27 June, 2014

This Is How A Hedge Funder Brings An Entire Country To Its Knees

Posted by Socrates in Argentina, debt, hedge funds, jewed economics, jewed finance, Jewish money-magic, jewish speculation, Jewish Tyranny, nation-building/nation-wrecking, Socrates at 3:54 pm | Permanent Link

Why does that hedge-funder thing sound strangely familiar? Oh, yeah.


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  7. 2 Responses to “This Is How A Hedge Funder Brings An Entire Country To Its Knees”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      The old “stereotype” of the bloated, hook-nosed Jew banker sitting on a huge bag of gold is true. Even the Jews don’t deny it. They start whining like hell if any gentile uses that stereotype against them, but they NEVER deny it.

      “The Jew of today is no different from the Jew of Biblical times. He may wear a thousand dollar business suit and have a respectable title as a broker or a banker, but underneath it all he is still a rag-peddler, a goat-herder, a camel-trader and a merchant of cheap, shoddy trinkets along the Silk Road.”

      -Former “Three’s Company” star and cable TV infomerical pitchwoman Suzanne Somers

    2. Howdy Doody Says:


      MUST WATCH: Why A Mass Loss Of Human Life Globally Is Not Far Off. By Gregory
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