22 December, 2013

Christianity: Not Good for Whites

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Alex has been talking about the dangers of Christianity to White people at the VNN Forum, and really, I should talk more about it, too. (Mostly, I talk about Jews).

Some of the people at the Stormfront.org forum still think that Christianity is good for Whites. But actually, Christianity is bad for Whites. For example, Cathy Churchgoer welcomes Blacks and Browns, especially if they share her religion. And the Christian churches love non-White immigrants, especially if they fill the pews. Indeed, Christianity is an egalitarian religion “for everyone,” as opposed to Judaism, which is a non-egalitarian religion for Jews only [1]. Finally, the Old Testament was written by Jews, and Jesus himself was a Jew, so Christianity is a Jewish-based religion [2]. Why would any White person want to follow a non-White, egalitarian, Jewish-based religion? It really defies logic, when you consider it.

[1] gentile converts to Judaism are not recognized as “true Jews” by the orthodox Jews. Under traditional Jewish law, one is only a Jew if they were born to a Jewish mother

[2] Mary came from the House of David, making Jesus a Jew under Jewish religious law

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    1. fd Says:

      Jews were smart enough to develop a religion that put them in first chair. Whites chose a religion that threw them to the back of the bus. The whole of Christianity is a con. And that goes for the other Semitic religions too. Thankfully the Jew, Christian, Islamic armies are slaughtering each other in the Middle East.

      Does the Jew god have a dick or is it like an amoeba with no permanent shape ?

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      I suspect that Xianity started in Judea around 150 BC (Before Caesar) and spread out to eastern, Greek-speaking parts of the Roman Empire in the late 1st century AD (After Domitian), as a result of the destruction of Jerusalem and its Second Temple. The original Christian controversy was whether or not to convert the Greeks, or just focus on converting fellow Jews in cities like Alexandria, Ephesus and Antioch.

      Not enough Jews converted to Christianity, so by the second century Christianity started becoming more Greek and less Jewish in its character. By the third century it had spread to Rome and the West, creating a Latin or Catholic version of the new religion. Xianity was a religion that was popular with the poor, with slaves and with women, three large groups of people who were excluded from Roman society.

      But you can read in the Gospels themselves that Christianity, an offshoot of Judaism, was hostile towards mainstream Temple-oriented Judaism from early on. So once Christianity began spreading out into the world the Jews began complaining about it to Roman authorities, telling them it was a religion that not only insulted the Jews but the Roman gods and the divine authority of the Emperor as well. The Christians countered that Christ sacrificed himself for the sins of the world and that he wants everyone to be saved from eternal death and brought to eternal life, something that the Jews are trying to prevent.

      And so the back and forth about Christianity being pro or anti Jewish, pro or anti Gentile, has raged ever since. To me it is a Jewish, Oriental messiah cult that is not compatible with Aryan thought. But even if the Jesus story is true then it shouldn’t matter whether one personally believes in it or not. But Xianity leaves a lot of issues unanswered or unresolved, thus giving one the strong impression that it is just another man-made religion or species of related religions.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Despite all the love thy brutha talk in the Xian churches I doubt most White congregations would appreciate having to admit a bunch of Ethiopian Christians into their community. Truth be told churches are the among the most segregated parts of American society. There are churches for the rich and for the poor, for Whites and for Blacks, for Mestizos, etc. And all those churches seldom if ever mix with each other. Even the Catholic churches remain segregated according to ethnic group, race and class. And that’s because human nature is tribal. We instinctively know that we must stick to our own kind or perish.

    4. fd Says:

      The Essene cult was a break away Jewish tribe that chose monotheism. And the origins of Christianity is attributed to that particular tribe. The original Judaism had numerous gods which is in line with all the teaming tribes in the Middle East of ancient times.

      Noah, Moses, Jesus, and so many others probably never existed. Jewish fables are abundant. There is no contemporary evidence that Jesus existed. Blind obedience is expected of all followers.

      Water white Presbyterian and Methodist types don’t want to look to deeply into such a confounded religion that collapses into confusion. As Tim McGreen states above, Christianity is all over the board. The Church of Rome tried to unite the splintered religion by ordering all the scriptures written in Hebrew and Greek edited, sanitized and placed in a book styled the Bible.

    5. Virgil Says:

      “Pope Francis’ ‘Modernist’ Hasidism
      Shortly after the election of Pope Francis we deconstructed his favorite painting, The White Crucifixion by ‘Marc Chagall’ (born Chabad Lubavitcher, Moyshe Shagal)

      The “Jesus” that Pope Francis is Vicar of; a concoction of Hasidic Judaism.


      Those who call Pope Francis a ‘modernist’ are missing the picture entirely. He’s as modernist as Marc Chagall who was born and raised at ground zero of Lubavitcher Chasidism, who “left” but nevertheless asked the Lubavitcher Rebbe for advice, and married a Lubavitcher. He’s as ‘modernist’ as the suit-and-tie wearing descendant of rabbis, Benjamin Netanyahu, who also sought the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s approval and advice. And what advice did the Lubavitcher Rebbe give to so many of these outwardly modern figures that sought him out like a godfather? it’hapkha; ‘Go out into the evil, modern, goyishe world looking modern on the outside but BEING Chabad on the inside, and don’t let a moment pass without doing something to speed the coming of the [so-called] Mosiach.’

      If you want to understand Pope Francis’ ‘Modernist,’ this-world Churchianity and it’s myriad of contradictions you have no chance to understand it but to look to its source, Hasidic Judaism.” http://mauricepinay.blogspot.ca/

    6. Virgil Says:

      Why Does Pope Francis Promote the Hasidic Painting, “The White Crucifixion”? “My take is that, aside from Pope Francis’ love of Judaism and its adherents, which is plainly manifest, which does adequately explain the image in my mind, he’s a revolutionary of a crude, bolshevik type. In overthrowing the old culture, bolsheviks attempt to replace it with something, but they’re at the disadvantage of not having centuries of development and refinement to draw from. They have to throw a replacement together quickly.

      This phenomenon is readily observed at many venerable old institutions where the patrons have changed over from old money Europeans to new money Judaic East Europeans. In hurriedly making their mark they impose crude paintings, sculpture and architecture of jarring contrast to the former asthetic. Then, there are fellow tribe members and helpers elsewhere in the establishment (i.e. The New York Times) positioned to authoritatively tell us how ‘talented’ these artists are and how ‘great’ their work is (Chagall was backed by Solomon Guggenheim and Irene Rothschild-Guggenheim).

      But beyond aesthetics, “White Crucifixion” is a bolshevik ideological representation of Jesus. It has nothing to do with the real Jesus or Gospel. It depicts a “Jesus” who was crucified solely ‘because he was a Jew,’ just as it is alleged that ‘Jews’ are always persecuted, for no other reason than that ‘they are Jews,’ in other words, “Esau hates Jacob,” the fundamental tenet of the protection racket of rabbinic Judaism.

      Chagall may have physically left the ghetto, but he was still preaching the message of the ghetto in his art. This is Chabad Lubavitch Hasidism par excellence.

      I believe this is why Pope Francis promotes this image, because it empowers the rabbinic racket by instilling fear in ‘Jews’ and shame in non-‘Jews.'” http://mauricepinay.blogspot.ca/2013/12/why-does-pope-francis-promote-hasidic.html

    7. Topkea Says:

      Most born-again Xtards are closeted fags. Not just the high profile cases. I mean literally most of them. We used to have this clean-cut, quarterback type bleating about Jeebus by day and then licking dudes’ asses and taking in the ass behind closed doors. I think he must have gotten the bug at some point. But he sure was popular giving dudes cookies. I fucked him once when I was with my first wife and not getting any. I’m not gay but he sure as fuck was. You should have seen him take dick.

    8. CW-2 Says:

      Speaking to ‘average’ Christians I get the impression most of them don’t know much about their religion and harbour many contradictory ideas that have little to do with the moral precepts of the religion. Some of them are superficial and pretty confused people.
      But the most pertinent fact that we as outside observers can clearly see is the willing embrace by all denominations, (maybe excluding the Orthodox Church), of equality and social Marxism. You would think the hierarchy of the churches would understand that ‘equality’ doesn’t exist and Marxism, social or otherwise, is hostile to Christianity. I suspect the bishops etc. are not at all stupid, they know the lies of equality and Marxism but they willingly use these as instruments of The New World Order, which is their true religion. Their intention is to brow-beat the ‘hymn singers’ to be obdient footsoldiers in the advance of the NWO.

    9. fd Says:

      Christianity, Judaism, Communism, bolshevism, it’s all the same s**t to me.

      All the really good people I know in the South don’t go to church or ever speak of Christianity. The Bible Belt is over-rated. The bible thumpers in the South scream the loudest giving the impression that Christianity is more popular than it is.

      Dixie Land has been experiencing a rise in paganism and non-religious types the last 20 years.

    10. fd Says:

      Hitler said that people who read the bible all their life eventually go crazy. That is best illustrated by the street people and the prison population.

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Xianity is just the opposite of what the new testament infers: a grafting of Gentiles into Judaism. On the contrary judaism has been grafted on to Gentile roots.. All the manifestations of the Xian cult as denominations are really the splintering of the jew mind.
      Take the United States as the example of just how really pagan this society is; the whole apparati of Government form, of monumental buildings was lifted straight out of Rome. The President, the senate, the congress are nothing more, than the Roman institutions of Pontifex Maximus, Senate and Tribunes.
      All government buildings such as Capitols , Universities.follow along the lines of Roman and Greek architecture.

    12. George Lenz Says:

      Why would any White person want to follow non-White, egalitarian, jewish objective truth which is Christianity? It really defies logic of a sinful erring White man, when you consider it.

      Perhaps, because an honest White man instinctively differentiates between objective truth and falsehood, even if objective truth is non-White, egalitarian and jewish in origin, which what Christianity is.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      All those Greek and Roman gods were imported from Asia, like Aphrodite, for example. She was a Semitic goddess from Syria known as Astarte. Satan probably comes from the Egyptian god Set. Yahweh and Zeus may have a common origin going back to Sumerian times. The Hindoos have a Divine trinity that is quite similar to the Catholic trinity, except that it predates Catholicism by at least 1500 years. Jesus represents the Sun sign of the Zodiac. His 12 Apostles are the 12 signs in astrology.

      Maybe the Celtic/Germanic/Teutonic/Norse gods are original to northern Europe, although some pagan tribes did adopt Apollo and other Roman gods as their own. There was a lot of commerce between those ancient cultures, so it’s hardly surprising that their religions should have overlapped and influenced each other.

    14. fd Says:

      The original European religion (white paganism) is 5 thousand years older than Christianity. The original Aryan religion dates back to 9 thousand to 15 thousand years ago.

      The swastika aka sun wheel is 9 thousand years old.

    15. CW-2 Says:

      “Cosmotheism Saves!”, at least according to Dr William L Pierce.
      Big jew has the vulcan death grip on all the Christian denominations, (again, with the possible exception of the Orthodox churches), so we really need to start thinking about what will fill the gap.

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      Healthy White men don’t rear end anything including their wife, and never have such unhealthy desires, so they can not be tempted either. Only the deprived commit such unhealthy acts.

      Trolls and whackos are main stream here.

    17. fd Says:

      I’m throwing in with Howdy Doody. To participate in homosexual activity, to justify homosexual activity and then say you are not a homosexual doesn’t pass the laugh test. It highlights a confused identity.

    18. Antagonistes Says:

      Which is exactly why many pagans embraced Christianity. It was the judaic sexual ethics and concern for family, without the rituals and circumcisions, which attracted them.

      I can appreciate that; we must not tread too heavily on Christianity.

      Or maybe we should . There is an egalitarian attitude in the New Testament (for the little people), even though the Church itself is very hierarchical. Their book does not lend itself very well to being the voice of God under the scholarship of textural criticism. And when you get down to it, faith in Christ is really faith in one unknown Palestinian. That would be “Mark” since the other writers used his gospel as a template, sometimes copying it word for word, while adding their own material. And “Mark” was NOT an eyewitness.

      And if you read Paul first, you have to think, “Why does he (or “Peter” or “James”) not quote ANYTHING that “Christ” said? Especially in the controversies, such as what foods to eat and circumcision for Gentiles, which were really divisive in the early Church. It is because the gospels were written much later, putting words into the mouth of “Christ.”

      So while I hate to side with the Jews on anything, and while their religion is based on legends, I cannot give myself wholly to Christianity, but God knows that I have looked for a way. But it is like holes in the dike—you just keep plugging them up until one day you decide that this dike (that’s “d…i…k….e”, not “d…i….c…k”, for Topkea) needs to be completely replaced.

      So sad. But the Great God Pan is NOT dead! He might have to be cleaned up a bit, and given some saltpeter, though.

    19. Thom McQueen Says:

      Topkea need a new dick. He has defiled the one he has.

    20. fd Says:

      Christianity is the first religion to convert on the pain of death. The pagans were fired, beheaded, tortured, whatever.

      The Tomb of Pan

      by Lord Dunsany

      “SEEING,” they said, “that old-time Pan is dead, let us now make a tomb for him and a monument, that the dreadful worship of long ago may be remembered and avoided by all.”

      So said the people of the enlightened lands. And they built a white and mighty tomb of marble. Slowly it rose under the hands of the builders and longer every evening after sunset it gleamed with rays of the departed sun.

      And many mourned for Pan while the builders built; many reviled him. Some called the builders to cease and to weep for Pan and others called them to leave no memorial at all of so infamous a god. But the builders built on steadily.

      And one day all was finished, and the tomb stood there like a steep sea-cliff. And Pan was carved thereon with humbled head and the feet of angels pressed upon his neck. And when the tomb was finished the sun had already set, but the afterglow was rosy on the huge bulk of Pan.

      And presently all the enlightened people came, and saw the tomb and remembered Pan who was dead, and all deplored him and his wicked age. But a few wept apart because of the death of Pan.

      But at evening as he stole out of the forest, and slipped like a shadow softly along the hills, Pan saw the tomb and laughed.

    21. Howdy Doody Says:

      Christianity was never a problem for our racial borders and identity as a race as long as long as Western Nations had White straight rulers.’

      Evanjellyculls are the Achilles Heel of Canada and the U.S. along with every other denomination too, but the evanjellyculls are a spiteful radically self hating cult of dangerous nuts cases IMO.

      They are in government too.

      That faggot lisping war monger senator from a so called conservative state was put in office, by kosher approved evanjellyculls.

      Toe Tapping senators and coward puppets is all that is left, look at the invasion going on every day.

      In your face YT.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      Antagonistes is spot-on about the Gospel of Mark being written first (c. 75 to 80 AD?) and the Gospels of Matthew and Luke being heavily based on the text of Mark. But Mark was not an actual witness to Christ’s ministry……Luke and Matthew supposedly were. So then, why would Matthew and Luke need to base their Gospels on what Mark wrote??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      At any rate the Gospels were obviously not written by anyone who personally knew a “Jesus Christ”. They were written decades after Christ supposedly lived by unknown authors who did not, nor could not have, personally known Jesus or wrote an eyewitness account of his ministry. Good point about the Epistles, too, Ant. Muy bien.

    23. Tim McGreen Says:

      fd, you might enjoy reading Gore Vidal’s excellent historical novel about Emperor Julian “the Apostate”, if you haven’t done so already.

      Now, about this business of not “rear ending” one’s wife……………….Well, let’s just enjoy our Winter Solstice celebrations and discuss it later.

    24. Thom McQueen Says:

      NO, McGreen, let’s discuss it now!

    25. Thom McQueen Says:

      It might suprise you to know that SRi SregginDas teaches that sex is for procreation. If you go about sticking your toola tom into every orifice just to get your boombas off, how if that different from what the queers do?

      Tim, you present us with the image of your big belly bouncing up and down on the back of your wife as your rear-end her, and then you complain about my beautiful airbrushed nudes? Man, come to reason!

    26. fd Says:

      Christianity distorted the natural spiritual evolution of European man. A closed cycle sterile monotheism rooted in philo-Semitism.

    27. Antagonistes Says:

      Thom, I am pretty sure Tim McGreen is more like this:


    28. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thom, I must say I’m rather surprised at your Catholic point of view when it comes to…to…um, no parking in the rear? What would Doctor Ruth have to say about such Victorian prudery?

    29. Howdy Doody Says:

      Anal, not the ear lobe.

    30. Thom McQueen Says:

      I hope your wife eats bookoos of beans, Mate, and blasts your perverted pecker. Serve ya right.
      But what would any true psychologicst say about not wanting to look a woman in the face as you make love to her? I think we are getting to the root of the problem here. It is much more serious than I thought.

    31. Thom McQueen Says:

      Dog-man McGreen, how dare you mention that Bolshevik Bitch, Dr. R–h, on this website? My fierce doachshund would love to jump up and take out her groin with a single bite like I have trained him to do to depraved Bolsheviks. He would not have to jump very far on that demented dwarf.
      I wish that Golden Dawn dude would slap her on national TV.

    32. fd Says:

      Gentile Jews are called–little Jews–by god’s elect.

    33. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Christianity, in its present form, is not conducive to the survival of the white race. Most adherents are Zionist fanatics and can be more belligerent than jews. The non-Zionist xians usually harbor no ill will against non-whites since Gawd would strike them down where they stand for thinking ill thoughts about his non-white, two-legged animals.

      And as I’ve said many times, there seems to be several hundred brands of “real” Christianity, so it’s not likely that white nationalists can look to that faith as means to unify the fractured white race in N. America.

    34. Howdy Doody Says:

      Sgt. Skull Says:
      27 December, 2013 at 1:12 pm

      Christianity, in its present form, is not conducive to the survival of the white race. Most adherents are Zionist fanatics and can be more belligerent than jews. The non-Zionist xians usually harbor no ill will against non-whites since Gawd would strike them down where they stand for thinking ill thoughts about his non-white, two-legged animals.

      And as I’ve said many times, there seems to be several hundred brands of “real” Christianity, so it’s not likely that white nationalists can look to that faith as means to unify the fractured white race in N. America.

      Exactly correct !

      Those who have not studied the Hagee’s, assemblies of Gawd churches, and have not listened and talked to these heretic nut cases just do not understand how really insaned dangerous they are.

      Most evanjellyculls I know are radically anti White and look to bait any one who does not love Africans. I knew a couple for ten years, worked with the man, and his “beautiful daughter and son married messtizos! The man was 6-4 and married a stubby from Peru!

      They are small minded and unread, they literally believe the Earth is 6000 years old and that the jooos have every right to hate US and we must give all the money they want. Really.

      These cultist also grew up in all White towns, but now their children and grand children will be facing a reality they did not.

      They do serve in many positions in the regime too, I could name them, but you check it your self.

      So White straight men, who are not cultist are out.