5 August, 2011

Wisconsin: Even More Black Wilding

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This isn’t the first “corn belt” state fair to experience Black mob violence. The Iowa state fair saw it in 2010, when scores of negroes attacked Whites.


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    1. Mary O Says:


      The rapper’s venue was the State Fair itself. And, ticket prices ran $15 – $35.

      Minors are no longer allowed into the venue without parent/guardian.


      Feeling humiliated often triggers violence. Seeing the Black rapper playing to Whites, while other young Blacks could not afford the admission price, may have triggered the riot.

      The young Blacks felt betrayed by the Black rapper, since he only cared about the money, and not their feelings. After all, it’s THEIR music.

      Also, what actually took place at the concert? Were Whites making fun of the rapper? Acting supremely bored?

      Or could there be rap wars? With tougher rappers inciting their fans against Hammer’s fans?

      “Live by the sword …”

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      Whoa, wait a minute ! Stope the presse’s !

      If the Whites that were assaulted, harrassed, terrorized went to the Afreako Crapper concert, then I say GOOOD For the SOB brain washed self hating lazy ignorant Foools.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Howdy Doody Says:
      7 August, 2011 at 2:17 pm

      Whoa, wait a minute ! Stope the presse’s !

      If the Whites that were assaulted, harrassed, terrorized went to the Afreako Crapper concert, then I say GOOOD For the SOB brain washed self hating lazy ignorant Foools.

      There were people, WHITE people, willing to pay $15 to $35 to see MC Hammer and Tone-Loc? Why???? Are they nostalgic for the year 1991? Do they consider themselves “cool” for seeing an aging Negro rapper perform on stage?

      And then The Turtles, The Association, Mark Lindsay, The Grass Roots and The Buckinghams showed up? Let’s pretend it’s still 1967, even though everyone in those bands is now at least 67.

      The fools who shelled out their money to attend those bad shows deserved to get their asses kicked. And they deserved to get their asses kicked a third and fourth time for not fighting back against the niggers. I can just imagine how those White pussies screamed, begged and cried to be left alone, instead of strangling, mauling and stomping those apes. Even one little demonstration of fighting back would have been enough to scare off the nig-nogs.

    4. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Again, you have 14% percent of the population going against almost 70% of the majority. I hope that the kaffirs, like their string-pullers, the kikes , get so bold that they over-step their bravado and the White decide no more mister nice-guy. This is how it starts in EVERY mullticultural cesspool. Look at what happend back in Ol’ Blighty. Same type of shite and our course the usual suspects.

    5. Bigduke6 Says:

      Da black yoots could not afford the ticket to the MC Hammer gig and that could have triggered the violence??? Hardy har har. If anyone believes that I have a bridge to sell ya. Better read, Do You Spend Like A Nigger. $200 for the latest Air Jordan shoes, $250 for corn rows or braiding, $100 for jeans that come halfway down yo black ass, $150 for an earring as big as a rhinos gonad. Yeah right, tell me another one.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Gentlemen, it’s over. Please find something else to do with your lives. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uY2SRLMCHm8

      Tone, you ripped off Van Halen with this song and Robert Palmer with this video. Coon! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=387ZDGSKVSg

    7. Miller Says:

      The riot was preplanned. It was called “Beat Whitey Nite” and was organized via welfare-paid cell phones that these dirty niggers have been given by the Obama gang. These are a series of dry runs before the wilding that will be used to disrupt the 2012 elections.

      We have a small window. we need to kill as many dirty niggers as possible before then.

      Shoot to kill or capture and drown these filthy creatures.

      America will forever be in your debt.

    8. van helsing Says:

      biff etc are right. and keep yer jaw pinned to yer chest. glass jaw anyone?

      take punches, grab throat and swing and punch.

    9. Robert Cardillo Says:

      I also concur with Miller and other about these riots. This shite has been going on now for the last few months and much too often. It is almost like they are planned and feeling a sense of bravado, that their homeboy Obama is in the Still , for now, called White House. When the Whites finally decide to get off their arses and do likewise , then the fun will begin.

    10. Howdy Doody Says:

      Savages know the police will not shoot them down rioting, beating, and robbing Whites on the open streets and malls.

      Maybe tear gas.

      Question if White were doing to this to non White’s what would the police do ?

    11. Mary O Says:

      Not many Blacks or “youths” in West Allis.

      My impression had been that the State Fair had been held in some dangerous urban center, and the young Blacks were locals.

      Mystery: who were they, and how did they get to West Allis?

      West Allis Demographics
      Population » 1.4% decrease since 2000 census
      2000 pop. 61,254
      2010 pop. 60,411

      Latino 9.6%
      Black 3.6%
      Cauc 79.9%
      Asian 2.0%
      Indian 1.1%
      Based on 2000 and 2010 U.S. Census data

      Based on the 2000 census data, median age for residents in West Allis, WI is 41 (this is older than average age in the U.S.).

      Families (non-single residences) represented 55.7% of the population, giving West Allis a lower than average concentration of families.

      Ref. http://www.muninetguide.com/states/wisconsin/municipality/West_Allis.php

    12. Mary O Says:

      Regarding London, the military should take over the actual riot areas. Whites living nearby need to get organized. One problem is that if a White shoots one of “the anarchists” in self-defense, they will be charged with murder and hate; but they can kill Whites, and only get a slap on the wrist. So the English need to form a Resistance organization.

    13. Mary O Says:

      We need more information about this incident.

      Why no photos when almost everyone had cell phones?

      Have there still been no arrests?

      If it was a planned operation, they must have chosen West Allis because there wouldn’t likely be street cameras, and the local police might not be prepared for that kind of violence.

      Maybe these type of traffic situations need to be watched.

    14. Mary O Says:

      On BBC radio last night, this stupid woman was posing as Vanessa Redgrave (super-liberal 70s actress), and wailing in such earnest tones about how the problem is that these “children” can’t go to college. Yeah, right. That’s the problem with grizzlies, too. After all, they have two eyes and a mouth.

    15. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      In today’s context one should be open minded in order to see the bad in people. . .

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      And to think that at one time in the not too distant past the only weapon the British police had was a whistle. But of course in those days Britain was still British, not a landfill for third-world garbage.

    17. morris wise Says:

      Primitives are very dependent on the mood of their tribal leaders. When the head man is not happy it filters down to his flock. What gets the head man most angry is when the police interfere with his drug trade.That is the root cause of the London Riots.

    18. festerbestertester Says:

      How do we reach the brainwashed White youth? how do we get them to see the truth?

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      Uncle Fester, the problem, as I see it, is that most young people do not like being indoctrinated or recruited into anything. They would rather goof off or work at McDonalds. So forget about “reaching” them. However, you can set an example for them. When you show them how cool it is to be living the White revolutionary lifestyle, the youngsters will swarm around you as if you were David Cassidy.

    20. Mary O Says:

      People have been brainwashed into associating racial awareness with being a member of a lower social class, and also that social class trumps race.

      In the 60s, all those Sidney Portier movies emphasized this point: social class is more important race. But the social class being emphasized was not even a natural one, but rather an artificial construct: this higher social class is not genetically innate, but rather conferred by college and job position.

      Mr. Tibbs & his other characters had academic degrees, which made him not just equal but morally superior to the Whites around him.

      The plots were always patent reverses on the usual clichés: the educated Black gentleman who teaches manners to the ethnic English youth (“To Sir, with Love”) is a reverse on actual trend which was for English schoolteachers to nobly but misguidedly dedicate their lives to teaching in the third-world.

      “A Patch of Blue” features a young woman who becomes blind due to her racist White mother’s abuse. Portier is her platonic friend.

      “Lilies of the Field” is about a Black man who befriends some missionary nuns in Africa; the fact that Catholic nuns were being raped in Africa is not mentioned.

      “Guess who is Coming to Dinner” a White woman who dates a Black man, who is acceptable because of his great accomplishments.

      Throughout my childhood, these movies were presented on television on what seemed an almost regular basis. The commercials just by themselves were vehicles of propaganda, and the commercials for these movies would be repeated frequently even within the same hour. “They call me MR! Tibbs!!!” ad infinitum.

      Perhaps we need to challenge assumptions made about social class. Isn’t class meaningless outside of one’s own race? After all, even the most ignorant White man has better leadership capability than Obama.

      Can social class actually be granted by college? No. But so many Whites buy into this notion; they want to advance socially, and like Dr. Suesses’ Starbelly Sneeches they are eager to believe that all it takes is a status symbol.

      Back in the 70s, and even more recently, the newspapers would feature human interest vignettes about senior citizens who finally realize their lifelong dream: a bachelor’s degree. Maybe at that age a nice long cruise would be more fun?

      A resume I once read included the fact that the job applicant had been accepted into a graduate program at Harvard. He never attended, but he fervently believed that Ivy equates to upper class to the point where he felt that mere acceptance to the program (a liberal arts program, nothing special) was worthy of mention.

      We have to ask, What is social class really? The idea is that people are born to serve the society in different functions. Is not the function of the highest class to protect and defend the rest of the society? How good a job have we been doing? And, the intellectual class? Isn’t their role to question? Do we hear any questions in the mainstream about the Holocaust, slavery reparations or diversity being our greatest strength? And the merchant class? Are we sufficiently productive as a society to even feed our own people?

      Therefore, we can see that our education system with Affirmative Action, racial diversity and universal college has not put the right people in the right positions, and the system actually thwarts the interests of our society, rather than protecting us.

    21. Mary O Says:

      “… And they are NOT English!”

      This man has the right idea.