29 April, 2014

Yes, Jewish-Led Cultural Marxism Is Found In England, Too

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(Above: the BBC’s James Harding)

Everywhere you go in the West, you’ll find Cultural Marxism, the agenda of de-Whitening the White countries by various social/cultural means, e.g., “anti-racism,” “diversity,” “tolerance,” etc. By the way, James Harding, the head of BBC News, who is mentioned in the news article, is Jewish.


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  7. One Response to “Yes, Jewish-Led Cultural Marxism Is Found In England, Too”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Judging from that photo and from the goy sounding name I would not have been able to identify Harding as a Jew. He obviously has a lot of White ancestry, but, naturally, he was raised to identify with his Jewish side. Amazing how the Jews can do that.

      The BBC is not anti-White enough as it is? Its staff need to be trained how to remove their “unconscious bias”? Do psychologists even agree there is such a thing? And, if it does exist and is a part of human nature, is it necessarily wrong to have it?

      The British taxpayer should not be required to fund the British Bolshevik Corporation by so much as a single farthing, just like the US taxpayer should not be required to provide a single penny for NPR and PBS (National Pinko Radio and Pinko Broadcasting Service, respectively). Those liberal subversives can say whatever they want, BUT ON THEIR OWN TIME AND ON THEIR OWN DIME. And the airwaves, which belong to the public, should ALWAYS be made available for opposing points of view.