13 July, 2011

Two Articles From Edgar J. Steele

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The Tao of ED (a .PDF file): [Here].


Sex, Lies & Audiotape (Part I) (a .PDF file): [Here].

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    1. vila Says:

      Milivoj Asner died in Austria recently.

      The lame stream media dosen’t say much about him. During WW2, this monster sent many unarmed civilian Serbian men, women and children to their torture and deaths in Jasenovac, where they even had a special camp just for Serbian children.

      The Vatican and the Mossad are both silent about him, and Jasenovac. The Mossad claim they were not able to arrest him, as he lived out his retirement in peace in beautiful Austria – translation: the Mossad were protecting him.

      So, was he an ethnic Croat, an Aryan, a Catholic, an Ustasa, a Nazi collaborator, a Jew, a Croat-German-Jewish mischlinge, or all of the above? For all the innocent Serbian people who were horribly tortured and exterminated as per the Ustasa policy, may he burn in Hell a hundred times for each innocent life that died violently on this earth.

      I will never forget and never forgive Jasenovac or Dachau.

      Where is your gravesite Milivoj Asner? Maybe I’ll take a trip there one day and piss on it.

    2. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      Edgar J. Steele represents everything that was good, honest, and true in what is left in the shit heap that used to be the United States of America. The Rubicon has been crossed. The jews and the shabbaz goy that run this evil empire have developed a technology that can make anyone that goes against the system into a crimiinal. From this time forward until the Revolution, anyone who advocates for White rights will see the full extent of what is in store for the entire White Race if enough of us don’t wake the fuck up pretty goddam soon. FUCK THE JEWNIGHTED STATES OF AMERIKWA WITH ITS CRIMINAL JEWDICIAL SYSTEM, ITS CRIMINAL MONEY SYSTEM, AND ITS WHITE HATING, NIGGER, SPIC AND KIKE LOVING SOCIAL SYSTEM. WE WILL HAVE OUR OWN NATION SO HELP US WOTAN!!!!!!

    3. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      This rotten jewish government is based solely on lies and hates all men of integrity who are brave enough to expose those lies. That is the reason why Ed Steele was framed. Harold Covington is always talking about establishing a White Homeland in the Pacific Northwest, but where in the hell are all these “brave” aryan pioneers now. If they had any balls at all they would supporting him with more than words. I hope that there will be a White Homeland in the Northwest someday, Harold, but it ain’t gonna happen in your lifetime or mine. Perhaps our children or grandchildren will grow enough balls to throw the kikes out the window once and for all, and their role models will be Edgar J. Steele, Robert Jay Mathews, and David Lane rather than Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, and Martin Lucifer Koon.

    4. Luke Says:

      I have been listening to Covington’s weekly radio shows almost from the beginning, and I’ve been trying (and struggling a little) to finish the only one of his novels that I’ve purchased, A Mighty Fortress.

      Anyway, I am not a big fan of freezing cold weather or the kind of near-constant rain that I know the area around Seattle tends to get.
      Therefore, it would take a top-notch salesman to get me to move to that area of the country, and it wouldn’t be an easy sales job.

      Aside from that, and perhaps Covington has addressed this in one of his other books which I haven’t read – is that any ethno-state that whites might someday create would have to figure out how they were going to handle the very real threat that the surrounding non-white ethno-states would present to the white homeland. Does anyone really think that any ethno-state populated and run by blacks or mestizos would be self-sufficient? Somehow I doubt it.

      So, if these blacks and mestizos were cut off from being able to feast off of the white man’s paychecks via income redistribution programs, which would no longer exist, since all white liberals would either be 6 feet under or begging for a place to squat in one of the mud colonies – who would these blacks and mestizos turn to for their subsistence? Parasites must have a host, right? The thought entered my mind that these mud colonies full of needy parasites would be a perfect way for hostile enemies of the White race to negotiate for placement of military bases inside those colonies, in exchange for giving the blacks or mestizos free goodies of some kind. Communist Red China, for example. Satan’s Excrement Dump, Israel, for another. Can anyone imagine how dangerous that would be for the new white homeland? It would be bad enough to be surrounded by black and mestizo ethno-states who would be royally pissed off over losing their access to white money and white technology and all the other white created resources that they’ve become accustomed to having, but to add to that equation the very real possibility of having our foreign enemies setting up military bases inside those mud colonies, from which they could launch an attack on the white homeland – that sounds to me like a sure-fire recipe to destroy this Northwest Homeland idea of Covington’s.

      But, maybe Covington has addressed this topic in one of his books?

      Can Johnson chime in on this question?

    5. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      Luke, as I see it the biggest obstacle to a large contingent of racially aware Whites moving en masse to the Pacific Northwest at ths time with the intent of establishing a White Homeland that as long as the jewish government is in place, is powerful, and has the support of the majority of the sheeple, they would be sitting ducks for informers, agents provocateur, bio-warfare, or just out and out extermination. ZOG would literally flood the area with niggers, jews, and muds of all kinds. The Northwest Republic would also have be armed with nukes immediately, which would be highly unlkely. Being surrounded by nigger and spic ethno states would pose no problems. The problems is that we would be surrounded by jews, who have totally brainwashed the White masses into thinking that WE are the enemy. I have not read Covington’s novels and have no desire to. Real life is FACT, not FICTION, and the sooner we get over our illusions, the better off we will be.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      I don’t know all that much about Steele or his situation, but from what I do know it seems to me that he is his own worst enemy. No, he’s not guilty of the bullshit ZOG is accusing him of. But he comes across as a flake and a fool who basically walked right into ZOG’s trap. And then his stupid wife opens her dopey mouth and says that her husband is not a racist. Is she trying to alienate ALL of his supporters? Is it illegal to be a racist? Is it the worst thing in the world? Please, just shut yer yap before you get Edgar in even deeper trouble, Cyndi.

    7. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      The fact that muds have access to White creations is tragic beyond all measure. How did this come to pass?

    8. Sgt. Skull Says:

      The fact that two leading experts in audio recording technology were willing to testify on behalf of Ed Steele is a testament to his innocence. Any honest appellate court judge should grant a new trial but the likelihood of that is close to zilch; for right at this moment the kikeocracy is scheming to ensure that the appellate judge is either a fellow hebe or a white goy race sell out.
      Maybe the sheeny worshipping CONservatards will help Ed?

      This is the treatment that racially conscious white political dissidents can expect in a sovietized kwa from this point forward.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      I guess I’m sort of naïve, but I thought it was the State or “The People” (ha! The People…..that’s a good one) who had to provide the burden of proof in a court case, not the defendant. But in this situation, Steele was already assumed to be guilty and it was up to him to try and prove the court wrong. Is that how the US justice system is supposed to work? The Government accuses you of something and you’re automatically guilty as charged unless YOU can prove you’re not? Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? Yes, I am too naïve for my own good.

      Meanwhile, millions of White porkers just go waddling about their business in a self-absorbed daze, consuming and obeying. Please don’t come after me! I obey all the laws. I pay all my taxes. I’m a good person! And I fear authority. Verily I say unto thee, there are going to be a of squealing stuck pigs come The Day of White Vengeance.

    10. Sgt. Skull Says:

      The Steele verdict was pre-ordained from the start. The trial was just for show and to fool middle American boobs into thinking there’s still a semblance of freedom – even for dastardly white supremacists. Even if federal prosecutors got wind of one or two jurors mulling acquittal I guarantee they or their families would have been threatened or they would have been arrested on phony child porn or drug charges. This is just how our dirty rotten system, staffed by dirty rotten scoundrels operates these days.

      From what I understand from people who’ve dealt with the “Justice” dept., most of the prosecutors are some of the greasiest, grimiest, most unscrupulous people in the whole legal profession. They make mafia lawyers look virtuous by comparison.

    11. John Q. Republic Says:

      To: vila:

      What does your post have to do with Edgar J. Steele? Please try to stay on topic. Thanx.