30 April, 2014

Chicago: Amazing Black Murder Rate

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This happens every Spring. Blacks kill each other in Chicago at a shocking rate – sometimes 40 or even 50 negroes are killed per weekend. But does the media blame Blacks for the violence? Not usually. Most of the time, guns get the blame.


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    1. Topkea Says:

      We need to impose the Cultic High Aryan riktus and establish ourselves as OverGods of the nigs. Once we secure nigger worship and return them to being the Beast of the Field we will be able to fight Xtianity with its own weapons.

      The High Aryan Cultic riktus will celebrate the Advent of the Lemurian High Aryans and the sanctification and purification of the Ape Blood with which negroes are infested.

      With the restoration of a pure High Aryan gene pool, we will experience a return in latency and the full return of our powers. Remember the AVERAGE IQ of a pure High Aryan is well over 150.

    2. fd Says:

      Negroes behave the same in America as they do in Africa and Haiti: They slaughter each other. Another example is natural disaster. When hurricane Katrina skirted by New Orleans, the Negroes fell apart and waited for relief. My uncle told me when food is air-lifted to Negroes, they consume it and wait for the next plane. Rather than plant seeds, they eat them.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      We all know that, somehow, Whitey is to blame for this nig on nig violence. It’s those good ol’ boy gun dealers in the Southern States, right? They’re the ones supplying the guns that are killing “our children” in the “inner cities”. Or so the pigs, the press and the politicians would have you believe. They know damn well that those guns were not legally purchased by nigs attending some gun show or at a gun store in a state where the laws are not as draconian as they are in Illinois. Those guns are being purchased on the street, on the black market, they’re coming from Chinese and Israeli arms-smugglers.

      But it’s easier to blame Whitey. Besides, the Empire doesn’t care if Blacks in the ghetto annihilate each other. It saves the Empire the trouble of having to deal with them later on. What they’re really worried about is Whitey and HIS guns. With his intelligence and his suppressed rage Whitey is the one who poses a threat to the Empire, not those lazy, disorganized, clownish Blacks.

    4. fd Says:

      Good observation, Tim McGreen. The present rulers really don’t care about Negro carnage. They want to get the guns away from Whitey.

    5. fd Says:

      When Whites begin shooting in the streets, everything will change. The real bloodletting is coming. All cowardly Whites will call 911

    6. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Spot on Tim. You are correct FD. Just like when the kaffirs rioted during the L.A. situation back in the early 90’s. The kikes and the libtards found out that the 911 bullshite was a joke. Gee, just like the song!!!

    7. fd Says:

      Peaches Geldof who is a Jew or at least married to a Jew or took up Jewish tradition is getting the Amy Winehouse treatment. Apparently Peaches fired up some heroin and went the way of the dinosaur. Excessive praise for all Jews is the standard.

    8. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Nig nog congressman Bobby Rush says that this non stop jig on jig violence is the result of lack of affordable housing and gainful employment. In other words, it be all duh white man’s fault. It’s time to let nature take it’s course and allow jigs to off each other to extinction.

      But if the nutty evangelical Christians have their then wog welfare queens will be unable to abort Tyrone, Le’genius and Demarcus and this will serve as a force multiplier for inner city groid violence.