21 January, 2013

Martin Luther King Day, Monday, January 21, 2013

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Here we go again: another MLK Day “celebrated” in America, even though this lowly negro is in no way deserving of a holiday named after him. He was a far-leftist, a plagiarizer and he slept with White prostitutes – some “reverend,” eh? Further, King’s “handler”/manager was a Jewish communist named Stanley Levison. King wasn’t clean. Everything about him was dirty.


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s always good to see the darkies fighting each other, especiallly when it’s over something really stupid and comical, like which MLK parade in Houston should be given the “honor” of being called the city’s only “real” MLK parade. So much for “Doctor” King’s nightmarish, dystopian vision of Black unity.

      Then you’ve got the Mulatto Messiah being coronated in the District of Coons today, with his chimp family in tow. Ugh, I think I’ll just go back to bed.

    2. John Q. Republic Says:

      Of course, EVERYTHING about “Michael” King, (aka marty lustifarian coonshit), was dirty, but what did you expect from a beast-of-the-field? He was a well-groomed, schooled, politically-indoctrinated, rabid marxist/communist, socially constructed and created by the even dirtier, filthier, and far more dangerous kike.

      No nigger would even be in the ballpark, let alone get to first base, without jewish power, money, and influence paving the way for him. Not one! And, we certainly would not have a negroidal-type, mongrelized, near-ape in the “black House” right now, if not for that very same power. Would we?

      King was merely a dirt-colored puppet who cared not one iota for blackie. He was, in essence, simply just another convenient White-hating, jewish tool to use in their continuing, millenniums-long war of annihilation against the White race. Period. It really is that self-evident.

      It’s also somewhat amusing (in a sick way) that the traitors in D.C. made a national holiday out of someone that, legally, never existed. Dumbed-down and deluded Whites, as well as most niggers, and other non-whites, in general, will not realize that, of course. They’ll continue munching on at the trough as usual, mesmerized by the words of this jewish-inspired plastic “god”. (Pardon me while I upchuck.)


    3. CW-2 Says:

      Is there any difference between ‘Michael-I’m-fuckin-for-god-tonight-King’ and Barry Soetoro Mugabe? No, both are jew-created con artists.
      Of course when Nelson Mandela croaks, international peace day or some such crap will be named for him and mandated by the jewN.

    4. bjt Says:

      Chimp family? Near Ape?
      Come on you guy’s we all know the ape family has nothing to do with niggers!

      14 88

    5. Al Gator Says:

      Sorry friends. I always celebrate January 21.

      After all, it IS James Earl Ray day in our household.

      What’s not to celebrate?

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      Having such and un-hole-y day was actually a show of joo/media/political power.

      AZ had refused the disgusting holiday at the start and Hollywood crowd of joos started howling regime wide.

      Streets in WHITE cities had long time historical NAMES of White men removed to put up a thug nigger name on it.

      This thugs ABC record can be released till 2027, is that right ?