8 December, 2011

A Memorial For A Slain Deputy

Posted by Socrates in black behavior, black crime, blacks, Diversity, diversity is hate, General Decline, multiculturalism, Socrates at 9:48 pm | Permanent Link

A community remembers a cop killed during a fight with several dozen Black church members in Southern Arizona in October 1982.


A book which covers the incident above and others, called “Shootout At Miracle Valley.”

Some history about the Black church and Miracle Valley.

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  7. 7 Responses to “A Memorial For A Slain Deputy”

    1. Alfred Rosenberg Says:

      Alex’s spintros were 1000 x more attractive. Is he still alive? Does he give a damn?

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’d like to see all those retard Christian churches in Miracle Valley burned to the ground and a huge brothel built on that site instead. What better way to serve the LORD?

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      This is one of those stories where there are no real good guys. The cops, the niggers, the holy-rollers…..Screw them all. If it was up to me they would have all been frog-marched into one of those Miracle Valley churches, with the exits blocked and the whole damn thing set ablaze. That would have made me terribly happy.

    4. bjt Says:

      Wetbacks with Ruger mini fourteen’s, in 223 ca.?
      I realy don’t like this gun, to me, it jammed a lot.
      I’ll take the AK ever time.
      Have a nice day you guys!!

    5. Socrates Says:

      Alfred Rosenberg Says: Alex’s spintros were 1000 x more attractive. Is he still alive? Does he give a damn?

      Alex is still alive, but he has had ups-and-downs lately (more downs than ups). He posts mostly at VNN Forum. I think he finds it more fun.

      Yes, granted, Alex has a flair for writing.

    6. Howdy Doody Says:


      Was VNNF hacked or kicked off another server in the land of be quiet and stupid.

    7. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Sounds like another case of niggers behaving badly. Move into white locale, break laws and generally act like the subhumans that they are. Then when the white police force attempts to restore order they become violent, riot and scream racism. But it sounds like these congoids were violent from the moment they arrived from congoid infested Chicago.

      The moral of this story is that urban nig nogs and law abiding, rural white people mix about as well as oil and water.