6 January, 2012

Carl Schmitt’s “Jews in Jurisprudence” (Part 1)

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To quote a Jewish author, law is “the house specialty” of the Jews and their attempts to use it as a weapon against White culture have succeeded. For example, here in America, look at the Brown v. Board of Education court case: even though the legal arguments used by Jewish “experts” weren’t based on the constitution (they were instead based on pop psychology and emotion), desegregation is now a big part of public school policy. Look also at “Brandeis briefs,” developed by the famous Jew, Louis Brandeis, which are now commonplace in American courts. Jews have no business being involved in law in any Western country.


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Brown v. Board of Education was, it goes without saying, a criminal ruling by the pinko UnSupreme Court. But Whites have simply moved out of neighborhoods where their kids would have to go to school with Blacks.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      (I accidentally submitted the comment above before finishing)

      The result is that US public schools are now, de facto, more segregated than ever, with Blacks and Spics left behind in failing ghetto/barrio schools. But that’s their god damn problem.

      Most American Whites may be too passive and respectful towards authority, but they still don’t like being dictated to by the courts, not about abortion “rights” or their kids’ schools or anything else. The courts never seem to understand that.

      If the Jews and liberals who insisted on de-segregating public schools had any brains they would have left well enough alone, because now their precious nigglets are in schools that are darker and more dysfunctional than ever. Jews and liberals are truly the Negro’s worst enemies.

      Jews, Negroes and Liberals…..Get rid of ’em all.

    3. Ray F. Bateson Says:

      That’s only if genuinely selfless concern for the poor nigger, and not white-extermination, were liberals’ actual motivation.

      The courts? Oh, they understand, they just don’t care.

    4. Ray F. Bateson Says:

      Everybody uses niggers as tools against the white-man, who’s alleged crime is having exploiting them once upon a time. The real difference is back then, the slavery was called slavery.

      Honesty. Another exclusively white-man quality apparently.

    5. Ray F. Bateson Says:


    6. nignogger Says:

      All readers here need to watch “Der Enternal Juden” about the destructive behaviour of jews. This will fill U in!

    7. Luke Says:

      From the historical information that I’ve seen, during the period of history that pre-dated the War Between the States – in the old South, only about 4% of White Southerners were wealthy enough to own the large amount of acreage that constituted the drastically over-hyped Southern cotton plantations.

      Thus, it was a relatively tiny percentage of White Southerners who actually needed to own slaves – and the vast majority of Whites in the old South were too busy working their own farms, and trying to scratch out a living for themselves and to try to feed their families. Therefore, I would be very interested to know what these Southern Whites thought about the presence of the negro in their southern territories – and did they have the long-range vision to understand that the presence of this race would eventually become a serious threat to the very survival of White Southern civilization?

      I’m reminded of an old podcast that Dr. Pierce once did where he postulated his incredulity that our White ancestors would be so stupid and short sighted that they would free the slaves and then simply turn them loose to roam freely, instead of taking serious action to return all of them to their ancestral homeland in Africa.

      The White race has done some very stupid things over the last several hundred years, but this has to be very close to the top on the list of boneheaded mistakes.

    8. mrcrouton Says:

      Since Jews partake of the Kol Nidre during Yom Kipper ceremonies, they should be excluded from any office including dog catcher.

      “All personal vows we are likely to make, all personal oaths and pledges we are likely to take between this Yom Kippur and the next Yom Kippur, we publicly renounce. Let them all be relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established. Let our personal vows, pledges and oaths be considered neither vows nor pledges nor oaths.”

      So if they renounce any oaths (in andvance), how can they serve as a judge?

      From Wikipedia we read….
      Henry Ford wrote that ““[T]he Kol Nidre prayer is a holy advance notice, given in the secrecy of the synagogue, that no promise whatsoever shall be binding….” He concludes that “ordinary social and business relations are impossible to maintain” with Jews who recite the prayer. Rev. Ted Pike states that “[A] religious, Kol Nidre-reciting, Jewish businessman can cheat you without guilt for the next year” and even cites “Kol Nidre” as proof that Jews may have lied about the Holocaust. Following a description of “Kol Nidre,” another non-Jew has written, “Can any person or people with this kind of mentality be trusted? It’s this kind of mindset that gives cause for normal decent people to hate Jews down through the centuries…”

      Jews must be expelled if not interned, and if interned sexually segregated to keep thms from breeding.

      We must not tolerate them in our midst.

    9. John Q. Republic Says:

      Quite correct, Luke.

      Allowing this dangerous wildlife known as blacks into our midst in the first place was a monumental mistake that we have been paying dearly for now in untold misery since 1865. I don’t like the idea of slavery as an institution. No man should be “owned” by another, period. However, that being said, slavery with regard to blacks, was not such a terrible thing. Throughout their history they have been slaves to one civilization after another. We must also remember the fact that their own tribal chieftains themselves were the primary enslavers and then selling them to jews looking to make some fairly easy shekels by selling them to rich goyim. (A trade jews have been engaged in for centuries, and still are.) So really, blacks, by and large, were used to slavery and more or less accepted it as their lot in life.

      Contrary to anti-White jew propaganda, those Whites who did own slaves, by and large, did not wantonly mistreat or beat their property for some sadistic purpose. Their slaves were well-fed, well-treated, housed, and cared for. Slaves cost good money and an injured or dead slave can’t do much productive work, can they? No, if a slave was actually beaten or killed it was because the slave became insolent or lazy, had raped or been disrespectful to the masters womenfolk, or had run away, or for other good reasons. (Again, I disapprove of slavery, but you must bear in mind the context of the times. Slavery was still accepted and legal, but was dying out in many parts of the world, especially Europe.)

      The jew-induced passions of pro and anti slavery attitudes that existed at that time helped to bring about the Civil War, but was far from the main cause. The issue of slavery was really a fairly minor one to both Northern and Southern Whites. Most didn’t have an opinion either way or didn’t give a damn about the “darkies”, but also most certainly did not want them to be free to roam around the countryside unsupervised. Southerners knew best the true nature of the negro and that a tight leash was necessary. I believe most of them, deep-down, probably preferred that they all be sent back to afreaka as undesirables.

      The aftermath of the war ushered in the jew-inspired so-called “Reconstruction” which caused quite a bit of damage to our people. It was all about retribution and punishment and the absolute hatred of the South, and not anything about binding the wounds of the nation as Lincoln envisioned. The federal government wanted to shove the blacks down the throats of Whites by installing them in all kinds of positions of power and control in the South and to lord over them. The “Freedmen’s Bureau”, and all kinds of other federal kike programs of that era, were specifically designed to disempower and dispossess Whites as much as possible and to artificially elevate and empower the negro. IMO, the federal troops occupying the South then, and really still are today, was to me the first actual real attempt at jewish genocide of our people within our nations borders……in addition to the war itself. To my best estimation the only effective opposition to this gross federal tyranny of the South was the KKK. They arose from obscurity into a force to be reckoned with. They put a stop to the madness and basically saved the South, at least temporarily. Some may disagree with me about that and that’s okay, but that is what I believe. Without the KKK I wonder what the South would be like today…………even as bad as it is now. I guess they just delayed the inevitable by a hundred years or so.

      Of course, there were many dynamics associated with the American Civil War, what caused it, and so forth, than what I alluded to above. I think the main causes and reasons for fighting the war from the Northern viewpoint were: 1. Restoration of the Union. 2. Destroying the idea of secession. 3. Lincoln, and his cronies, attempting to centralize the Government’s power in Washington over that of the sovereign states. 4. The slavery issue. (Very minor in the beginning.)
      The Southern viewpoint: 1. Protecting and defending hearth and home. 2. Creation of a new nation, the C.S.A. 3. States Rights. 4. To be free and independent of yankee imperialism. 5. A very tiny minority of Whites wanting continuation of the institution of slavery.

      The yiddish viewpoint: To have as many goyim Whites as possible kill each-other and still make a financial killing.

      Finally, yes, it was a very big mistake importing these savages into our land. We could have stopped it but we didn’t, and now we suffer for it. But, an even bigger mistake was allowing ANY jew into our new nation to begin with……………even after warnings by Franklin, Washington, and others not to. For that error, I believe oceans of blood will have to be spilled before it’s corrected and we again ascend the upward path to our greatness as a people. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but everything I see and hear points to it. We must prepare now.


    10. Howdy Doody Says:


      mrcrouton Says:
      7 January, 2012 at 10:55 am

      John Q. Republic Says:
      7 January, 2012 at 1:55 pm

      Excellent posts for a Saturday, thank you.

      As for the civil war the realities of its history are so unknown, covered up, and distorted especially by movies and this was by no accident.

      For what ever Failing “Gods And Generals” had the leftists/joos, and apes went nutz about about it During the filming.

      Turner put twenty minutes of P.C. propaganda in to story to appease the enemy aliens and hired some for their arrogant anti White acting in the film.

    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      It took the coming of Hollywood taken over by joos, FDR and Cabal starving US for ten years along with their genocidal unnecessary so called WW 2 to re-open the assault fully on the Southern States and White America.
      Thank you.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      How do you like that for gratitude? It was White Southern boys who won the war for the FDR/Churchill/Morgenthau gang, yet no sooner does WWII end than Washington starts forcing de-segregation and Snivel Blights down Dixie’s throat! Yet more proof that you can never be friends with Big Jew. As if more proof were needed.

      The last chance Dixie had to remain free was in 1957, when Ike Kikenhauer’s ZOG troops were sent to Little Rock to force Central HS to admit colored students. The ZOG bots were outnumbered by the decent White citizens of Little Rock, but those citizens gave in and let the Northern Bolsheviks have their way. ZOG has been getting bolder and more aggressively anti-White ever since.