19 April, 2012

The Jewing of Music

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Just as the Jews have corrupted every other form of art in the Western (White) world, so have they corrupted music. The Jewish pianist Arnold Schoenberg could be called the “godfather of atonal music.” The Nazis banned atonal music (thank God).


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  7. 19 Responses to “The Jewing of Music”

    1. old dutch Says:

      A good example of “atonality” would be the VNN Forum. It doesn’t get anymore “atonal” than the VNN Forum. LOL. Well, ‘er maybe Stormfront…

    2. Arkan Says:

      I disagree withe the Nazis on many things, onesuch is the banning of anything jew-related such as the above-mentioned, atonal piano music.. or modern art for instance. When you ban something that a specific race employs when they live amongst you, you’re keeping your own countryman in the dark about the qualities of that people, also you’re not allowing cultural comparisons to take place which allow people to see how Western influence in the arts is superior to all else since where it started, with Giotto and multiple happenings on the canvas in the fore and background. Non-white peoples have only ever produced two-dimensional artwork.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      I agree, Arkan. Nothing should ever be banned, suppressed or censored. Only Jews and creepy, control-freak liberals do things like that.

    4. Arkan Says:

      In our current state of affairs, it is the Classical artwork in the mueseums across the country that seems in such short supply compared to the Modern Art garbage.. liken that almost to some sort of censorship for Western artwork. As it stands, many Americans can walk out of mueseums thinking that modern art is the only art.

    5. Arkan Says:

      I suspect some of Arnold Schoenberg’s works can be described as atonal but it’s clear that no one would suspect that the same Jew also wrote this very pretty piece of music.

    6. Arkan Says:

      I suspect some of Arnold Schoenberg’s works can be described as atonal but it’s clear that no one would suspect that the same Jew also wrote this very pretty piece of music. Or claim to owe so much in influence to a gentile.


      “I owe very, very much to Mozart; and if one studies, for instance, the way in which I write for string quartet, then one cannot deny that I have learned this directly from Mozart. And I am proud of it!”
      -Arnold Schoenberg

    7. Arminius Says:

      “Modern CLASSICAL Music” is already a misnomer. It should be called what it is, “Modern Jewish Music”.
      The mental development of a race is nowhere more recognizable than in the music a people create and listen to. The development of music in the white race is absolutely incomparable with any other race on this planet. Already the separation of composer and performer is unique. The use of a variety of instruments to express in musical notes and tones different ideas and moods is another proof of the height of our mental and thus cultural progress.
      It appears, that assimilated Jews in the 19.centuery were capable to build on musical achievements of our race. One can listen to Felix Mendelsohn-Bartholdy with pleasure, somewhat less to Jaques Offenbach, but then is went fast downhill with Meyerbeer, Mahler and other musical noughts. No amount of Jewish promotion could ever make them acceptable, much less popular.
      Schoenberg and his ilk produced something with sounds (not music) which is the antithesis of a developed culture. It can only be explained by the working of a completely deranged mind, in other words, the typical perverted Jewish brain.
      I understand, that similar “compositions” musical performances like Schoenberg’s have been produced by inmates of mental institutions.
      No wonder, that the healthy mind instinctively feels insulted and rejects musical garbage, and no amount of Jewish counter-arguments will ever change ity.

    8. Arkan Says:

      This is why Jewry should’ve kept to their shit on a canvas paintings.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      April 20, 1889-April 30 1945.

      I hate it when those Jew-run symphony orchestras will perform two good works, like Schubert’s “Unfinished Symphony” and Beethoven’s Seventh, but then stick some atonal modernist crap into the program that no one in the audience wants to hear. It’s like a triple ice cream cone where two of the flavors are strawberry and vanilla, but the third is pig vomit.

    10. Arkan Says:

      Tim, that’s why you gotta get a copy of the manifest from the conductor and when the Jew-parts come on you step outside and pop the cap off that forty, just make sure you get back to your seat by the time they start playing that one about the valkyries.

    11. Arminius Says:

      The pattern is always the same as in music, where they deliberately intersperse our culture with Jewish cacophonies.
      Only Jewish conductors make their big show with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The Vienna Boys Choir sings now politcally correct with a young nigger in between, on whom the TV cameras focus again and again. Wagner’s immortal works are distorted so much that they become repulsive, not worth seeing at all.
      You find this sort of trickery to force into our minds their junk in all fields of our culture. What annoys me, is the fact that the vast majority of so called educated Whites accept these insults without any protest.

    12. Arkan Says:

      Repetitive musical patterns are not exclusive to music composed by Jews, however they can be. Excluding Schoenberg, which is rather more ubiqitious/cacophonic in some works whereas others are actually pleasant to listen to. Schoenberg still pales in contrast to Chopin or Beethoven or any of the masters in skill. In the contemporary fields of music the worst offender is the music genre known as NSBM. In the mainstream, bands such as Laibach (older stuff) and Meshuggah (like nothing else) today truly capitalized on these concepts of repetitive tones and it works nicely.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Laibach? Meshuggah? Those are mainstream bands? NSBM is a musical genre?

      Whatchutalkinbout, my nigga?

    14. CW-2 Says:

      The jew attempts to absorb and master the compositional musical skills of the Aryan mind, but they can’t and inevitably fall short by producing works of similar form to the greats but lacking in substance.
      It is much the same in the other arts and sciences.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      CW, like all other Asiatics the Jews are good at mimicry. They can’t produce anything sublime on their own, all they can do is copy, or rather attempt to copy, whatever we do.

    16. Stan Sikorski Says:

      The jew has a straglehold on the “music industry”, as much as any other MSM outlet.

      The over all strategy is to promote “music” that fits the plan – nigger and spic music that is positive, uplifting and empowering to those races, and music by whites for whites that is depressing, negative and encourages suicide of one’s morals, allegence to the White way of life, and doubt of White ideals.

      Name a song you believe to be positive by a White artist that is on regular radio rotation, even from the top 50 charts. I’ll tell you why that offering is actually negative to the White race.

      There is NOTHING that gets thru the jew’s control web regarding the MSM that doesn’t have a subversive meaning that benefits them and their plans. Genre doesn’t matter as long as the message is sorrow for Whites, celebration and fulfillment for everyone else.

    17. CW-2 Says:

      Stan hit the nail on the head! Even easy listening that Whites appear to enjoy, such as ‘The Carpenters’, is saturated with negative themes such as rejection, loveless isolation, and despair. Gawd, every time we turn on the radio to get some relief from the neighborhood nigger noise we are being subliminally programmed.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      However, the Jewish composers Neil Diamond, Carole King and Laura Nyro all wrote some very good songs in the 1960s, such as “I’m a Believer”, “Sweet Caroline” and “Stone Soul Picnic”, to name but a few. So let’s be fair-minded Aryans and give credit where it’s due.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      From a closer survey of the instances adduced above—which we have learnt to grasp by getting to the bottom of our indomitable objection to the Jewish nature—there more especially results for us a proof of the ineptitude of the present musical epoch………

      Had the two aforesaid Jew composers in truth helped Music into riper bloom, then we should merely have had to admit that our tarrying behind them rested on some organic debility that had taken sudden hold of us: but not so is the case………

      ……even him we now include in that same category, of “Judaism in Music.” The Jews could never take possession of this art, until that was to be exposed in it which they now demonstrably have brought to light— its inner incapacity for life. So long as the separate art of Music had a real organic life-need in it, down to the epochs of Mozart and Beethoven, there was nowhere to be found a Jew composer………