27 September, 2012

Jews: the Arrogant People, Part 3

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Not only will Israel not allow anyone to inspect its nuclear arsenal, but it won’t even admit that it has a nuclear arsenal! Further, if Israel thinks a nearby country is developing a nuclear weapon, it will usually attack that country; Israel attacked Iraq for that reason in June 1981 [1]. The idea that the Jews are “God’s Chosen People” is a key part of the arrogance of the Jews and Israel [2].


[1] Israel frequently attacks its neighbors, whether they have nuclear capability or not. Israel has attacked Lebanon 3 times

[2] As one Jewish author admitted, the concept of “chosenness” runs deep within all Jews, whether they are religious or not

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    1. Fuck you Says:

      I know there’s freedom of speech but you people on this website are completely fucked in the head I enjoy reading your things the way but the you stick up for these Muslim animals I no longer enjoy your stuff

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Isn’t amazing how liberals such as the above poster are all in favor of free speech until they read something that upsets them and starts them thinking. Free speech is by its nature challenging and potentially disturbing. Sure, it has its liabilities but the writers of the US Constitution correctly reasoned that any liabilities were by far outweighed by the collective good engendered by freely expressing opinions so as to oppose tyranny.

      PS, we don’t “stick up for those Muslim animals”. We do recognise that some of them, such as Iran, are opposing the NWO agenda, and this opens the possibility of beneficial cooperation, but we also see them as being no true friends of us or our world destiny. However, if they stick to their part of the world and don’t bother us we can tolerate them.

    3. bjt Says:

      I no longer enjoy your stuff??
      What stuff?
      What hell does that mean?
      Have a nice day White Humans.

    4. The RED SKULL Says:

      It always amazes me when retards like the dumbass in the 1st post with the original moniker “Fuck you” comes along and ASSumes we Wn’s want to be pals with the ragheads,for whatever reason.

      I have to put it down to the edjew-mication “system”,constant Media Marxist Propaganda,the Yea-Team AmeriKwa Syndrome,and a certain amount of gullibillity on the part of the unwitting Zionist-Mind -Fuck Victim above.

      The only thing we have in commen with them is the Arabs and Persians are much more aware about the Zionist Power Matrix than the average Kwan.Much like Wn’s of various stripe in the West or anyone who knows the answer to the “Jewish Question”. –And we would both like to see the ZPM destroyed —-Before it destroys all of US!–(and probably the planet as well)—-

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Getting back to the idea of ‘chosenness’. We can imagine 3 thousand years ago the jews were in a similar position to that of present day Gypsys, universally despised for their parasitic and totally worthless mode of life. Then they got hold of a unique idea, that despite all evidence to the contrary they were favored and chosen by God for a higher purpose. Not just any old god, but a special one for their exclusive use, a tribal deity serving as an instrument of their inner recognition of their inadequacy compared to the far better peoples surrounding them.
      Quite a concept and one of evolutionary importance which has served them well. The jew’s infantile ego problem would be of little concern for us were it not for the problem posed by many of our own people actually believing that the jews are ‘chosen’!
      We can concede they are in a way chosen, chosen to receive a long over due and well deserved ass-kicking.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      When Iranian president Dr. Ahmadinejad spoke at the UN the other day the Jew-controlled press made fun of him and everything he said….he was a clown, a madman, an anti Semite, a terrorist, blah, blah, blah. Dr. Ahmadinejad simply told the truth about the dangers the world faces because of Zionism and Western imperialism. How the Jews despise anyone who tells the truth!

      Then a bunch of New York Jews outside the UN building verbally assaulted an Iranian official who was trying to cross the street. How polite and civilized the Jews are!

      Now, compare Dr. Ahmadinejad’s appearance at the UN with the appearance a few days later of that obnoxious Zionist Kike warmonger Netanyahu. The kinky haired, rodent-faced Sheenies at FOX Jews, SLIME Magazine, The Jew York Slimes, The Washington Compost, etc. didn’t dare ridicule him or anything he said. The coverage, what there was of it, was very serious and respectful. And no mob of Iranian Americans was waiting outside the UN so they could threaten any Israeli official who wanted to cross the street.

      I can’t wait for Kike hunting season to begin.

    7. Luke Says:

      Something tells me that the poster who’s chosen name is: F.U. is probably either Mark Glenn or Keith Johnson of the Butt-Ugly Truth Podcast fame and misfortune.

      Those two guys have spent the last year or two, trying their best to snooker White Nationalists into inserting their foot (and their testicles) into the ZOG wet dream bear trap and announcing that White Nationalists are now joined at the hip with the already heavily demonized ‘Muslims’.

      This gives ZOG the wet dream scenario. They can send their drones and their mossad hit teams out to kill anyone in the White Nationalist movement and then claim that they are simply ‘eliminating potential domestic terrorists and sympathetic anti-semonites who are ‘allied with the manufactured and phony boogeyman – Al CiaQaeda’ .

      My advice? View Mark Glenn, Keith Johnson and every other rat turd who is in their orbit as dangerous disinfo agents who are more than likely working for ZOG and trying to lure our white asses into a puddle of hebrew jism.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Luke, you may be right about Glenn and Johnson, but I found this cartoon on their site that ridicules the lying, criminal establishment Jews-media and how it operates. Very funny stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree. And 100% accurate.


    9. archer Says:

      Other than complete monetary collapse, the next thing to creat complete social break down would be a war with Iran. I think the yids have completely overplayed they’re hand with this one. I’m no fan of Obama, but I think he’s been stalling that war monger Netanyahu about our getting involved. Every one from Dempsey, the joint chief on down is against it, as well as most of the retired intelligence and military in Israel.
      The same tired crap about Iran having WMD’s or is trying to get them, just sounds too much like the ramp up to the Iraq debacle.
      For once our delegation did not leave when the jews walked out, Obama didn’t make time to meet Netanyajew when he came to New York, the fact that intelligence papers in this country are talking about the middle east without Israel, should give these kikes reason for concern, but their hubris will likely lead to their own destruction.