3 June, 2012

Fuck Globalism

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Not only does internationalism make the Western world unstable [1], but it also benefits the non-White countries. For example, if not for Jewish “free trade” and international capitalism, China would still be a third-world country, instead of a global powerhouse poised to control half the world [2]. (By the way, just wait until China tries to seize Taiwan, which is likely at some point in the future. The U.S. will, of course, become involved in that fight).

As the non-White countries gain power, the White countries will lose power, by default.

Screw communism and leftism, and screw globalism, too. Keep things local or regional.

[1] globalism causes wars

[2] the father of “free trade” was/is a Jew named David Ricardo

  • 21 Responses to “Fuck Globalism”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      One of the biggest lies of globalism is the White world needs mud labor. In fact as factories become more automated we need less labor. Last night while skimming the jewtube looking for a weather forecast not delivered by a nigger, I caught the end of a short showing the manufacture of gas cylinders, the sort used in mobile homes. The whole operation was smoothly automated except for a White guy at the end of the production carefully checking the welds for leaks.
      Muds, who needs ’em!

    2. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      What prevents China to forcefully “reunite” with Taiwan is the preparedness of the US to wage a major war for that island state. As the US is becoming economically weaker and weaker so will become its preparedness for such a war. The Chinese are waiting for the dicisive moment and then act. Then only verbal protests and impotent UN resolutions will be the reaction. They have promised a “Hong Kong status” for Taiwan, perhaps not so bad after all.

      Contrary to phobias among certain people the Chinese have no territorial ambitions beyond Taiwan ( which they consider as a “rebellious province” anyway). The Chinese have only economical ambitions + the desire for some enhanced prestige that goes with greater wealth. Of all the superpowers of history they will be the least threatening to the world.

    3. bjt Says:

      If the people of Taiwan don’t join China think
      about the alternitive, America, isreal?
      A bunch of juden squeezing the life from
      them like here in America?
      I sure hope the people in Taiwan
      don’t make the same mistake we did.
      Have fun at somthing today White Humans!

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Franklin (Remember Franklin, the token Black kid from the Peanuts cartoons?), the Chinks have their slanted eyes set on the Panama Canal and Africa, so yes, they absolutely do have territorial ambitions beyond their borders. They are also “chinkifying” Tibet and the Uigur region of Xianjiang too, so wake up to the Yellow Peril before it’s too late.

      As we all know globalism will never work because it’s human nature to want people split up into opposing territories, tribes and teams. That’s why the Jews, liberals, and globalists are pushing for the United Nations’ mongrelized Brown Man. With his black wavy hair, flat nose, black soulless eyes, peanut butter colored skin and docile worker bee mentality Brown Man will be easy for the Plutocratic ruling elite to control and breed.

      At the rate things are going, what with all the Jew Tube and public fool system brainwashing, the elites may soon get their way and have their subhuman swarm of colored menials. But if it’s any consolation the ruling elite will eventually become so inbred, effete and degenerate that they will be eaten by the mindless mud-flood they created. Then the Aryan Gods of Nature shall have their fill of revenge when the savages start eating each other.

    5. The RED SKULL Says:

      Outstanding Commentary TIM!!

      The Second paragraph is an exellent summation of “the Brown Man”–and makes the Skulls Files of “Quotable Quotes”!

      I would have to agree the Chinese Dragon is not docile but only bides its time.The Chinese have not forgotten like Whites how to be “homogenous”.

      They are talking about building Chinese “enclaves” here in America-how Creepy and NWO is THAT!

      Globalism benefits China and Destroys America—How about 56,000 !!!!—yes you read that right—-56,000! Factories Leaving or closed in America, since Just 2001 alone when China joined another Jew Organization—-The WTO.

      GLOBALISM—-Is a ZIO-JEW economic creation(think Frankenstein) to economically weaken and/or destroy any White Western Nation STUPID ENOUGH or under appropriate Big Jew influence to accept it.-

      Germany didn’t accept it for the most part and they are the economic engine of Europe.

    6. The RED SKULL Says:

      America has Fully embraced GLOBALISM has gotten a GIANT SCREWOVER in return.

      Remember King Obongo promising to repeal NAFTA during his campaign for the POTUS??–What happened to that??–I hear chirping crickets…..

      Not only that -but the OBONGO REGIME is planning to push some sort of Trade agreemnet worse then NAFTA for the pacific region—not sure what supid name they have for it but rest assured if it benefits BIG JEW and helps cripple White America,–it’ll pass the Congress.If Not –KING OBONGO will just pass an “Executive order” Like Mugabe.

    7. Arkan Says:

      Taiwan is just an asset of ideological significance for the Chinese. There has been alot of talk about, ‘liberating’ Taiwan since the instant Mao came to power but nothing has ever come of this. There are other banana republics out there that have incentives.

    8. CW-2 Says:

      Taiwan agreed long ago with Peking that the island is an integral part of the ‘motherland’. Economic ties between the two ‘chinas’ are now so strong that political unity can wait for the decline of American power in the region and developing friendship and co-operation between China and Japan. Any talk of invasion is just a diplomatic smokescreen.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Red. There are always a lot of good comments and commentators on this forum, which is very encouraging. Somehow all those decades of Jewish/liberal brainwashing in the churches, schools and media had no effect on any of us!

      I would like to take a moment to recommend a movie I just saw. It’s called The Protocols of Zion and its Jew host/producer, Marc Levin, hilariously attempts to debunk a number of persistent “anti semitic” myths, like the one about the lack of any Jews getting killed in the WTC on 9/11 and the power of the Jews in the press and finance.

      Levin uses every standard Jew trick in the book in an attempt to silence the critics. Why, he’s even got a real live Holocaust Survivor┬«! Levin also makes sad Jewish facial expressions and shakes his head in disbelief a lot when he contemplates just how much hatred and intolerance the gentiles are capable of.

      When confronted by an irate Negro in Brooklyn with the historically accurate charge of Jewish control of the African slave trade, Levin uses the standard Jewish excuse of “But what about the Christians and Arabs? They were involved in slavery too!” Yes, Jewboy, by all means, blame everyone for everything, as long as no one blames the Jews.

      At any rate The Protocols of Zion was a good movie because you get to see the lying, paranoid, hate-crazed and megalomaniacal Jew mentality on display in all its infamy. Rating: 3 stars.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Here’s a better rating system, one developed by Terrible Tom Metzger: 3 flaming swastikas.

    11. The RED SKULL Says:

      Thats very interesting that the Jews would make a movie even with that title Tim,considering the lengths they gone to hide,deny,or obstruct the TRUTH surrounding that book.–This looks like another attempt at that exact process and certainly fails from your perspective.

      I could just hear the wails,moans,groans,gnashing of teeth and utter- flubbery goin’ on if anybody but a jew produced ,wrote or conceived this POS Yiddish Propaganda!!

      Thanks for bringing it to the attention of Astute Komerades everywhere!

      However–is this going to be available at Blockbuster(tm) ??—-
      Or do i have to special order from my local Synaagoge—



    12. Nom de Guerre Says:

      What a fukkin laff, Panetta the pinocchio(MARANNO) defense secretary, is going to gather all the little toys in Zogs bathtub and send them scurrying to and fro in the Pacific, as if it were some gigantic bathtub. Yeah Zog is really getting desperate, the jew tube news led off with another drone killing of another no. 2 al-Quada , how many no. 2’s are dead now? The number two story is almost as noxious as the 6 million kike story, its has to be repeated and repeated over again like taking a shit.

    13. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The Chinese have already been figured in on the end time prophecies of the Xtian cult, they are supposed to send in a 2 million man army and cross the Euphrates river after an angel of the Lawd is going to dry up the river, now how about drying about the Tigris? or flattening all those mountain chains like the Hindu Kush or Himalayas to facilitate the Chink armies advance? Damn Tolein could have written a better fairy tale then Yahveh.
      If you’ve noticed lately, alot of the Chink goods are going up in price, and the slow down in the China trade is definitely a factor in the slump of oil prices, meanwhile in the Kwa the whole infrastructure is crumblin, and recently and oil refineries are closing down left and right.

    14. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The boobs of the Xtian cult, would probably contribute funds for an Israeli company to lay down a superhighway to accomodate the Chink troops, with McDonalds and burger king comfort stations along the way.

    15. Nom de Guerre Says:

      If anybody is being set up for an invasion, it’s not the Middle East sand box, its what remains of White Europe and America. As Alec Guiness in the memorable movie “Lawrence of Arabia” said ” no Arab loves the desert, we love green trees and water(70 White virgins?) There’s nothing in the desert, and no man needs nothing.”

    16. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Look at White history, from the time Rome adopted the semite cult xianity.
      Scenario 1: Rome exhausts itself fighting wars in the near-East and North Afreeka, culminating in the death of the last Pagan empereor Julian.

      Scenario 2: Various German tribes adopt xianism of different brands, fighting with each other, while the Huns invade Europe.

      Scenario 3: White xtians go off to the holy land, while the Mongols invade Russia, Poland and even Germany.

      Scenario 4: Dumb Xian kwans worry over Chink invasion , while Mexishits overwhelm whats left of White America

    17. Nom de Guerre Says:

      According to xian theology, anybody that wants 70 White Virgins, is definetly devilish, they much more prefer an afterlife singing praises to Yahveh and throwing down their crowns before the crystal sea.
      Mark Twain said he couldn’t imagine any hell worse that.

    18. CW-2 Says:

      It must be admitted that any religion with pretentions of saving everybody is globalist by nature and is part of the problem. Communism operated as a religion, but it at least did have one foot on the ground, however its ‘mission’ has been eclipsed by the insanely fervent believers in liberalism and democracy.
      The rapture bunnies would be well advised to find out what their more sober minded clergymen are actually thinking. A quick Wiki search found a school of thought called ‘Process Theology’. Apparently it is a hot button topic with academic Methodists and Baptists, and the idea of a personal afterlife is considered irrelevent to modern Christianity. Somebody ought to tell the church-going folks in Iowa!

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      Since at least the days of Marcion the Christians have been squabbling and bickering with each other over the divinity of Christ, rituals, doctrines, church leadership, etc, etc, etc……And they’re still going at it! What fools!

      There was a “Church of the Process” in San Francisco in the 1960s, a church that Charlie Manson frequented. Their beliefs were rather like those of the Cathars and Manicheans, I think….Jesus and Satan were brothers, one will judge the dead, the other will carry out the sentences, that sort of thing. Is that church the same as thing “Process Theology”?

    20. CW-2 Says:

      Tim, ‘ Process Theology’ appears to be an emerging though little discussed part of the mainline ‘respectable’ churches. It seems to contain overtones of Buddhism in that it ascribes human ignorance responsible for the undue prominence given to ‘things’ while neglecting ‘processes’. Unitarian Christians would be quite happy with such a view, but the implications for believing conventional Christians are disturbing.
      The Wiki article is worth reading.

    21. Howdy Doody Says:

      Blacks in Africa have already cried that YT was much better to them in the work place and mines than the Chicom’s.

      When the Chicom’s take a huge piece of Africa rest assured they will show you how itz done.

      Make no mistake about it, they know who it is that stabbed YT in the back and made them what they are today.