28 April, 2014

Jewish Sports Team Owner: a Racist Hypocrite?

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This is funny in a few different ways, e.g., the basketball team owner is Jewish; Jews in Israel practice racism as official policy but American Jews never complain about it; but instead, American Jews bitch about “White racism” every 2 minutes.


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      This story does not particularly interest me, since I don’t give a hoot about the NBA or any other corporate Jew-owned sports. But it is a somewhat amusing story, based on what I know about it:

      *The LA Clippers are not a very good team, at least based on all of those lame jokes that Jay Leno made about them.

      *The owner of the Clippers is a cranky old Jew with a young, gold-digging slope girlfriend.

      *The colored boys who play for the NBA are feigning outrage over the Jew’s “racist” remarks, when they routinely engage in the coarsest, most foul-mouthed jesting about Whites, women and even other Blacks.

      *Amy Schumer tries to look goyishe, but in reality she’s a Jewess.

    2. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      Amy Schumer is filth. Her “humor” could not be any more semetic. The jokes are all plays on:

      -She’s a horny whore. Her promiscuity is supposed to be funny.

      -She’s a ditzy, self-centered, selfish, dumb blonde… You know, the way all White women are portrayed and expected to act in real life.

      -Scatological jokes.

      -The background characters are the stereotypical, only in the make believe world of tv type, intellectual and calm/cool blacks and women and asians, and of course the soulless white male cowards.

      And she tries so hard to be sexy. Bare skin, tight outfits, provocative positions… The blonde hair and pale skin make her look decent for a second but its not enough to distract from that deformed, ratlike jew face and rather embarrassing, bloated, non-feminine figure.

      Of course, the most pathetic part are the “trendy”, edgy White imbeciles who make up a large part of her audience. She’s as disgusting as sarah silverman… That’s all I could pick up from the five minutes I spent watching her show.

      To anyone with any taste and self-respect, Kosher comics are immediately recognizable as untalented scum with a twisted Weltanschauung:


      ps its funny to watch successful with slope wives/girlfriends. The semetic yearning to return to their Asiatic roots is strong. You can take the Semite out of Asia, but you can’t take the Asia out of the Semite.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      Vietnam winding down in 1975, 15 years after the Rostow brothers promoted it for our good, the Domino theory was b.s. it was war on healthy young White men, open borders, culture war, self doubt, and robbing US beyond have only a barrel to wear !

      In 1975, after all our military stocks had previously been given to itzalie for 1973 for their escapes Saigon falls.

      Richard M.Nixon goes to China in 1972 and he apologizes/opening the door to China was what the joo media had called it then.

      So Nixon’s reward for getting the Chinese victory over US for the money nutz, was their foisted 1973 war, http://www.watergate.com and when Saigon fell 270,000 Vietnamese fell on US.

      Wall Street could not wait to make sure decent wage jobs would disappear ASAP. With their successful media Cutlure war on us back with drugs that are used more today than ever, along with abortion, cults and self doubt/hate. It would prevail on the media duped White majority that could never hear any opposing/truth of the thug media or on very few campuses either.

      Ah our Asian pals of Wall street with billions of dollars of important inferior PRODUCTS poisoned dogs food and human food, opps. Human food ? Never know? http://jewishfaces.com/china.html Too bad there is not web page on India too. The 50th year celebration’s honored guests were never mention in 1998 kwa media that I remember. Of course after the insurance fraud and mass murder caper of over a decade now never seeing the the bar of justice just like the perps of JFK, they don’t care what we read in the peanut gallery.

      More piercing and tattoo parlors, along ever more casinos, whoopee.

      Now with savage invaders in every rural speck of the kwa we are told we will be able to win a first strike nuke war.

      You can expect Hollywood to be producing more movies to incite savages to hate Whites and do harm to us too, that you can take to Oy Vegas, but they won’t give you any odds on that one, as it a sure one.

      Our pals, Pollard’s stolen goods got our spying patent cheating/stealing chinkies too, whoopee. Our pals.

    4. Robert Cardillo Says:

      I notice how the Jewsmedia doesn’t make too much of a deal about Sterling and his tribal background. What a bunch of cunts. Lets not forget that mullato or whatever mystery meat slag his girlfriend is. I love this!!!