8 July, 2014

Lawsuits, Lawsuits, and More Lawsuits. Why?

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A sports fan has filed a $10-million-dollar lawsuit against TV sportscasters who, he says, defamed him during a televised baseball game when he fell asleep in his seat. The sportscasters allegedly ridiculed the fan on the air. Embarrassing, probably, but is that worth $10 million dollars?

Here’s the nugget of this post: Why are there so many lawsuits filed in America today? It’s because America has become a “sue your neighbor” society. And why is that? It’s because America is a Jewed country. Law is the Jewish “house specialty.” You know those personal-injury-lawyer commercials that you see on the TV every day? Well, 90% of those lawyers are Jews. In fact, Jews invented the field of personal-injury law [1].

[1] according to the late, Jewish author Gerald Krefetz, Jews pioneered the field of personal-injury law

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    1. Socrates Says:

      fd, your 1-month ban from posting here is hereby lifted, earlier than stated. It’s only been 15 days or so. Please behave yourself.

    2. fd Says:

      OK !

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      There used to be a law against lawyers advertising their services on TV. Something about compromising their ethics or their image by appearing in commercials? But naturally, since it’s a Jew-controlled profession those personal-injury lawyers bribed the Slick Willie Regime into lifting the ban. Now you can’t watch daytime TV without being swamped by commercials for ambulance chasers. Real sleazy. Real Semitic/Levantine type sleaze.

      There was a time (or so legend has it) when daytime TV was pretty enjoyable….The Mike Douglas Show, Dinah Shore (a Jewess, but she always managed to keep it under control), Merv Griffin (a fairy, but not creepy or effeminate) and game shows like the Hollywood Squares and the $10,000 Pyramid. But now it’s just so much puerile voyeurism, mostly geared towards the chronically unemployed Negro.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      BTW, welcome back, fd. I tried to protest your ban on numerous occasions but none of my posts ever got through. Perhaps your return will encourage others to post their thoughtful, insightful remarks as well? Other websites attract hundreds if not thousands of comments for a given thread, comments which are often surprisingly good. That should be the case here as well. Take advantage of your “right” to “free speech” before the Empire finds a way to turn the Internet into nothing more than a place to buy chink-made crap, look at dancing kittens or at interacial porn.

    5. Socrates Says:

      Wait a second, McGreen. Are you suggesting that your protests re: fd’s banning were censored? No way. If they didn’t end up in print, they were blocked by the spam filter. Nothing has been censored re: fd’s banning.

    6. fd Says:

      Thanks, Tim McGreen. Let us move forward.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      I suggest nothing of the kind, sir. I knew it was the work not of you but of that infernal spam-filter. Apparently I used a certain word or combination of words which set it off. Repeatedly. But no matter. Justice and order have been restored to the Universe.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      My above post is in response to Socrates’ indignation at being accused of malfeasance. But I can assure him that no such accusation was intended.

      Maybe I should just go outside and open up the fire hydrant so I can dance around in its spray, like the colored kids in the ghetto.

    9. User Says:

      I don’t know about all of this personal injury nonsense, but I sure as hell don’t feel bad about the work injury case my mother has been in with those bloody kikes running worker’s compensation. I’ve been growing insane dealing with both them AND my mother. When this case is settled that lump sum will have been long overdue. In fact, this is more of a venting post than an actual contribution.

      Treat it as you will!

    10. fd Says:

      Tim McGreen wrote: “There used to be a law against lawyers advertising their services on TV.”

      I noticed that law quietly faded away.