17 May, 2014

Wyoming: the Next State to Be Ruined by Mud Immigrants

Posted by Socrates in dispossession & destruction, Diversity, diversity is hate, genocide, genocide by jew, immigration, multiculturalism, Socrates, Turd-World people, Western civilization, Western culture, Western decline at 2:11 pm | Permanent Link

Another White state will soon be destroyed by the Jews and leftists, who use immigration and multiculturalism as weapons against traditional White culture. They call us “haters,” but how much do you have to hate to wreck an entire country? State by state, they’re doing just that.


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  7. 7 Responses to “Wyoming: the Next State to Be Ruined by Mud Immigrants”

    1. Topkea Says:

      Strike hard oh Nordic superman,
      Smite down the alien, be he black or tan,
      Uproot the traitorous parasite,
      And his bloodsucking kin forever smite,
      With your White fist and White cock,
      Dominate the world and the shitskin tide block,
      With the ancestral force of the great riktus,
      The superhuman force that burns within us.


    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Haw-haw, get a load of that Hi-Skool yearbook photo of the spear-chucker dressed in White man’s clothing. I’ll bet he doesn’t even know what a toilet is for. I guess the anti-White fags and liberals at the Wyoming Beagle Tribune will jump for joy when that savage Black coon is caught raping and strangling a few White females around town. “Is this a problem? I do not understand. In my village we always rape and strangle the young girls. If they live, they are virgins, they be clean and pure. If they die, they are witches! The witches cast many spells and give us the AIDS. Do you not also do this thing when you wish to find many wives who will bear your childrens?”

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Wyoming is a big state, spare a thought for postage stamp sized counties like Belgium and Holland that are fast becoming mudslim central.

    4. Howdy Doody Says:


      With the enemy aliens running the regime and regime monies to the savage their would be none in WY.

    5. Mel Brooks Says:

      Whatever happened to Olde Dutch?

      I miss his missives blaming the Catlicks for what the Lutherless Lutherans perp’ throughout the Midwest. As everyone knows, when a priest dips his hand in holy water, Jeebus cries. Or he eats a precious kitten. Which is it, OD?

      One of the few joys of my life was driving that long stretch of I80 to my pop’s home town of Casper. Bottoming out the speedo, dodging the big rigs, buying aviation-grade gas for less than the regular in Cal’..hardly ever seeing the Hwy Patrol. Who can you bust when everyone’s going twenty over the limit? Vast stretches of Nevada badlands and playing catch with the dog in the brine of the Great Salt Lake. Breakfast at Little America. In other words, the REAL U.S.A.

      So is this gubbiner of Wyo’ just a stooge, or a crook? Is the state so bad off they can’t tell the Feds to fuck off, just this once? The only benefit these people will bring to the state is the unintentionally funny sight of them bundled up and looking like Dacron ticks in those deeply cold winters back east. Like all the Mexicans in Lake Tahoe (heavy sigh..)

      Tim McG’s description of that shot was cream..I was thinking myself that all that’s missing is a briarwood pipe and a copy of the Saturday Evening Post.

    6. Howdy Doody Says:


      My guess is that majority of voters today in WY. are eviljellcultists idiots is how a gov like that could utter such ignorant genocidal statements.

      There are still Whites who did not attend school with savages and grew up in lovely surroundings, the gov is fool at best.


      Will be slaughtered completely by savages in the end or will their come a fight ?

      Criminals have buying our leaders hard core since 1932.

      Remember almost 6 million less voted in 2012 than 2008, but there 17 million more eligible to vote, so something is happening IMO. The criminals and their media want more security/anti White laws daily.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:


      45 years the joo TV/Hollywood was it, who the hell heard of Dr.Oliver.

      None of the NYC/Boston periodicals gave a hint or dared to mention his name or to criticize Dr. Oliver by NAME.

      Mr. Brooks your words are almost tearful.