12 July, 2014

Israel Doesn’t Want Peace

Posted by Socrates in 'Middle East', Jewish aggression, Jewish arrogance, Jewish greed, jewish hate & hypocrisy, Palestine, Socrates, Zionism at 1:14 pm | Permanent Link

The first thing that needs to be done to bring peace to the Middle East is this: Israel must give back all the land it stole from the Arabs in the 1967 war (a war Israel started). But Israel won’t do that. Israel is, instead, building homes and apartments on that stolen land.


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  7. 22 Responses to “Israel Doesn’t Want Peace”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Too bad those rockets the Palestinian freedom-fighters are using aren’t more accurate and destructive. Why can’t Egypt, Libya, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon stop fighting amongst themselves, come to the defense of their Palestinian kinsman and fight their REAL enemy, the Zionist pigs in occupied Palestine????? The fact that they do not put aside their differences and form a united front against Jewry makes it hard for me to have any respect for the Arabs. But then again there are over 250 million White people in the USA who are doing absolutely nothing to stop the Mud invasion of their southern border.

    2. Nom de Guerre Says:

      It’s like the kikes say, the Pals fault. This should be a lesson to anybody that thinks you can be an underdog to the jews, and be treated like anything but a mangy ole flea bitten hound dog. Heh isn’t this same attitude jeboo had toward the Canaanite women, who asked him to heal her daughter? Too many of the Pals still adhere to the jew credo of Islam and Xianity… If Allah and Mohammed gave a shit they would even the score with Hymie real quick, and to think its Ramadan maybe Allahs faithful are to busy circling around a rock to worry about the round the clock genocide .BTW Saudi Arabia doesnt recognize the time Zones..

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Good stuff as usual, Nom. But really, what’s going on with those Mohammedans circling around a meteorite in Mecca? Then they have that other crazy ceremony where they throw rocks at the Devil but only wind up knocking each other out cold instead. Those crazy Semites. They all deserve each other.

    4. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I understand the Shia sect that Syrias President Assad belongs to The Alawites, who do not observe Ramadan, or require women to go veiled, are regarded as Pagans. No, wonder the Jews demand his immediate removal, and I still think the ISIS sunnis are a proxy army for the Jews. Their tactics are so Joooish!

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      Nom de Guerre Says:
      12 July, 2014 at 10:16 pm

      I understand the Shia sect that Syrias President Assad belongs to The Alawites, who do not observe Ramadan, or require women to go veiled, are regarded as Pagans. No, wonder the Jews demand his immediate removal, and I still think the ISIS sunnis are a proxy army for the Jews. Their tactics are so Joooish!

      Excellent post ! If you can smell their criminal insanity as none those actions came out thin air, no they were primed and paid in to motion in all sorts of way. Controlling World media and having trolls on every WN forum is a big help too.


    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      With billions at the disposal of troll types etc.

      Expect censorship over what is happening in the Russian theater of GEO politics.

    7. fd Says:

      If Israel chose peace, the whole of the country would collapse into bankruptcy. What would the Jew welfare state do without non-stop annexation, war and free stuff coming out of Washington City ?

    8. Tuscon Says:

      I met a man once deep in the heartlands of Minnesota. He was pure High Aryan and had all of the finest features of our ancient and most noble race. He was over seven feet tall, blond, blue-eyed, sturdy, well-muscled, and deeply dolicocephalic. Before quitting school, his IQ was assessed at over 190. An Aryan specimen close enough to the primordial High Nordic. He had become a hermit because he was so disgusted with modern society. He had kicked the shit out of a gang of nigger thugs with his bare hands (he said in his heyday he could bench press close to seven hundred pounds raw) and they’d sent him down to county for that.

      Anyway, when he became a hermit, he traveled incognito between various WN scholarly circles and he said that there was a jewish/isntraely agency dedicated exclusively to hiding evidence of Aryan colonization of America. This shadowy group counts amongst its members many prominent jewish and anti-White academics. Membership is based on strict vetting and involves hundreds of thousands of dollars of rabbinical tax payments to buy a member’s silence. Basically, each time an Aryan artifact is found in the Americas, like the ultralight flyers with Aryan insignia they found near Nazca, it is hushed up and sent to isntreal, to be exhibited in a special museum open only to loyal jews.

      Whole archeological crews have been disappeared by the Mossad if there is even a hint of a leak.

    9. Thom McQueen Says:

      Tuscon, did they find an erect aryan rictus?

      Anyway, in today’s paper they had a picture of an Israeli woman about to faint because the Palestinans were shooting their bottle rockets at Israel.

    10. Antagonistes Says:

      “Point the air-conditioner at me!” snarled the sweating Jew, carried on a litter by muscled Aztecs. “And stop swaying so much.” The Jew mopped his brow as he adjusted himself in the chair on the litter. He took out the Erect Aryan Rictus, solid evidence of Aryan colonization of the Americas, and examined it. “Yes,” he thought, “this will make quite an addition to the museum in Israel.”

      “Turn up the air-conditioner, and fix me a martini, dry!”

      The Aztecs called for two more battery-carriers, so that the AC could be turned up on high. The sweating battery-carrying Aztecs joined the five others, and the AC was turned up.

      Schmuley thought back on how easy it was to steal the Erect Aryan Rictus from the trusting but clueless English archaeologist. Easy as pie.

      “Hurry up, you jungle-niggers, I’ve got to get back to Isreal,” Schmuley shouted.

      Suddenly, a weird trilling note was heard. It might have been some exotic Nazcan bird, its melody encompassing the musical scale. But it was not a bird; it was a bronzed figure, well over six feet tall, blond, blue-eyed, sturdy, well-muscled, and deeply dolicocephalic. A scientist, a trained surgeon by profession, he looked down upon the thieves from his ultra-light flyer.

      “Monk, Renny, Long Tom, Ham–I have the tomb-robber in sight. I am going to descend!”

      Doc Savage expertly land his Nazcan ultralight flyer between two branches of a baobob tree.

      (to be continued)

    11. Luke Says:

      In a related note, I want to point out that all of a sudden, Mitt Romney is being touted as the next RINO that the jews want to try to foist for a second time on the White conservative base of the GOP. Just a few short months ago, Romney was considered washed up and the ‘mainstream’ media blowhards were consigning him to the graveyard of losers, right?

      So, what’s up with this sudden, highly suspicious resurrection of this RINO rat? Might I take this opportunity to remind everyone that when Romney ran in 2012 – anyone who took the time to examine this turds website and survey the list of names of the people who were intimately associated with his campaign – would have seen what I saw. His campaign was literally infested with nearly every single neo-con, war mongering, 9-11 false flag complicit jew rat turd who had previously infested the Bush-Cheney Administration. Dov Zakheim, Mikey Chertoff, and the rest of these war criminal jews and race treasonous white jew ass lickers. What that told me was that the fix was in and if Romney had managed to win, these jews would have had our asses involved in a new war with Iran.

      This is what I suspect is the reason why we now see the jews trying to resurrect Mitt Romney; they have not given up on their psychopathic lust to maneuver the USA into attacking Iran, and like Buchanan wrote not too long ago – they are trying to pick a candidate for the GOP in 2016 who will give them a war against Iran.

      Last go around, somewhere between 3 and 7 million White conservatives refused to vote for RINO Romney. I have a strong sense that those numbers will only increase if they try to foist this slab of jew toe sucking dog manure on the White conservative base a second time.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      Controlling World media and having trolls on every WN forum is a big help too.


    13. Howdy Doody Says:


      Speaking of trolls look at this site, her factual site was severely hack attacked.

      Brain washed Whites are akin to Red Guards of Mao’s 1968 PRC hell.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jews are so despicable…the more you hate them the more hateful they become. Into the bonfire with them, already!

    15. Thom McQueen Says:

      EVERY ONE of us must become a Man of Bronze, and deal with them, as Ant. has illustrated. Get off you asses, and exercise or improve your minds instead of vegging out.

    16. Antagonistes Says:

      “Let me down, let me down! I’ve got to take a leak!”

      The Aztecs gently lowered the litter, so Schmuley could get out of his chair.

      “I’m taking this big-boy with me.” Schmuley said, grabbing the Erect Ayan Rictus. “And keep that AC going.”

      After he had reached a suitable place, Schmuley set the Rictus down.

      “What a man I could be with a rictus like that,” he thought, unzipping his pants. “No wonder we Jews are so jealous of the Aryans. It is too bad that . . .”

      His thoughts stopped. Cold chills ran down his spine. He wet himself. The Rictus was gone.

      “Which one of you niggers too it?! I will kick your Aztec asses!” Schmuley shouted, running back to the Aztecs. A melodious trilling sound was heard, as if some exotic jungle bird was rejoicing in his loss.

      Could he have but seen the source of that trilling sound, Schmuley would have seen that it came from a powerful Man of Bronze, standing expertly on a branch of a baobob tree, forty feet above the earth. In his corded bronze arms was the Erect Ayan Rictus. At his feet was the bullwhip which he had expertly flicked soundlessly about the Rictus, so that he could silently haul it up to himself.

    17. Thom McQueen Says:

      Ant, surely you are some kind of Ernest Hemingway.

    18. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The Aztecs grabbed Shmuelly by his circumcised mini-rictus, and drug him to the top of the Pyramid and dedicated him to the Great feathered Serpent Quetzalcoatl. There as an antonement for the Israeli murder of a Palestinian youth, they ripped open his chest cavity with a rather dull obsidian blade, as Shmuelly screamed racial ephitets at them, amazingly they could find no heart, so to still any further screaming from Shmuelly they gave him the same treatment dealt out to the Pal youth, they poured gasoline into both oral and anal cavities and gave Shmueely a big fat Havanna , How abouts a smoke Smuelly? Kboooom!

    19. Nom de Guerre Says:

      From out of the sky in Tel Aviv a strange object fell crashing to through the building housing the Mossad, attached to it was a rather strange object that emitted a garbled noise, something like “Fuck the jews” and then the 50 megaton nuclear device detonated. Their was wailing and gnashing of the teeth throughout kikedom

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jews and their goy stooges in Londinistan and Washingcoon have been trying to destroy the Revolutionary Islamic Republic of Iran since 1979 and nothing seems to work. They put Saddam Hussein into power in Iraq to make war on Iran, they have funneled billions to anti-Khomeini resistance groups, they have assassinated Iranian nuclear engineers, imposed all kinds of economic blockades, babbled endlessly on shows like Meet the Press about Iran’s imaginary nuclear weapons and support of “terrorists”……….All the Jews have succeeded in doing is to make themselves look like the liars and villains they really are.

    21. Antagonistes Says:

      As the world leaders walked about the ruins of Tel Aviv, gnashing their teeth and heaping dirt upon themselves in mourning, a strange trilling note was heard.

      Following the melodious warbling, the world leaders saw a man, an Aryan, bronzed by the sun, with all of the finest features of that ancient and most noble race. He was over six feet tall, blond, blue-eyed, sturdy, well-muscled, and deeply dolicocephalic.

      He had obviously just finished carving a statue out of stone. It was covered by a shroud. He still had the carving tools in his corded, bronzed arms. For this man, in addition to being a world-class surgeon, was also an artist who could easily stand with Michelangelo. He regarded the world leaders with smoldering blue eyes; blue eyes flecked with golden flakes.

      “Never again!” he said. His voice was firm and commanding. His powerful muscles, showing through the ripped and torn shirt, were a powerful rebuke to the pitiful, weak bodies of the UN leaders.

      “Yes, but it has happened again! Once again, the evil gentiles have holocausted the innocent Jews! Why do they hate them so?!” the world leaders mourned.

      “They have reaped as they have sowed,” said the bronzed giant. “When I said ‘never again’, I meant never again will the Jews deceive the Aryans with their lies.”

      “UN guards, arrest that man!” shouted one of the dignitaries, ripping his garments and throwing down his yarmulke.

      Immediately, out of the ruins appeared Monk, Renny, Long Tom and Ham with ak-47’s.

      “Throw down your guns or the collective brains of your diseased world will be la crème de la crème of this most sumptuous brûlé,” said the lawyer, Ham.

      “What did you say, you shyster?” growled Monk.

      “Listen well,” said Doc Savage to the tearful dignitaries. “I am the Man of Bronze, and I declare to you now that never again will the world believe in the semitic fairy tales which led to the darkness of the middle ages and then to ‘democracy’ and rule by the corrupt, the stupid, the ugly, and the unachieving.”

      “Behold the God of the Noble Aryans!” Doc cried as he pulled the shroud off the statue that he had just carved.

      (to be continued)

    22. Thom McQueen Says: