4 August, 2014

Genocide: It’s an Old, Jewish Thing, Part 3

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As I once said, every Israeli leader is a modern-day Joshua.


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    1. CW-2 Says:

      Nothing new here folks, jews have been doing this sort thing for thousands of years. Just read their ‘holy’ book to get a full flavor of their genocidal activities, all given the stamp of approval by their desert deity.
      What pisses me off is the way Christians respect and revere these people and even quote passages from Joshua et.al. during their religious services.
      Once American Whites have been disarmed, in the way Britain and Australia are, expect the genocide on American soil to start. Jews are itching for a reprise of the sovietjewnion where the best and brightest were killed.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      One cannot compare “Nazi atrocities” with the real atrocities being committed right now by the Zionist Jews. The “Nazis” never bombed, strafed or shot at fleeing civilians, they never deliberately bombed hospitals, schools and shelters. But the Jews have. So much for the Jews and their self-serving image as champions of “human rights” and “democracy”. Whenever the Jews are in power they NEVER show any mercy to their non-Jew victims.

      A realistic Final Solution to the Jewish menace would be to send them to “resettlement centers” in Soviet Birobidzhan, near the Mongolian frontier. Adult male Jews would be herded into one complex of camps, Jewesses and Kikelets into the other. All able-bodied Jews aged 12 to 75 would be required to engage in useful labor 6 1/2 days a week in order to earn their keep. They would also have to build their own barracks and latrines. There should be at least 50 miles separating these camp complexes from each other, complete with barbed wire, machine gun towers and minefields.

      Within a few decades the Jewish menace would disappear from public memory, along with the Jews themselves, without having to resort to criminal Jewish tactics like mass starvation and collective punishment.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jews are obviously trying to destroy the Gaza Ghetto, to kill off or drive out every single Arab in it, bulldoze the entire place and then rebuild and resettle it for Jews only….using American and german* tax dollars to pay for the whole thing, of course. The Jews are forever whining about the “Nazis’ ” Final Solution to the Jewish problem, which in reality only involved resettlement of the Jews outside of German-liberated Europe. The Jews’ Final Solution involves mass torture, mass murder and mass starvation.

      It’s almost as if the Kikes are begging to be annihilated. Perhaps we should oblige them.

      *Present-day “Germany” is not a real country, it’s merely an obedient vassal state of ZOG and International Jewry. Therefore “Germany” and “German” do not deserve to be spelled using a capital G.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m starting to dislike the germans almost as much as Dr. Nieztsche did.

    5. SB Says:

      Their Holocaust trump card is now somewhat weakened. That’s one good thing from all this.
      I think most Germans are sick to death of Holocaust guilt in their media. They know what Jews are all about, it’s in their DNA. Of course they’re in denial about them to some extent, as many are. No one wants to face the fact that it’s either them or us and that a lot of dirty work is required to make it us.

    6. archer Says:


      A lot of people won’t believe this story but the facts are there for all to see, including the many millions slaughtered by Zionists in countries like Russia, China, Cambodia and you can add Iraq and Libya to that list too.