20 July, 2014

Sins of the Fathers: Racism and Genocide in the Old Testament

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“Reading through Jewish history, one finds startling parallels between what the Jews actually did and what they have since accused the Germans – and others – of doing. There is hardly a better source of such parallels than the Jews’ own holy book, the Old Testament. In it genocide is the officially approved policy, to be carried out against all Those who occupy Lebensraum coveted by the Jews. Its articles of faith are racist through and through, and the prescribed penalty for their violation is death.”


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  7. 2 Responses to “Sins of the Fathers: Racism and Genocide in the Old Testament”

    1. fd Says:

      The Old Testament XXX science fiction.

      News Beat: 45th anniversary of White men walking on the Moon. The media mongrel never mentioned that it was made possible by NAZI rocket scientists who were brought to America by force and placed on compounds to work their magic. They were fed, housed and paid a mere pittance for pocket money.

      The roundup of NAZI rocket scientists was accomplished under Operation Plunder immediately after the collapse of Germany. Churchill’s England was so weak and exhausted it played no part in the pillage and rape.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Mold Testament is simply the Jewish version of ancient Levantine myths about a great flood, a righteous man willing to sacrifice his child to an angry god, the first woman and how she screws everything up…..All tales that the Jews “borrowed” from their Mesopotamian and Egyptian neighbors. And all those tales were written centuries after the people and events described in them supposedly existed. None of them were written by anyone named King David or Moses either, because they are fictional characters.

      But most people already know this. The ones who don’t have voluntarily chosen to remain ignorant.