26 July, 2011

Letter About Our Anti-White Culture

Posted by Socrates in anti-White themes, Claude Levi-Strauss, jewed culture, Jewed science, Socrates at 12:20 pm | Permanent Link


(Above: Claude Levi-Strauss)

You can thank Jews for the anti-White atmosphere found in the West today, especially the “anthropologist” Claude Levi-Strauss, who divided the world into two camps: “bad people” (Whites) and “good people” (non-Whites).


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  7. 7 Responses to “Letter About Our Anti-White Culture”

    1. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      The most amazing characteristic of jews is that they are able to postulate theories that totally contradict all reason and common sense and have these ridiculous ideas believed by the dumbed down White masses. as well as the brainwashed White elite. “Nigger half apes are our equals”. “Jews don’t control the media”. Diversity and mexicanization is our strengh”, Nineteen ragheads with boxcutters and not Mossad did 911″. The bullshit that the kikes are dealing out to us today puts Orwell’s “Nineteen eighty four” to shame.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      I always liked the Ernst Blofeld type villains, with their cold blue Aryan eyes, Nehru suits and big, fluffy white kitties:



      So what if White men are portrayed as villains? Villains are kewl.

    3. J├╝rgen Says:


      How dare they label Levi-Strauss as “French.”
      Look at that pic!! Christ, you can’t look any
      more jew than that.

      A jew, whatever country he snakes his way into,
      is a JEW. Period.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Levi-Strauss fancied himself as a ‘scientist’, but in reality he was a typical jew fraud. He wasn’t even an anthropologist with a wealth of field work experience. At best he was an ‘armchair anthropologist’ who selected the original research of far more experienced workers in order to support his own half-baked theories.

    5. Hans Schneider Says:

      another shyster posing as an academic..

    6. Wilfred Says:

      Regarding Hollywood film villians, I’ve found it interesting how they are named: Typically they predictably have German-sounding names, such as ‘Blofeld’ from the James Bond films, or ‘Richter’ and ‘Cohagen’ from ‘The Running Man’ (1987). But interestingly, many Jews have German names, so they have to walk a fine line between making a villian sound German, but not Jewish. So for example, you won’t find any film villian with the name ‘…stein’ or ‘…berg’, despite these being common German names.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jackie Robinson, the Tuskegee Airmen, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Martin Lucifer Koon, Frederick Douglass….Where would we be without their contributions? Who needs electric lights, gramophones, automobiles or aeroplanes when we’ve got niggers to worship?