12 June, 2012

Our Anti-Male, Easy-Divorce Culture

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Back when America was a White, male republic (instead of a multicultural, Judaized, feminized, equalocracy), it was difficult to divorce. Your spouse had to prove that you were no longer fit to be married to (e.g., you were a physical abuser, an alcoholic, etc.). But today, with “no-fault” divorce laws, all she needs to do is contact a divorce attorney, sign a few papers, and presto! She’s your ex-wife. Worse, in the divorce “settlement,” she’ll take you to the cleaners, leaving you with $30 in your pocket and little else. (How can any blue-collar worker afford alimony?). As you might imagine, divorce rates have sky-rocketed since no-fault divorce was invented.


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  7. 23 Responses to “Our Anti-Male, Easy-Divorce Culture”

    1. Luke Says:

      One very dangerous aspect that this article neglected to mention was the new trend in many states (perhaps in all of them) whereby a wife who ‘accuses’ her husband of ‘abuse’ (which is deliberately very loosely defined, and which I do not believe has to necessarily involve physical abuse) can effectively give the green light to the local kwaps to invade his home and demand that he turn over every one of his firearms.

      When these laws first got passed – the Gun Owners of America put out a series of their newsletter alerts and dissected them to the n-th degree.

      Previously, I believe that in order to deprive someone of his Constitutional Second Amendment rights – a felony had to be committed. These ‘abuse’ cases are classified as misdemeanor offenses, not as felonies – which precludes anything as serious as beating a spouse to a pulp or the act of homicide, which makes perfectly good sense. But, this change – which was suspiciously supported and cheered on by anti-Gun liberal Democrats – was the first time a misdemeanor offense could be used like this, and I am fully convinced that this was just one more in a long line of stealthy maneuvers by the anti-Gun left to conjure up new ways to disarm WHITE MEN.

      Let me repeat: Every White man’s wife now has the ‘power’ to, on a mere whim, initiate a spousal abuse complaint over the most trivial matter – and bring about the confiscation of his firearms. This alone is an argument against ever getting married.

      BTW: Another stealth tactic is to get White men, like our US military soldiers for example, to be given medical prescriptions to a whole litany of these mood altering, psychotropic drugs. These prescriptions become a permanent part of the medical records of these men, and guess what happens when they get out of the military and try to purchase a firearm in a gun store?

      The forms that you must fill out for the purchase have questions on them that ask if you’ve ever been on psychotropic drugs – and if you answer yes, your purchase can be denied. If you lie, you can wind up in jail for falsifying your paperwork.

      Conclusion: The White man had better pull his head out of his naive, Gomer Pyle mentality ass and grasp the fact that his #1 most dangerous enemy is extremely clever and diabolically devious and they have all kinds of sneaky tricks and underhanded tactics up their sleeve. In other words, engage your brain, White man. Train yourself to think ahead and learn how to read the laces on every hebrew fast ball. This foe does not fight fair and has no sense of decency or sportsmanship or honor. They are evil on steroids.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      1,000,000 thumbs up.

    3. fd Says:

      An anti-federalist attorney told me to never go to a courthouse and buy a marriage license aka marriage certificate. He tells all his clients that the license allows the state to enter into a contract with the marriage. That is a perversion ! !

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m starting to wonder if marriage is such a great idea anymore, especially with Jew divorce lawyers like Raoul Felder lurking about, a real predator/bottom feeder if ever there was one: http://a57.foxnews.com/images/238130/450/350/0_22_450felder.jpg

      It seems to me that guys with three or four wives are very happy, as are their kids and wives. Think of Saddam Hussein, for example, or Joseph Smith or even those lions in Africa who sleep under trees all day and make their lioness girlfriends do all the zebra-hunting.

      It’s in the natural order of things for a male to have as many as four female mates, so any man who wants only one wife is probably a homo.

    5. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Ask Men.com is a very good site that gives no holds barred information to men in the gender wars we find ourselves in and avoids the usual metrosexual bullshit. Of course, they neglected to mention that feminism was created by butt ugly jewish women for the express purpose of destroying the basis of white gentile society….the family.

      Either way, marriage is a bad proposition for white men these days and I’ve seen how women pathologically lie to gain the advantage over their husbands in divorce proceedings.

    6. archer Says:

      I recently had a conversation with a co-worker who has a failing marriage and is afraid it will end in divorce. He has been married over 20 years. The best advice I could give him was to try to tought it out, at least until his kids were out of the house. The cost of divorce destroys the lives of most middle and lower income families and in most cases leaves at least the male almost destitute. That’s just the financial downside, the effect on the children can be devastating, the only real winners are the lawyers.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      archer, you’re new here, so I think I should let you know about this site’s policy regarding anecdotes. THEY ARE FROWNED UPON. Capiche?

      And remember this, bub….It’s better to come from a broken home than to be in one.

    8. fd Says:

      Archer, it is not healthy to remain in a failed relationship for kids or anyone else. A person must have the courage to get out and move fwd. Tim Green is right about marriage not being a good idea anymore. The Establishment is waging war on White males from all directions including marriage. We must side-step the status quo at each and every given opportunity. Don’t play the game.

    9. fd Says:

      Cohabitation of man and woman is a natural event in the real world. But it must be done exclusively on the terms of man and woman with no intervention of the state. We don’t need strangers and crazy idealists on the Potomac telling us how to live.

    10. The RED SKULL Says:

      I agree with Howdy on Luke’s first post on this thread!!

      One million ‘thumbs up’ Brother on that post!!!–Exellent! as Mr.Burns would say!

    11. Arkan Says:

      Don’t get married until you have absolute trust in your partner.

    12. The RED SKULL Says:

      Ps Komerades

      Its NO BULLSHIT!!–

      Out here–In Colorado———–The state can suspend your Gun-rights temporarily–to own.possess,or have(anyone else’s )guns in your house.Until your case is adjudicated,and if found GUILTY OF A MISDEMEANER —-LOSE your gunrights permanently!

      Thats right people.They can accuse you of ‘domestic violence’ at the drop of a hat—-no kidding–just calling your wife/girlfriend a bitch is domestic violence according to the Jew lawyers — !!–thats the power the Jews have given women over men—its a two fer one for the Jews—-

      They get to Disarm you either temporaily or permanently according to the legal result–at the whim of a woman who if they’re Vindictive your definately f**cked,as the State will prosecute you even if the women drop the’case’.They also get to squeeze you financially by fines and penalties and probation.If you F**k up-its more fines and penalties and probation.

      I had a good friend who got worked over by the system (unfortunately) and I got to see just what a well -oiled screw-machine the State has developed with this “domestic Violence” bullshit.

      Its very clever and insidious as Luke said—They strip the White Man of his Rights under ‘mere suspicion’,control him through the court and strip him of funds,and drive a wedge in whatever(relationship) he might have had with said former/present girlfriend/wife.

      As a matter of FACT!!—–they can charge you with ‘domestic violence’ even if you ARE NOT TOGETHER ANYMORE!!—-ie— EX- girlfriend/wife—doesn’t matter if you were together 10 years or more ago!!

      If you have an ‘event’ or altercation where the Gestapo are called –one person-if not both are going to jail!!

      This was a real eye -opener for my unfortunate Friend,myself,and everyone else around us who had NO Clue –that this system is designed to f**K you over pal.

      If you don’t believe it call your local Pigs or Prosecuting Attorney–and ask them what constitutes ‘domestic violence’

      They passed these Jew Laws while White People were busy watching the Nigger -ball Game on TV-drinking their cheap Jewish Budweiser swill.

    13. The RED SKULL Says:

      Post Script

      Oh also –you can’t have ANY knives or swords or daggers or axes or pointy things that might hurt you or other people in the house.


      Technically,my Komerade couldn’t even have a POCKET KNIFE!! in his possession!!

      Believe it people!! -The oppression and the Tyranny are FOR REAL and its here NOW.

    14. The RED SKULL Says:

      Your all wondering what my buddy got the “DV” charge for aren’t you??? Did he beat her? NO!–Did he threaten her directly? NO!—He did what happens from time to time in a relationship–he called her a bitch and kicked a box off a table!!–She didn’t even call the cops!–Her mother did!!(hours later)—-when the cops showed up and asked my friend about the ‘event’ –he admitted they had been arguing,and that he called her a bitch and BAM!!—on went the cuffs and the reading of rights.

      It was “verbal and physical inimidation” according to the Jew/lawyers.

    15. The RED SKULL Says:


      Never call the cops or tell them ANYTING if They do show up!!

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      Red, instead of griping about that stupid law what will, ahem, “your friend” DO about it??????

      The time for pissing and moaning is over; Leave that for the Right Wing. The time for kicking ass is about to begin.

    17. Howdy Doody Says:

      Make work government jobs, and women knowing that they can Half Or More from the man is incentive in my book for crushing him for a bad hair day.

      I have known excellent men who were excellent fathers, and the lawyers/liars destroyed their entire families and every case cleaned out their BANK ACCOUNTS in legal fees.

      One divorce went on for four years and to appeals, so a family with Four children lost a 100,000 and was only blue collar. She was nutz for toys a air head. All the children grew up to be phucked up adults.

      A lawyer and a rotten cop I knew are the only men I knew who prevailed over their wives and they deserved to be taken to the cleaners, the women were the good ones here.

    18. CW-2 Says:

      Five important words when dealing with police: I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY.

    19. The RED SKULL Says:

      @Tim McG

      Terrible Timmy the Time To Two-Step is almost here—–

      Oh Yeah –“my friend” learned a valuable lesson and if you don’t learn from other peoples mistakes then your not as smart as you should be.

      The LESSON for anyone who knew was they are here to screw you.Its not about ‘Justice’ -which they’ve turned into a sick joke–its about control of peoples lives and squeezing them for payola.

      Lots of good men all over the country are getting screwed by these unjust and tyrannical Jew laws.

      When people who you Know are getting screwed over-its no laughing matter.

      And for the record Tim–it wasn’t me but it easily could have been because i have used that word before when they deserved it.

    20. Mary O Says:

      The system isn’t fair to White women, either.

      The majority of young (say 18 – 26 yo) women, maybe about 2/3, would like to be mothers, and they need to have support. (Roughly another 1/6 would like to postpone motherhood, and another 1/6 would not like to be mothers at all).

      A lot of men don’t really like children and have no interest in supporting a family.

      (The Muslims deal with this problem by rewarding fathers with status. Homosexuality is dishonorable. An unmarried adult man is considered less of a man. )

      A nonwhite just has her kids whenever, and the guv is her sugar-daddy. The guv sets her up with free income, rent subsidies, limitless medical care, free college education, daycare, and job preferences. Anything she doesn’t have, the guv gives her for free. Her existence is fail-safe middle-class affluence; White women struggle and even worry about homelessness!

      The White woman is told that imposing a financial burden on someone else is morally wrong. Having to support a child interferes with a man’s career.

      Actually a lot of grad school is unnecessary, and the party life-style surrounding these institutions is just self-indulgence; but it sure sounds good to true-believer parents.

      Of course, the young woman is told to delay her gratification, too. Wait until she has at least 2 Master’s degrees, performs combat service, tries for the Olympics, and then establishes herself in a profession. Just like Yossarian, she is always given another mission to fly.

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mary O is right, a lot of young men are too self-centered and immature to be good fathers.

      Here’s the problem in a nutshell……Most young females naturally desire to have offspring, so they choose confident and aggressive males to mate with, because such males are thought to sire stronger, healthier offspring. But when the offspring arrive the fathers, being what they are, show no interest in sticking around. They go off and impregnate other females instead, like tom-cats. So then the mothers have to look for a different kind of male partner, one who is more caring and nurturing, to help raise their young. But most males don’t like the idea of raising the children of another male, they want to raise their own offspring. And so child abuse, neglect and dysfunctional homes are the inevitable result.

      Now, the Jew takes this naturally occurring problem and exploits it for his own advantage. Jew lawyers, judges, psychologists, psychiatrists and case workers, many of whom are lesbonic “feminists”, swoop in and make sure the goyim involved are emotionally scarred for life. These Jew “experts” will give specious counsel to their victims, like encouraging multiple abortions and engaging in sexual activity with Negroes.

      I have seen this happen again and again but have been powerless to stop it; Now my story can be told.

    22. Howdy Doody Says:

      Tim McGreen Says:
      14 June, 2012 at 11:51 pm

      Mary O is right, a lot of young men are too self-centered and immature to be good fathers.


      Yes, due to White people having no leadership any where in the World. White people have been dumbed down by alien controlled schools for a long time. Now add to that Constant war and criminal filthy media since that so called War to End All War’s. Sad indeed.

      It was and is the plan.

      Media since 1945 has encouraged White’s at large to be idiots along with the filthy school system, which loves the invasion and US becoming a mixed race “Heart Of Darkness”

    23. archer Says:

      Tim, if you mean my story is anectdotal it’s not. In my 60 plus years I’ve had the oppurtinity to witness many failed marriages. There are of course many reason for a breakup, but being not happy to my mind is not one of them.
      If the marriage produces offspring the time for “me” is over. If the relationship is abusive or one of the spouses has some kind of addiction or is a philanderer, then of course the marriage will fail. I have known several men that have divorced and married women only several years older than their children from their first marriage. These grown “children” usually have a very poor relationship with their biolgical father, they feel that they have been let down, of course it is not unknown for a mother to walk out too.
      The point I was trying to make was that if at all possible try to work things out.
      I look at marriage like a job, we’ve all worked at jobs that we didn’t like, but stayed because it paid more than something else that we’d rather do, I’ve always worked to make money, happiness doesn’t enter the picture.
      Happines for me is being semi-retired, spending fathers day, with my grown children, two of which are step daughters that I helped raise from a young age, and watching the grand kids play in the back yard. To me everything else is bullshit.