11 July, 2011

Nation-Wrecking 101

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“Marx, when living in England, said that any revolution that did not spread to England was a storm in a teacup.”

— – from the book “European Jungle” (London, England; Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1939), by F. Yeats-Brown, p. 64

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    1. CW-2 Says:

      Well, the ‘revolution’ has reached England alright and with a time-delayed vengence. Just about everything vile and contemptable in contemporary culture has washed up on these shores, not to mention the millions of nigs and muds clamoring for something off whitey.
      At present levels of immigration and non-white breeding this small resource depleted island will be supporting a population in excess of 80 million, a third of them non-white. At least we can comfort ourselves with the thought that any moderate disruption in the external supply of food and raw materials will cause an implosion. Race traitors, we know where you are and don’t expect any mercy.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Marx was right. The Bolsheviks knew that their revolution in Russia was doomed if the revolution didn’t also spread to more advanced places like Germany or England. Ironic how Marxism, a movement intended for industrialized countries, only took hold in the agrarian ones, like Russia, Vietnam and Mongolia.

    3. Olaf Gunnerson Says:

      I read “European Jungle” many years ago, good book. Is it online anywhere?

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Why have Marxist activitists, ie. jews, been successful while we for all our effeorts have not? This question is tackled directly in Dr Pierce’s blog, http://williamlutherpierce.blogspot.com/2011/07/prospectus-for-national-front.html
      In a prescient article from 1970 the good doctor outlines the causes of our relative ineffectiveness and a workable remedy. Essential we should copy the commies and develop ‘front’ organisations to coordinate local politics to an overall strategy. It is a pity that Dr Pierce didn’t or wasn’t able to implement such a plan within the National Alliance.

    5. Socrates Says:

      Olaf: Here are some links to the book, although I have not tried them:


    6. Andrei the Angry Ghost Says:

      JDL KIKES on scumbag Glen Beck…

      Beck Stands With Israel; JDL Stands With Him

      June 02 2011 – 2:18:58:pm by JDL

      Standing boldly, unabashedly with Am Yisrael, Glenn Beck sent out a call weeks ago to stand with Israel this summer and specifically to join him for a rally in Jerusalem this August. Beck has his critics in nearly every circle and even among right-wing Jews, but JDL finds little of substance to be critical of regarding him. We believe his impassioned, emotional oratory to be genuine, and we can’t see any valid reason to spurn his support in any respect. The most common reason why a Jew would be critical of a Christian’s support of Israel would be because of Christian eschatology (end-times beliefs), which can possess some Christians to support Israel not genuinely but based instead on ulterior motives. Even though it’s perfectly reasonable to skeptical of his support because of his Christian eschatological views, his personal religious beliefs that conflict with ours are not sufficient grounds to reject his assistance to the Jewish people and the Jewish state. In this debate, we often make the point that if a Christian wants to support us, it doesn’t matter if he or she has ulterior motives based on eschatological beliefs that are antithetical to Judaism. Their end-times beliefs are inconsequential to us because we know their expectations will not be fulfilled, but their support of Israel is of consequence and should not be summarily dismissed.

      On another front, some right-wing Jews have chosen to attack Glenn using the same hollow arguments as those put forth by the Left, including calling Beck a Jew-hater because he often criticizes high-profile left-wingers who happen to have been born Jewish, like George Soros or Edward Bernays. The League believes that anyone on the Right who espouses left-wing talking points against Beck is being used as a tool by leftists, leftists who in truth are much more substantially anti-Jewish and anti-Israel than Beck any day of the week. And yes, we are also aware that a while ago on his TV show Beck made some inappropriately sectarian Christian comments that denigrated Jews for rejecting the Christian deity, but we think he’s come along way since then. He’s more respectful toward Judaism, ostensibly, and he even recently admitted that there’s a good chance that Judaism could be right and Christianity wrong. Perhaps Glenn is only pandering to Jews in recent times, but even if that were true, it doesn’t negate all the positive things he does publicly for Jews and Israel. That solid track record of support can’t be denied.

      Beck is broadcasting right now, as this article is being written, with extreme emotion over the Holocaust, the plight of the Jewish people generally and the evil forces amassing to battle us today. One would have to be extremely cynical to presume that his apparent heartfelt emotion is an act of deception. To the contrary, the presumption must be that Glenn is a stalwart ally of ours, a righteous non-Jew beloved by G-d. JDL is looking at options to join him in Yerushalayim in August, although with the short notice we may have trouble allocating the resources to be there with him. Either way, we call on our members and supporters to be there with him spiritually and to stand with Israel wherever we are on August 24th. To be bold in confronting the haters who are looking to make the push to damage, if not destroy, the state of Israel this year, C”V. At this dangerous juncture we all must echo Beck’s call to be resolute and courageous in standing in defense of Am Yisrael. Ultimately HaShem is in control of His creation and will do with us as He chooses, but we will not be held blameless if we fail in our task to fight evil and sanctify HaShem in the face of the nations and even fellow Jews who wish to eradicate us.

    7. abc Says:

      For Marx, most Slavs were “ethnic trash”. He was disappointed that the revolution didn’t start in Germany or England, where people were, according to him, of higher quality.