21 April, 2014

New Stuff from Alex Linder

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Grex and Grok

by Alex Linder.


“So…jews sin…goats get the blame. So it was in the olden days. Today, jews sin, whites get the blame. Media jews accuse whites of scapegoating when they, for example, hold illegal aliens the jews have let into the country responsible for their crimes. The original goats, after all, did nothing wrong. The people the jews accuse whites of ‘scapegoating’ are in the nation illegally – and then on top of that molesting the locals in various ways. So they are at a minimum twice-guilty, rather than unguilty. Typcial jewy verbal effrontery – chutzpah, as they call it. Blaming someone for what he has actually done is not and can never be scapegoating, which means making some other party bear the burden of your sins. Scapegoating is practically the nature, meaning and mission of the chewish peepuhl. All jews do is blame others for their sins, whether those people are caprines or hominids. Jewspeak: ‘Extreme right-wing nativist extremist racist haters blame innocent minority people of color paperless irregular hardworker-migrants for crimes they committed themselves, probably.” Reality: “Natives blame illegal alien criminals for crimes they commit against natives – on top of their illegal entry into a functional and settled country.”

Jews are the kind of people who create a god dumb enough to choose jews and accept this special-needs people’s passing off responsibility for its sins onto a…barnyard animal. Mmmkay…”

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  7. 4 Responses to “New Stuff from Alex Linder”

    1. fd Says:

      Jews are a set aside program. A subsidy. A special interest group. Israel is a welfare state. A slip-stream pipeline flows from the American tax payer to Israel. It’s open ended. No block valves.

      Because Jews don’t have the ability to build civilization, they are given an artificial state. And it is the most hateful toxic state ever. A total failure.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Alex has correctly identified a very strange religious attitude that motivates jews, namely the concept of a ‘scapegoat’. The word has entered the English language and everybody knows what it means, but at bedrock it is a totally weird idea, and one that is completely alien to Aryan thought and behavior.

    3. Robert Cardillo Says:

      The kike is a parasite. Always has been always will be.

    4. Tim MCGreen Says:

      Strange how the Jews never blame themselves for ANYTHING. It’s always someone else’s fault, usually White heterosexual gentiles. Behold the Eternal Victim; Behold the Eternal Jew.