26 June, 2011

New William Luther Pierce Blog

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It’s always nice to see Dr. Pierce honored, isn’t it? Hopefully, this blog will grow into a substantial archive.


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  7. 31 Responses to “New William Luther Pierce Blog”

    1. torrence Says:

      Well, this development is a surprise, and I welcome it. Alex, who has initiated this project? Do you know?

      I support this blog not as a homily to Pierce, but as a project which can review and re-introduce the reader to the essentials of his writings and analyses.
      Over the years, VNN has hosted lively discussions on the merits and legacy of Pierce. Strong feelings have come to surface about the man and his organization, with wide divergence expressed on what worthy lasting contributions can be attributed to them. Most will accept that his intellectual output has been substantial and influential.
      This blog need not make the reader ‘like’ Pierce, but it should well inform the reader on his principle works and core ideas.

      I find it noteworthy that a blog can be dedicated to him, to one man. Can you recommend another ‘White’ leader that has produced sufficient content with sway to justify starting a blog on?

    2. Socrates Says:

      [see post #3]: http://www.vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=129345

    3. torrence Says:

      Please note the Pierce documentary from 1990 entitled ‘Dr. No’ at the bottom of the blog. A strange piece in places. I still don’t know what to make of the tuxedo-clad performers hymn-singing on stage with an NA sign dangling overhead. I think it was meant to mock the Cosmotheist ‘religion’.
      The film was made in the very early days of the NA in West Virginia when WLP was trying to form a community on the Cosmotheist-owned property.
      The ADL’s Ross comes across as mildly paranoic and extravagant in his claims, certainly trying to frighten the public with the usual lines. When Pierce is recorded in his own words, he comes across as serious and thoughtful. The Sheriff comes across as……..well,….. a system-serving order taker. I bet he was well rehearsed by the ADL in preparation for his interview.

    4. torrence Says:

      Thanks Socrates. That information gave me all the data I need to stay away from the drama on it.

      Greg Johnson….Covington……..W. Williams……Pierce …Klassen……..the ‘Clash of the Personalities’ goes on.
      Movement melodrama is something I’m good at voiding. It’s nurtured by a few who seem to endlessly bring nothing but instability, strife and distraction to the table whenever they show up. It’s that unholy influence that exudes profusely from some. A man of considerable talents I’m told, Covington has had nothing but controversy follow him. Whatever I know about him has always been learned in the wake of some disruption he’s been a part to. It’s endless and tiring.

      I’m surprised to have read Pierce’s Bulletin ‘The Perils of Hobbysim’. Covington was such a nuisance that Pierce broke one of his rules by devoting space and energy to talking of the man and his activities. WP usually avoided such direct mention of people and preferred to address personality-related ‘movement’ matters indirectly.

      I recommend Pierce’s advice in avoiding “an unhealthy fascination with the gossip”.
      On to more important things.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      William Gayley Simpson and of course Professor Revilo Oliver both deserve a dedicated blog. A well thumbed copy of W G Simpson’s magisterial ‘Which Way Western Man’ should be on the desk every White Nationalist.

    6. Marc Rappaport Says:

      I’m glad to see there’s so much fighting and mistrust among you Nazi nincompoops. Hopefully there always will be!

    7. jayhackworth Says:

      the jew Rappaport is excessively optimistic, which is a very good sign.

    8. Socrates Says:

      CW-2 Says: William Gayley Simpson and of course Professor Revilo Oliver both deserve a dedicated blog. A well thumbed copy of W G Simpson’s magisterial ‘Which Way Western Man’ should be on the desk every White Nationalist.

      Re: Simpson: “Which Way Western Man?” by William Gayley Simpson can be found here:

    9. Socrates Says:

      Marc Rappaport Says: I’m glad to see there’s so much fighting and mistrust among you Nazi nincompoops. Hopefully there always will be!

      I’m not a Nazi. A Nazi is someone who refers to himself as a “national socialist.” I don’t refer to myself as such.

    10. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Hey Rappaport, why you just fuck-off you jewish cunt. We have enough of you wankers back in England. That cunt Cromwell let you back in, but in due time, we will rout you out!!! HEIL HITLER!!!

    11. torrence Says:

      For want of a better, more accurate association, I do claim to be a National Socialist. Not in all details, of course, but in the general, it’s accurate.
      What better or more precise political/philosophical label is there to hang one’s hat on? I’d like feedback on that question.

      What ‘brand’ of politics or world-view do you lump yourself in with? And please, no custom made names or ephemeral constructs to answer this. Answer with something that has had an historical presence and viability.

    12. torrence Says:

      Well Socrates, for want of a better association, I do refer to myself as a National Socialist; not in all the details of course, but the fit is close enough.

      If not National Socialism, then what political, world-view philosophy is there for you to identify with? I’d like some feedback on that from readers. And please, no custom made or ephemeral constructs designed just for this answer. For there to be any reality in this exercise, hang your hat on something with a viable historical presence or at least a developed, identifiable philosophy which may not yet have found a practical expression.
      Sorry, to say I’m a ‘Latter-Day Odonist of the Confederacy’ won’t do.

      Rappaport, how do you answer this question?

    13. torrence Says:

      Well, once again, the VNN comment shredder -‘the filter’- has detained two posts of mine and bail has not yet been set. What’s the price, Alex?

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      To say that all pro-White individuals are “Nazis” is inaccurate and shows the ignorance of the accuser. If a healthy, normal White man is a member of a legitimate NS organization, that’s fine, but many pro-Whites do not identify with the NS philosophy. Besides, unlike Communism Nazism was never meant to be internationalist in nature. It was never meant to be “exported” from Germany.

    15. torrence Says:

      If not National Socialist, Socrates, then with what do you identify yourself with?

    16. Sgt. Skull Says:

      It looks like “Hadding” has taken some time out from his busy schedule of trashing Edgar Steele 24/7 to actually doing something useful. It would be nice if he was able to locate any writings by Dr. Pierce that heretofore, were not widely disseminated or available through the NA. I always find kernels of wisdom in all of Dr. Pierce’s writings.

    17. torrence Says:

      Not a NS, socrates? Then what do you tell people you are?

    18. Socrates Says:

      torrence Says: Well, once again, the VNN comment shredder -’the filter’- has detained two posts of mine and bail has not yet been set. What’s the price, Alex?

      Your posts have been rescued from the spam filter. Perhaps “torrence” is the trip-up? (it spells like “torrent” or “torrance”). Maybe try spelling it differently, like “torynce.” Just a thought.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      Torrence, are you saying that only fee-paying, card-carrying members of a recognized NS organization have the right to be called pro-White? What about racially conscious Whites who are apolitical, or who are not the type to join any clubs? What about racially conscious Whites who just don’t like the idea of marching around in brown uniforms with swazi flags and armbands? Is there no other way for Whites to express or promote their racial beliefs except through NS pageantry?

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      Torrence, I think I know where you’re coming from. I don’t like characters such as Jared Taylor who dance around the race issue by saying “I’m a pro-Europeanist” or “I’m not anti-semitic, I’m anti-Zionist”. It’s cowardly and dishonest to say things like that and such statements will not disarm your opponents one bit. In fact, the Jews, Blacks and liberals will probably have a grudging respect for any White who’s gutsy enough to just admit his pro-White beliefs without the usual sniveling or verbal gymnastics.

    21. Socrates Says:

      torrence, I usually describe myself as a White nationalist, plain and simple. As to exact ideology, Dr. Pierce’s brand comes the closest to describing my ideology, although there may be a few differences between his and mine. Pierce had the greatest influence on my thinking.

    22. Susan Says:

      I sure as hell don’t fit the typical WN female personality or type, and I consider myself as Pro White as they come. I just tell people I’m Pro White, race matters, and let them figure it out.

      Pierce’s writings are good and certainly need to be read, but what we really NEED now is another George Lincoln Rockwell who has the balls and backbone to stand up to the jew muthafuckas and niggers!!!

      Damn the torpedoes and All Flags Flying!!!

    23. torrence Says:

      Thanks Alex. I may try to spell my name differently, but surely that can’t be the reason for the block. Some posts do go through. If the same one word was causing the arrest of some of my posts, the filter would consistently deny all submissions containing that one word; so I reason.

    24. Socrates Says:

      torrence Says: Thanks Alex.

      For the record, I’m not Alex.

    25. torrence Says:

      “For the record, I’m not Alex.”
      Sorry, then. I appreciate the correction.

    26. torrence Says:

      Marc Rappaport Says: “I’m glad to see there’s so much fighting and mistrust among you Nazi nincompoops. Hopefully there always will be!”

      Billy Roper has posted a good essay on this very observation. It is worth reading.

      ConFounding Fathers

    27. Socrates Says:

      Rappaport raises a good point about mistrust and infighting among WNs. In fact, I ought to write a post about it. Indeed, out of 10 WNs, only 5 are on the same page. Some are Christian, some are NS, some are CI, some are Klan, and few seem to agree on many things other than the basic points, like “Blacks are big trouble.”

    28. Tim McGreen Says:

      Any simpleton can criticize the Blacks because Blacks are obviously a blight and a drag on our society. But to understand the nefarious and destructive nature of the Jew requires a little more thinking and observation. Plus the fact that a lot of gentiles are afraid of the Jews and the hornets’ nest of trouble they can inflict on their enemies.

    29. Susan Says:

      Good article by Roper. And so true. Whites have always been human and have always acted human with all their foibles and flaws.

      I feel ambivalent about posting on the internet. I think somebody has to say the things that I say, for example, to give an older White woman’s perspective on all of this. But the more you post, the more you set yourself up for flame wars and insults, etc. I try to keep my comments on VNN forum to a minimum and more serious these days.

      I was reading what another White guy (with whom I have had several phone conversations) who occasionally posts on VNN but usually is found on the Phora said about other White Nationalists. He said he had stopped going to their local meetings because he just didn’t like them. This is what worries me: that we really don’t like each other very much when we are supposedly fighting for (or at least wanting) the same thing.

      If I met you all in person, would I find you likable? Who knows? Would I find your personalities just as annoying, just as irritating, as other non pro White people? Probably. Would I be able to overlook this feeling as selfishness and get beyond this in order to advance the White agenda. I sure hope so.

      At some point, if we ever want to try to do anything in this country, to come together as a race of people, standing together as Whites, we are going to have to learn that each of us is an individual underneath the skin color. We can fight together as Whites, but we must be able to learn to accept each other for whatever each of us is individually and not let that separate and destroy us.

      That will be the big test for Whites as we advance into the New World Order.

    30. jayhackworth Says:

      Some of us may be patriots of different persuasions, but we will transcend our differences with the common endeavor. This is what the Jew fears.

    31. abc Says:

      With an interesting post in that blog. 1976.

      “Why don’t all the pro-White organizations unite?”

      A union would be dangerous, but at least all (real) pro-whites should respect and help each other.