9 November, 2011

Next On The Tikkun Olam Menu: Iran

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Of course, the Jews won’t attack Iran themselves, just like they didn’t attack Iraq themselves. They’ll get America (or, these days, NATO) to do the attacking. They’ll do the benefiting.




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  7. 18 Responses to “Next On The Tikkun Olam Menu: Iran”

    1. Karen Says:

      I am no so convinced that the jews will get their way this time around with another war. Americans have had enough and so has the world with jews and their stupid fracticidal wars.

    2. walter Says:

      War with Iran might be a good thing. This should wake people up, if it doesn’t forget it.

    3. mrcrouton Says:

      The Jews have made a big mistake with this war, They were seen publicly advocating for this war all along, and have been seen as the major motivating force for the war. People are aware of their bloodlust, particularly Netanyahu’s monomaniacal attitude on the issue. He’s a one man circus of hate.

      So if it turns out bad, by high gas prices,, or becoming prolonged, or if it escalates and Russia or China join in, most intelligent people will know that this was a Jewish inspired conflict.

      The Jews own it, lock stock and barrel.
      We need to constantly repeat that fact to the dullards out there.

    4. Albrechtsberger Says:

      War is never a good thing. The death of innocent people and animals is never a good thing. On the other hand, the end of the suffering of the Palestinian people would be a good thing. The downfall of the evil zionist regime would be a good thing. The imprisonment and/or execution of zionist leaders in government, media, finance and academia… now that would be a glorious thing. I think there is a dominoe effect taking place in the world. I think people are waking up in droves. I hope it doesn’t take another war. There has been enough killing. It’s time for justice!

    5. CW-2 Says:

      It is difficult to speculate how a hot war using America as a proxy could start without the finger of suspicion being firmly pointed at yidsrael. Maybe the hate crazed kikes don’t care. We also tend to overlook the obvious, namely an Islamic country, Pakistan, already has some sort of nuclear weapon, and the temptation to use it would become irresistible if they see a neighboring Islamic country being bombed into the stoneage by the Israeli airforce.
      One possible scenario is a manufactured conflict between India and Pakistan spilling over into Iran, resulting in the ‘reluctant’ intervention by US forces to effect a cease-fire. It’s been done before. During the Suez Crisis of 1956 Britain and France got Israel to attack Egypt so they could intervene as ‘peace-keepers’ with the intention of toppling Nasser.
      Whatever happens it will be a golden opportunity for us.

    6. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Tomislav Sunic wrote something in his book “Homo Americanus” about this situation ” Israel is like 18th century Prussia, it can only exist at the expense of its neighbors, it must grow or die, and that is something the United States won’t allow.” Thats why we need to abandon the shitty to either sink or swim, but how can we do that when we have a religion like Judaeo-xianity telling us these shits are gods chosen people.?

    7. Howdy Doody Says:

      Karen every single Western War since 1800 has been a Real Conspiracy.

      The Wealth lost, with rivers of tears and whole gene lines of our best detroyed for wars against our own interest.

      Look our Legions today, its over but the crying.

      They got their Bank of England and could not behave, not they had to have the entire World and destroy all who dare stand in their way being Lord Of The Flies.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      Nom de Guerre Says:

      9 November, 2011 at 10:10 pm


      Evanjellyculls are extremely fanatical, and are a bigger buffer than any other duped group.

      Itz hard to belive the joos just don’t start rolling on the floor in front of evanjellyculls.

      These fanatic’s have self control not to laugh in the face of their duped fanatic proprotectors for sure.

    9. Jan L Says:

      There’s been talk of a war against Iran for many years now so the Iranians have had lots of time to prepare. This means that the jews and their useful idiots (Americans, Brits, Germans, Swedes etc) will meet a hard resistance.

      I prey to Odin that the attackers will be killed to the last man. I will laugh at it.

    10. Jürgen Says:


      The simple fact is that Israel CANNOT attack Iran. As I write this, hundreds of Iran’s Shahab-3 missiles are aimed directly at Israel’s command & control centres, and also at their Dimona nuclear reactor. The jews know that all of these places are HISTORY if they launch an attack against Iran. The jews’ Arrow missile defence system cannot shoot down such a barrage of Iranian missile fire.

      Plus, the minute they are attacked, Iran will close the Persian Gulf to all oil traffic. You see, the entire side of the Persian Gulf is riddled with Sunburn anti-ship missiles which they bought from the Russians, so when Iran announces that the Persian Gulf is closed, you’d better not try to go through. They will sink you in a heartbeat. All the jews in Israel and the West know all too well what this will do to the price of gasoline. And in THIS crappy economy, that would lead to violent protests everywhere and the jews would be clearly to blame. Today’s Occupy protests will look like a picnic in the park compared to what you’d see.

      So Iran has won the chess match. Israel cannot attack them and, in the meantime, Iran is surely making a nuke which it will most likely give to a suicide bomber to put on his donkey and walk straight into the middle of Tel Aviv, bow towards Mecca, and press the big red button. Zionism could very well cease instantly, right then and there, in a blinding nuclear flash. Perhaps the very same thing will happen simultaneously in Jew York, which certainly won’t be too good for the Dow Jones average. Americans will then have their filthy collusion with criminal zionists to blame for the smoking, nuclear rubble which remains along the Hudson.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      If you think the war-mongering Jew Supremacists and their goy slaves are simply going to forget about an attack on Iran, you are mistaken, sir. The Jews are if nothing else relentless and their thirst for blood can never be quenched. They may order Barry Obongo to launch a “pre-emptive” air strike on some Iranian installation, perhaps during the upcoming Christmas Break so the public won’t care. Or the Zionist Air Force may just do the job themselves, like when they attacked that Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981.

      Just wait until the next Jew High Holy Day rolls around. That’s when King Kike will make his move.

    12. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The Iranians are just as crazy as the jews, if not more. Amerikwa lost a good ally when it decided to let Bush Crazy jr. and his neo-kahn advisors pull down Sadaam Husseins regime. But crazier than the jews and Iranians put together are what Howdy calls the “evangeliculls.” These tards always sit on the sidelines preferably thousands of miles away and cheer on IZZY.

      If Iran were a trully White country, such as Serbia, and not a mudslim nation I would be more devoted to defending it against kwan and shitties threats, but it isn’t. I know what their like, after having to be crowded and encircled by that smelly bunch in jr.college, oh yeah they had their liberal defenders, back than they could torch ole gorey on the campus with the xtards and liberal rushing to defend them.

    13. Waldo Starr Says:

      With the world economy in the tank and the American economy falling fast, a war is just what Uncle Schamuel needs. The banking meltdown in the 80’s was a trial balloon by the Jews to see if anyone was paying attention, or even cared. No one did, so it was off to the Dot.com explosion. Still no Big Bang so big Jew just said let’s go all in and see how much of the goyim’s money we can steal before the whole house of cards collapses. After all Israhell is to the Jew mafia what The Hole-In-The-Wall was to cattle rustlers, horse thieves and train robbers of the 1870’s. Anyway, with the influx of massive turd world creatures and our own homegrown black creatins to keep us busy during these hard times a war would be in order just in case someone should name the Jew for America’s troubles. Oh Torrence, how could that be? We must have Jews on the brain! Well Torrence, Jews run and control the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, banking and anything that has to do with money. Sorry Torrence, but that is just the way it is. Also, don’t forget the Magical Negro needs another 4 years to completely destroy what the Jews started and a war is no place to change horses in mid stream. Which ones do the Jews want us to vote for, Herman Stimulus package Caine or Magical Negro Hussein Obama. I am so conflicted.

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      The banking meltdown in the 80’s was a trial balloon by the Jews to see if anyone was paying attention, or even cared. No one did, so it was off to the Dot.com explosion.


      Yes, I was amazed they got away with and even one of the Twigs was in involved in the Silverado Savings of CO.

      After 1991 and the circus war with the regime media telling US babies in Kuwait were being thrown out of incubator’s etc., I knew it was over, and remember at the same time going after a family man who NEVER hurt any one on a mountain range in Idaho is assaulted by the regime’s army of NKVD of about 300.

    15. Jürgen Says:

      Tim McGreen:

      What I wrote above was pure, geopolitical/military logic, based
      on existing realities. Any military analyst will concur.

      Now, if the jews/jewed-over American “government” will be so
      illogical as to attack Iran, then zionism is about to take one
      MAJOR hit from the Iranians in retaliation, perhaps their last.
      Iran is no Iraq, Libya or Somalia. Either way, the jews are about
      to lose. It only remains to see how they lose, as they pick their
      poison. All good for the White Race.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      Hey, don’t forget what the Jews and their goy accomplices are doing in Syria right now. They are whipping up the opposition and fomenting civil unrest, knowing full well that the Syrian government will have no choice but to use force against the protestors to maintain order. Then ZOG can accuse Dr. Assad of using excessive violence against a “pro democracy” movement. But it’s OK when US-backed regimes like Israel and Bahrain use violence against demonstrators. ZOG’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.

      Today some female “expert” went on ZOG TV and claimed that “3500” Syrian protestors were killed by the Assad government. No proof, no evidence, no nothing. So now you can expect Hillary Iron-Pants and King Obongo to use this bit of false information as an excuse for yet another NATO attack. Of course, all these attacks against Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Iraq, etc. are merely a prelude to the ultimate apocalyptic attack on Iran.

      Die, America and Israel. Die, god damn you.

    17. Howdy Doody Says:

      They are whipping up the opposition and fomenting civil unrest, knowing full well that the Syrian government will have no choice but to use force against the protestors to maintain order. Then ZOG can accuse Dr. Assad of using excessive violence against a “pro democracy” movement. But it’s OK when US-backed regimes like Israel and Bahrain use violence against demonstrators. ZOG’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    18. Maynard Says:

      Here is a look at some of the people they will be murdering: http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=iranian+children&f=hp#page=2

      Remember Iran was Aryan!