22 August, 2011

Movie Quote

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Man #1: “She (meaning Anne) could prove powerful.”

Man #2: “Thomas, this is a man’s world. The seat of power does not lie between a woman’s legs.”

— from the movie “Anne of the Thousand Days,” 1969, starring Richard Burton.

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  7. 12 Responses to “Movie Quote”

    1. Luke Says:

      Well, the fate of the white race does lie between the legs of white women.

      Which our enemy understands, which is why they want to poison our women with feminism, convince them that aborting any fetuses fertilized by a white man is an act of heroism, send them off to war where they can get killed, or if not killed, forced to take all these mysterious military mandated vaccinations which are surreptitiously rendering them sterile, and endlessly promoting race mixing between white women and blacks on TV and by Hollywood.

    2. S.U.N. Says:

      Luke Says:
      23 August, 2011 at 12:58 am
      Undeniably true.

      The jewntertainment industry won’t stop spreading the virus that Whites are better off by mating with mongrels. Nordic girls falling for interracial innuendo and undergoing plastic surgery for alien looks. Otherwise tall Viking boys emasculated by hip hop. Let’s not even talk Jewllywood crud featuring nigger presidents, now there’s a chimp for real lording at D.C. thinking of reelection.

    3. Nom de Guerre Says:

      “The jewntertainment industry won’t stop spreading the virus that Whites are better off by mating with mongrels. ” S.U.N.

      The jews keep doing what they’re doing, because there is no perceived opposition. Do you see anything or anybody that’s on stage either political or in the media and enterntainment industy that is’nt one of their puppets?
      Even the foreign media is all in there hands, tell me of one tin horn dictator or even Russias Putin that isn’t paying lip service to the Kwa. I can only think of one rebuttal and that was coming from the Chinese upset over VP Bidens baby behaviour.

      Who gives more lip service to the jews and their agenda, than even jews do?
      Well as Commander Rockwell said it was in about every American home back in the 60’s, and its probably the number one racket in the US of Zog and even the entire White World.

    4. morris wise Says:

      Reggae bars are full of hot black guys swinging their dregs and dicks while beautiful white girls dance to the hottest music on the charts. It is no myth that West Indians make love all night long while white guys poop after the first try. Blue eyed blonds are most sensitive to Ganja, it makes them climax a thousand times. White guys are nowhere to be seen.

    5. walter Says:

      Im getting tired of hearing how women rule. If women “rule” then their responsible for all the shit that’s going on. You wont here anything like that of course, women are good at ruling behind the support of men and at the expense of men. Where were the feminists during the pioneer days? The modern american woman is a fat bad atitude cunt.

    6. jayhackworth Says:

      allowing a kike access to a movie camera is akin to giving a nigger a gun.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      True, the seat of power isn’t found between a broad’s legs. But that is the place where the DESIRE and the MOTIVATION for power ultimately comes from. At the risk of getting too Freudian, if it weren’t for the issue of sex, Henry VIII would never have broken his country’s ties with Rome and Sir Thomas Moore would have kept his head. And Edward VIII gave up the English Throne to marry Wallis Simpson, did he not? Or how about Julian Assaunge? The MOSSAD got him in trouble by setting him up using two female agents. It goes on and on and on…..

      See all the trouble that the quest for nookie can cause?

    8. Luke Says:

      As steamed as it might make a few pro-white females who visit VNN, I think the experiment with allowing women to vote and participate in politics has garnered almost nothing but extremely negative results, with regards to the survival of the White race and the intended shackles that our 100 percent White Male Founding Fathers sought to place upon the federal government.

      The federal government today mandates how much water you’re allowed to use to flush your turds down the toilet, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg (or ice-turd) as to how out of control and meddlesome our government has gotten by being transformed into a nanny state.

      White women played a crucial role in the creation of that nanny state, and that’s a fact that cannot be denied.

    9. Miller Says:

      Whites only need to propagandize the sky high HIV rates of black males to scare liberal white women away from the race mixing farm. Likewise, Jewish genetic diseases need to be routinely propagandized. Only self-preservation works to get feminized white women thinking.

    10. Degrelle Says:

      It has always amazed me that any white woman would want to procreate with a black; but when one considers the vast amount of effort the media/advertising industry puts into encouraging miscegenation between black and white, it’s inevitable the more gormless white women will be influenced.

    11. Luke Says:

      “Degrelle Says:
      24 August, 2011 at 8:05 pm

      It has always amazed me that any white woman would want to procreate with a black..”

      Ditto that. I remember thinking, about 20 or so years ago, when my white racial radar first began to pick up on the jews media efforts to encourage race mixing between white females and negro males – I thought to myself, now, that kind of racially destructive propaganda will never work. White females who look at their beautiful images in the mirror HAVE to be smart enough to realize that they owe their beauty to the genetics given to them by their two white parents, right?

      Fast forward 20 plus years, and what do I see when I am forced to visit a local mall? White females, some pretty attractive and with good bodies – strutting around the malls with their pet apes on their arms. They’re not even on a leash, for crying out loud. And, 9 times out of 10, those ape hands will be stuck down the pants of these white sluts fingering we all know what.

      Hence, had I made a wager 20 years ago that White females would be intelligent enough to not destroy their gene pool, I would have lost the bet. Genetics 101 – a class that very few white females can knock down a passing grade in.

      And, that sickens me more than I am able to find the words to describe.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      What can you say about a slovenly, morbidly obese White girl with no self esteem who is pushing a stroller full of half-castes, with her boyfriend Dan’twon walking beside her? Not much, I’m afraid. I could not in good conscience waste a bullet on her sorry hide. But a tall, good-looking White girl with a spade boyfriend? There’s no excuse for such behavior. Such brazen criminality will have to be severely dealt with.