19 November, 2012

Spain: Special Laws Wanted To Cover Up the Truth

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The Jews were kicked out of Spain in 1492, just like they were kicked out of many other countries. Now the Jews want tougher laws against telling the truth about them, e.g., how Soviet Jews nearly sacked Spain in the late 1930s.


A top Soviet Jew, named Antonov-Ovseenko, in Spain, 1936: [Here].

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  7. 5 Responses to “Spain: Special Laws Wanted To Cover Up the Truth”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      Since General Franco’s death in 1975 thousands of foreign born jews and exiled liberals infiltrated into Spain and restarted their destructive activity. Madrid and Barcelona are now “enjoying” all the trappings of diversity. The subway systems and airport baggage claim areas are the favored spots for jew propaganda. There are big posters of happy smiling rainbow kids and their parents proclaiming the joys of multi-culti. If the soft sell doesn’t appeal there are also signs threatening legal action against making any ‘racist’ comments while in transit authority property.
      With ‘El Rey’ Juan Carlos a dedicated globalist and big time Bilderberger the jews and liberals figure they have Spain in their pocket. However, the importation of low IQ plus high testosterone muds and nigs has a high price tag which the creaking Spanish economy cannot afford. Prosperity and diversity are mutually incompatible, the Spanish people can look forward to more unemployment and much higher taxes, for Whites only of course.

    2. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The only option a kike had in 1492 was the deep blue sea, that or get damped and become an Xtian, better yet become a Grand Inquisitor like Torqemauda, and fry heretics. I figure the Spanish gene pool was already fucked up by 700 years of mudslim rule, not to mention years of semitic infusions from Carthage and Sephardic jews. Hell what were all those Xians in the beginning if not kikes.
      The Spanish and Portuguese were bringing in niggers from Afreeka and marrying them outright, just like some of the Southern Aristo’s in America carried on with the niggers, producing the hi-yellers

    3. CW-2 Says:

      The expression ‘blue blood’ dates from medieval Spain when someone fair enough to show blue veins on the back of wrist or ankles was considered to be an ‘old Christian’, namely White, and not a converso jew or Moor. Even those days race disguised as religion played an important part in people’s thinking.
      Unfortunately the aristos were more concerned with perceived social rank rather than racial integrity, so many of the so called upper classes in Spain are contaminated with jew and Moorish blood. In Cervantes’ book ‘Don Quixote’, Sancho tells the Don that although is a humble peasant he is proud of his unmixed Castillian blood and in that respect is superior to any nobleman. Cervantes knew the score. There is still a solid core of Visigoth and Celtic blood in Spain, but some house cleaning will be needed.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jews and their pet goy liberals are still mad that their attempts to Bolshevize Spain in the 30s failed and that the good guys won. Now they think they have another chance to Bolshevize, what with their EU and their cult of divershitty. But the Spanish are not in the mood to put up with any more bullshit from those Eurocrat tyrants in Brussels, nor from their unwelcome Jewish guests.

      Spain, especially Galicia, deserves our Race’s gratitude for their valiant efforts fighting Judeo-Bolshevism as part of the SS Freikorps on the Eastern Front in WWII. Them, along with their fellow Freikorps comrades the Italians, Romanians and Hungarians….fine men all. We will erect grand monuments to their memory after the Revolution. RAHOWA!

    5. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      The Hebes and their servants can pass all the “hate laws” in the world and it will not change peoples’ perception of them one iota. If anything, the countries with the most repressive “hate laws” have the most active underground movements against them. If you want to make something more attractive to people, ban it.