8 August, 2014

Connecticut: Political Candidate’s Husband Accused of “White Supremacy”

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God created the world? Nope. White people did. Anything of importance came from Whites. The airplane, the automobile, electricity, the light bulb, the telephone, the camera, the phonograph, refrigeration, democracy (yeah, I know), television (yeah, I know) – it all came from Whites [1]. In fact, if you tried to make a list of all the things that Whites gave the world, you’d run out of paper. So, how funny that “White supremacy” is considered, by some people, to be a bad thing – in a White country, no less!


[1] do the Black and Brown people ever thank White people for creating all those wonderful things? When a nigger calls his drug dealer, does he think about who invented the telephone? When a Mexican drives his low-rider down the street, does he think about who invented the car, or, asphalt paving? Nope. How ungrateful!

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  7. 5 Responses to “Connecticut: Political Candidate’s Husband Accused of “White Supremacy””

    1. CW-2 Says:

      The non-white world are not only a bunch of ungrateful bastards, they also hate us. But they wouldn’t last 5 minutes if we went on strike and cut off the cargo-cult that sustains their miserable existence. For starters the hard working farmers in the mid-western states should take a rest, put their feet up and concentrate on their own families.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Just look at those two White do-gooders, the so-called “missionaries” who got infected with the ebola virus while trying to help those worthless nigger savages in West Africa. Good ol’ Whitey and his warped, misplaced sense of compassion……….he never helps his own kind, he’s only interested in helping ungrateful, undeserving non-Whites. If it were up to me I would not have let those two missionary race-traitors back into this country. And they all have that stupid, cult-member smile on their faces, as if to say “Jesus loves me, I’m going to Heaven because I’m spreading His gospel with my good works.”

      As far as that “White supremacist” in Connecticut is concerned, if he were directly confronted about the charge he would probably start getting all defensive and apologetic about it. In other words he would start getting all right-wing about it. My guess is he’s no White racial-warrior, just a hobbyist. But even so has he broken any laws? Isn’t there a Constitutional “right” to freedom of association?

      PS…Why doesn’t Freeman’s Pollock wife have the same last name that he does? And why does he let her run for elected offices? What does HE do all day, besides let his wife wear the pants? Is he “whipped”, or something?

    3. Sean Gruber Says:

      [B]“Jesus loves me, I’m going to Heaven because I’m spreading His gospel with my good works.”[/B]

      Gospel supposedly means “good news.”

      “Good news” is not a horde of sub-literate Africans descending on one’s town. That’s, uh, [I]bad news[/I].

      Christinsanity. It’s insane.

    4. Sean Gruber Says:

      God, those HTML tags are so annoying.

    5. Socrates Says:

      Sean, use the “arrow” brackets, not the square brackets, and “i” and “/i” inside the arrow brackets.