13 June, 2012

Senator Feinstein and Police Chief Parks

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“My point is that the media are in fact destructive of our values and our society and our civilization. My point is that the media, because they are dominated by Jews, work to advance the Jews’ interests, not our interests, and their interests are opposed to ours. That’s supremely important. That’s the most important thing of which our people should be aware.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to 03-23-2002.

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  7. 8 Responses to “Senator Feinstein and Police Chief Parks”

    1. Arkan Says:

      Pierce believed in building an alternate media. Do we need one? All of White history is in the books.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      In spite of totalitarian Jew control of the mass media the Jews must be worried about the long-term picture. Because of Aryan technology the power they once wielded using traditional newspapers, magazines, movies and TV programming is waning fast.

      So what about Kikebook? Will that be enough to maintain Jewish control over the rapidly atomizing gentile audience? I think a lot of people are already tiring of that overhyped social networking jive. So come on Jews, think! How are you going to keep us goy cattle tranquilized much longer?

    3. Luke Says:

      A word about facebook. This is clearly and without any reasonable doubt, nothing more than a jewish controlled, data and information harvesting mechanism. And, I’ve got an article sitting on my desk right now by Alexander Higgins, dated April 26th, 2012 titled: “DHS Forwarding Federal Internet Data to Israel and India”.

      Now, I am fairly certain that most VNN readers have noticed that there have been an increasing number of news stories appearing on the web where we hear accounts of people being fired from their jobs, as a result of their having posted a ‘comment’ to a news article and their comment was deemed to be ‘Politically Incorrect’ – which basically means that they said or wrote something that the jews didn’t like and didn’t want the rest of the world to be able to hear or read.

      The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld the First Amendment – and has repeatedly issued rulings that state that ‘unpopular’ speech and especially speech of a politically dissident nature – is protected under the First Amendment, which is exactly what our Founders intended when they wrote it. So, the ADL has not been able to get the First Amendment abolished yet, so they can impose ‘Hate Speech’ laws on Americans – like they’ve managed to do to over 15 other White European majority nations.

      Obviously, this new tactic of tracking people down who make Politically Incorrect comments, identifying them, finding out who they work for and then applying pressure to their employers to fire them – for legally and Constitutionally exercising their First Amendment right to free speech – this is how the ADL is trying to get around the Supreme Court rulings that defend the First Amendment.

      So, here are few questions that should occur to any White human with an IQ above single digits. How did the jews at the ADL and SPLC manage to identify these posters? Well, we all have noticed that there is a trend emerging on a lot of internet web news sites where people are forced to ‘register’, get themselves an account, before they can log in and post a comment. Or, they are forced to log in through Facebook or one of the other social networking websites. The information that is required to set up an account – apparently asks for a sufficiently thorough amount of personal, identifying information – that this is how the ADL and the Thought Kwaps are able to track people down. In otherwords, these IQ challenged, shortsighted and not very bright, trendy-facebook users are handing the dagger to their mortal enemies that is then used to slice off their balls.

      Here is something else that really irritates me about all this chicanery. One does not have to be an IT expert to connect the dots on what’s going on with this issue. It should be as plain as the nose on your face. Thus, it needs to be asked – Why are so many supposedly pro-White, pro-fighting jewish tyranny websites adding links to their websites that encourage their readers and posters to use Facebook? Council of Conservative Citizens, Voice of Reason Broadcast Network, Republic Broadcasting Network are just a few that come to mind – but there are a lot more that push Facebook usuage.

      Facebook and every other one of these social networking websites are nothing more than ‘honey pots’, designed to lure people in – and get them to volunteer personal details about themselves, which are then added to the Zog-Zuckerberg-ADL-MOSSAD-DHS database – and then used to identify and intimidate and punish anyone who dares to exercise their First Amendment right to free speech?

      Am I mistaken, or do a sizable number of these pro-White, anti-jewish tyranny oriented websites depend, to a substantial degree, on receiving monetary donations from their readers and listeners in order to remain afloat? Would it therefore be appropriate to ask the owners of these websites how they can expect to receive financial donations from their supporters when those supporters have fallen victim to this new ADL scheme and been fired from their jobs as a consequence of being tracked down via the personal identifying information that they provided when they established those facebook accounts?

      And, here is the worst part about these Facebook-types of accounts. First, someone has to be a brainless idiot with at least 75% of their brain eaten away by syphilis to be dumb enough to fall into these kinds of traps to begin with. But, not only are these people fatally stupid – and endangering themselves and their families – a lot of these clueless imbeciles will get an account set up for themselves, and then immediately begin to add in all the email contacts for everyone they know – without bothering to ask the individuals if they want to be added. And, Facebook then harvests that additional information and it goes into the ZOG-Zuckerberg-ADL-MOSSAD_DHS database, too.

      In the early days of the Internet, there used to be something called ‘net etiquette’. A set of basic and well understood rules of acceptable behavior that most savvy users of the Internet knew and understood, and mostly tried to adhere to. Simple things like – not adding someone else’s email address to a mailing list without their permission. Or, being courteous enough to send personal emails to individuals and not mass mailing to dozens of people, most of whom didn’t know anyone else on the cc list and didn’t want to expose their email address to unknown people – who might decide to add it to some spam list for some personal business that they were running out of their garage. Does net etiquette even exist anymore?

      And as far as facebook is concerned – stop using it and if you’re not using it yet, shun it like the plague. And, its past time for the White man to pull his head out of his butt and engage his brain and stop letting our mortal enemy sucker us into using the very weapons that he will use later on to destroy our lives. Oh, and when any website tries to force you to register or log in before you post a comment – refuse to do so, and go elsewhere.

    4. The RED SKULL Says:

      Eeeeeeexxxxxellent!!! Posts Luke and Tim!!!

      Mr Burns would be proud!

    5. Luke Says:

      Might I ask who is ‘Mr. Burns’?

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      I presume Red is referring to the blackhearted, miserly character on The Simpsons who owns Springfield’s nuclear power plant and employs Homer as a safety technician:


    7. Ray F. Bateson Says:

      “Why are so many supposedly pro-White, pro-fighting jewish tyranny websites adding links to their websites that encourage their readers and posters to use Facebook?”

      Is luke insinuating that vnnforum is in collaboration with jewsh schmuckerberg?

    8. Varg Says:

      It’s true we have a button to share the VNNForum link with Facebook at the bottom of VNNForum threads. I just made it available for anyone who chooses to use it. If someone is willing to share the VNN page on their Facebook wall, then I assume they know the risks of being outed as an “evil racist” before clicking it. I don’t know, I think them having the choice of clicking the link, being logged in to Facebook, and then pressing submit on the share page is enough of a precaution. If it’s an issue to other people I may remove the link. I’ll definitely keep the twitter button though, because I know it gets used by the amount of people who share VNN links on twitter search.