20 November, 2013

“Free Trade” Threatens Our Future

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If you want a future where freedom, sovereignty and local/regional goods don’t exist, then by all means embrace free trade, which is related to supercapitalism. Free trade is bad for Whites but it benefits non-Whites, e.g., China. By the way, the father of free trade is a Jew named David Ricardo.


  • 4 Responses to ““Free Trade” Threatens Our Future”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Not one word about this TPP business anywhere in the Establishment press, not on CNBC, FOX Business, The PBS Newshour, not in The Times. The Black House, the Harvard economists and their apologists in the Jewsmedia have run out of lies to sell their globalist agenda to the public, so they don’t even bother mentioning “free trade” pacts like TPP any longer.

      So much for living in a “free” society. Or an “information age”. It’s OK for those Free Trade muther-luvers to export YOUR job to some Asian sweatshop, or bring one of them Hindoo or Chinee over here with their H1-B1 visas to take your job away, but the Free Trade crowd don’t have real jobs to worry about losing to global competition. They’re just a scurvy assortment of Beltway politicians, think tank consultants, Ivy League professors, corporate suits and elite media pundits. In other words, they’re parasites, the SCUM of society. Nothing but pimps and pushers for the Jew World Order.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Good post Tim, but you left out the churches, they are all signed-up to the jew World Order.

    3. fd Says:

      Nothing has changed. The tremendous wealth of the British empire did nothing for the workers of Great Britain. The American empire does nothing for the workers in the states. The former empire was destroyed by war; the latter might be destroyed by the same.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Speaking of empires, Christianity is an empire of sorts, and is currently experiencing a catastrophic implosion within the White world. I don’t feel much sympathy for the professional functionaries of that empire, because when they weren’t frantically sawing away at the branch they were sitting on they were busy stabbing their parishioners in the back, as the Dutch Reformed Church did in South Africa.
      The sort of insane nutcases now running the various churches can be judged by a recent comment made by the Catholic bishop of Sydney Australia. He stated that the current influx of Muslims into Europe and Australia offered great potential for inter-religious dialogue and conversions. Clearly he doesn’t know anything of the history of the Mid- East, or of medieval Spain or the Balkans.
      Of course it is possible, even probable, that such men are not stupid but are actively working for the destruction of the White race. If that is the case and the rank and file hymn-singers get an inkling of what is really going on at the very top levels of their churches, then our job will be much easier.