22 November, 2013

A Very Linder Yule

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“The witch November is waning. Soon, the marmoset of December will be ascendant once again. Do you hear the jingle bells? The stench of working the reindeer farm? Jack Frost removing your nose Reservoir Dogs-style?

If you do, you’re like me and you want to say “attaboy” to Alex each December 25th. I’ve always said the perfect gift is cold hard cash. Or a puppy. But you can’t mail a puppy to Missouri, even if the box is properly ventilated. I asked.

So, let our collective Brady Bunch vow to make this 25th one to remember, indeed A Very Linder Yule.

I’m asking everyone who is able to send a $20.00 bill to Alex this December in a card. A small token of our appreciation for his providing a place of true free speech on the Internet, something that is a lot rarer than you think.

Just use a Christmas card. Place the bill inside it, along with a nice inscription if you’re so inclined. Affix proper postage. No return address at all is required, it will get there just fine. Lurking forum readers are also encouraged to send a card to show the Linder-love.

Mail to:

A. Linder
POB 101
Kirksville MO 63501

In all seriousness, I hope everyone can spare a sawbuck and pitches in. It’s just 20 bucks, and it’s just once every 365 days.

Happy Yule, Alex. And thanks, man.” — Donnie in Ohio

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