2 September, 2014

Book of the Month

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The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds by Robert S. Griffin.

[a .PDF book].

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  7. 7 Responses to “Book of the Month”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      It’s a good read and in general is quite sympathetic to Dr Pierce, his beliefs and aims. Excerpts from his American Dissident Voices broadcasts are well integrated into the narrative and provide solid background for the newbie.

      Of course for us true believers reading the book is a good way to recharge our batteries.

    2. Joe Says:

      Dr. Pierce was one of a kind. Too bad he can’t be cloned.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      The year that William L. Pierce left OSU was the year that the kike media was beating NIXON over the head around the clock, and rather than fight back Nixon tried kissing the left/kikes on the ass harder than ever! iIN 1973 he emptied US military supply stock completely for itzalie! Nothing for Vietnam either. He did not have the courage to go for broke.

      At that time Nixon would have had 90% plus support from the alphabet NKVD types to start making mass arrests, and those bomb throwing kikes and murdering nig radicals would have been arrested in mass, but no he allowed him self to be run out.

      All media in should have been arrested in 1974 periodgh and public broad casting shut down for National Security sanity.

      Nixon was the last chance and he failed US and so Wall street armored up China to kick out a$$ and spy wantonly on US. Thanks to the pussycuted.

      Rhodesia was lost to the West and the Asian bastards are in there. Mr. Magoo, would have never kicked out the remaining W farmers if he did not have Chink farmers coming in ASAP to take over.


    4. Howdy Doody Says:


      Is there one untruth in this link if so please point it out.

      2005, I think this was made by the Taiwan govt.


      Joe, I veered off track there in replying to you.

      Dr. Pierce in 1974 witnessed the anti White’s march across his entire state school system and install black bs history as mandatory and with out debate, and knew it was time to leave, and that IMO was a major reason for exiting his job, and he had witnessed the 1965-1974 Triumph of the kikes against Whites in our schools and left to fight as best he could.

    5. fd Says:

      Dr. Pierce excelled in his work although his 100% academia style similar to
      Robert S. Griffin held him back to some degree.

      Rockwell and Revilo P. Oliver were also unexcelled by the power of statement by any contemporary model.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      I don’t know, is it really worth my time to read this book? Will it tell us something we don’t already know? Is it fun to read? If I ever write a book it’s going to have lots of pictures in it, mostly of girls in bikinis and daisy-dukes.

    7. Robert Cardillo Says:

      I have both of these books by Mr. Griffin ,Tim. They are excellent and I have heard that Edgar Steele has passed on to Valhalla. I have his book Defensive Racism. I am going to be re-reading it too. I spoke to Mr. Steele online several years ago when he still had his website. I had a pacemaker put in at the same time that he heart trouble as well. I respect anyone who has the bollocks to give the double fingers to the system. Also, the kike Joan Rivers passed on to her eternal reward. Not to worry lads, Sarah Silverman and all of the other disgusting Khazars will take her place. Keep a stiff upper lip mates. time and history is on our side. People are waking up to all of this shite. On both sides of the Atlantic. ROHOWA.