhodesia in the BACK.

      Rhodesia was destroyed the joostew World odor.

      ALL read news was keep secret from N.Z. to Europe on what really was going on there.

      Come to think of it when Dan Blather the bitch/whats the frequency useful idiot for a buck went South to cover the Racial Communist war on US in the Early sixties, they knew the blacks were shitting, phucking and kissing their White demented whores to incite the police, and folks but keep that SECRET.

      Commander Rockwell was murdered by a sniper and he only did I think it was seven years and lives in Alaska now.

      When Rockwell was alive he could barely get any money, and he could not raise a 1000 man body guard either. If he had raised a 1000 man political body guard, alot more that the Chicago Seven jigs and joos making a mockery of our public commons and the Justice system would have had some real traction after four years of LBJ, “Oh Golly” the nutcase pervo IMO. NIXON could have gotten some real help.

      Rockwell knew theater and could Write!

      All the Patriots of the 1950’s and 60’s were isolated and bugged by the regime, and there was a complete news Black Out.

      Dr. Oliver was Un Heard of till the day he died.

      Today the monsters have so much control and arrogance/hate they really don’t care if had the Holy Grail, LOL !

    9. van helsing Says:

      mandela goes out and talks to the hinterland negroes these days but he still says “kill the boer”.

    10. The Red Skull Says:

      Whats happening to White people NOW in South Africa—is the Future the Jews have planned for White America.

      Believe it.