24 October, 2012

Behind Liberalism

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“And as I said, there is a very common assumption made that the ongoing destruction of our society and our civilization is the consequence of applying the fallacious belief system of the liberals to the formulation of public policy. But this very common assumption is incorrect — or perhaps it would be better to say that it misses the point. Liberal policies certainly are destructive, but they aren’t the ultimate driving force behind the assault on Western civilization and our race. And so any attempt to restore our society to health and save our civilization from ruin based on an effort to change the beliefs of liberals — to convince liberals of the incorrectness of their ideas — is likely to fail.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to “Behind Liberalism.”

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  7. One Response to “Behind Liberalism”

    1. Luke Says:

      I just finished giving a second listen to the interview that Alex Linder did with Majority Rights Radio on November 19, 2009. Excellent radio.

      My one complaint was about GW’s irritating tendency, in his very British sounding accent, to rush his words and then lapse into a near out-of-breath whisper before he reached the end of the point he was making.

      I’ve listened to a number of Brits on radio who have this same quirky tendency. It was a nuisance to have to constantly raise the volume on my mp3 player when GW was talking, so I wouldn’t miss what he was saying, and then when Alex came back with his reply – I’d have to quickly lower the volume to avoid blowing out my ear drums.

      At any rate, in the second hour – Alex and GW were discussing the destructive, default nature of liberalism and that discussion was a perfect compliment to Dr. Pierce’s observations about liberals.

      For those who haven’t listened to that podcast, I highly recommend it.

      Imagine Alex Linder having his own prime time news and commentary show and how quickly he could recruit millions of Whites to the pro-White cause!