3 June, 2014

Of Oofos and Ooparts

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by Alex Linder.


“Almost every famous black was either a prostitute (like Malcolm X and Maya Angelou) or a john (MLK). By similar token, almost every ‘great’ black goes by a fake name, just as most ghetto rats go by street names.

Notice most of the people lauding Maya Angelou pronounce her name wrong. It’s ANGE-eh-lo. Not lou. Lo. They get this wrong on the Grantland podcast, for one example. They are “celebrating” her, as they say — without knowing how to pronounce her name. What I do like is that in this same podcast they host their inaugural Book Club, and the book they discuss is Walker Percy’s novel The_Moviegoer. Percy, if you’re not familiar, is considered a Southern gothic writer, I believe; he’s beloved as a deep ferlosipher by faileocon ilk, Southern division. I’ve read this novel and his collected essays; he’s ok. Surprising choice by these young hip jew-lefties, but as they talk about movies and media quite a bit, there’s the reason. It was on their never-got-around-to, always-wanted-to list. I have read the novel twice and didn’t really get much out of it. It’s certainly not bad, though, just sort of limp in the way that appeals to the wilted-lettuce people that are the nostalgiatives. Intellectual Catholicism is 99% a pose of taste to thinketasters, and by 99% I mean 100 percent.

Do some body squats, nigger!”

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  7. One Response to “Of Oofos and Ooparts”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      As usual the Cap’n leaves all, both friend and foe alike, bewitched, bothered and bewildered* with his perspicacious perorations. Way to go, Cap’n!

      *With thanks to Rogers and Hart.-Ed.