6 May, 2014

New Stuff from Alex Linder

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What is the Provenance of This Sad Little Homunculus?

by Alex Linder.


“8) minor attracted persons

This is a political evasion for pedophiles. It’s a deliberate attempt to avoid the term pedophile and replace it with something less repugnant sounding. As the left successfully achieved by turning sodomites/queers into homosexuals and then ‘gays.’ Minor attracted person is hazy, vague. Is it someone who likes 17-year-old girls, or someone who rapes babies? As always, the left uses language as febreeze. To cover up something disgusting. To hide it, conceal it, pretend it’s not happening, to make it go away. At the same time, it comes up with a positive term for the class it seeks to protect and advance, it comes up with a negative term to characterize those opposed. With ‘gays’ it was ‘homophobe.’ Hard as it may be for you younger folks reading this to realize, there was a time when ‘homophobe’ didn’t exist. It was coined in 1969 by a professor, apparently, but it wasn’t seen much in print until the mid-eighties, when the debate over AIDS took flight. At first, even then, it wasn’t used in every single disagreement, but within 2-3 years, that’s exactly what happened. Any term that works the left can’t help but apply across the board – racism is the best example. Anyone opposed to any leftist policy on race is a racist, on sex is a sexist or misogynist, on sexual behavior is a homophobe, on history is a denier. None of these terms has any genuine meaning beyond: not on board with the leftist position on (X). They are all bomb-words, calculated smears. They succeed not because they are substantively valuable or inherently clever or meaningful, but because the left controls the mass media, they can be made effective through ubiquitous presence and continual repetition.”

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  7. 5 Responses to “New Stuff from Alex Linder”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I resent some nameless, faceless group of social Marxist academics at Harvard deciding which words are acceptable for public use and which aren’t. How dare those spoiled, arrogant little pansies try to control MY speech and MY thoughts! I simply will not allow it. A coon is a coon, an Oriental is an Oriental and a queer is a queer. We have firemen, not fire-fighters. We have waitresses, not food-servers. And so on. To hell with those left-wingers and their “inoffensive”, “gender-neutral” mind-control crap.

    2. fd Says:

      Neology is one of their favorite weapons. With every artifice employed, these people……

    3. Topkea Says:

      Like spreading poz loads on the televitz, phocking pitbull smackhead somonkey toxin.

      The somonkey plague-toxin is infiltrated in the vaccine supply, suppressing the High Aryan riktus.

      Do not get vaccinated, or allow your children to get vaccinated. Most vaccine are poz seroconverts spreading homosexuality somonkey plague-toxin.

    4. Jan L Says:

      I am a proud racist, sexist, misogynist and homophobe. And most of all I am proud of being a Nazi!

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jan, I think we can all agree that our healthiest, most attractive White women need to be married, stay at home, clean the house, bake cookies and raise healthy White children without having to resort to any pathological Jack the Ripper-type misogyny?