15 September, 2014

Why Don’t Blacks Leave America?

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The Blacks hate living here, they say. America is racist, oppressive and unfair to them, they say. So, if that’s the case, do you ever hear of Blacks hopping a boat or a plane back to Africa? No? That’s odd. You’d think Blacks would be lined up at the airports and the piers, eagerly awaiting their trip “home” to Africa, where there isn’t any evil, White racism.

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  7. 9 Responses to “Why Don’t Blacks Leave America?”

    1. Mark Says:

      Glad to learn that “African Art” surpasses in leaps and bounds the “piss and poop art” that Jews promote!

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Blacks and Jews are by their very nature a pain in the ass. Some of them are quite aware of it and don’t like it any more than Whites do. I feel bad for those “good” Blacks and Jews but unfortunately they’re far outnumbered by the “bad” ones. Blacks and Jews cannot be assimilated into civilized White cultures because they evolved differently from humans. They think differently, they see the world differently. They have no sense of patriotism, the concept of a “Fatherland” or “Motherland” makes no sense to them.

      I just realized that not even the left-wing pinko documentary film-maker Ken “I have a haircut like Moe Howard” Burns could find any heroic Blacks or Jews who fought in the Civil War, WWI or WWII (Besides the Tuskegee Airmen, a couple of mostly mulatto and quadroon pilots of dubious abilities who were formed for propaganda purposes at the insistence of Eleanor Rosenfeld, a person that FBI director Hoover was keeping a close eye on).

      There were a few heroic Asian-American, American Indian and Mexican-American soldiers in those conflicts but none who were Black or Jewish. Jewish soldiers, what few there were, usually got cushy jobs as staff officers or in the Quartermaster Corps, where they could engage in their usual wheeling and dealing. Negro soldiers performed KP, were sent to the stockade, spread STDs around or were unleashed on enemy civilians to rape and rob them into submission. Naturally Ken Burns couldn’t put any of that in his warm, fuzzy documentaries.

      Since Blacks and Jews, despite all their bitching, will never voluntarily leave our White countries they must be forcibly removed. I have a few economical and effective proposals for getting rid of them.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      Kikes set up an AFRICAN ART STORE, about 8 years ago in in a Western tourist small town about 97 percent WHITE.

      After a few years of no tourist and hardly one visiting the dung hole collection it left.



    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      Did not finish.

      So Ramzit, whines on about WN blaming joos and or others.

      Hey Ramzit, since I don’t post on joo tube dig this, okay !

      In 1995 59.8 percent of the CA. voters passed proposition 187 ! Two years later one Gay Davis and a female judge spit in the face of CA. voters. The bill was written very carefully and legally.

      Spic CA. Pol’s in 1997 when the bill was nullified stated prop 187 was the last gasp o White American in CA. and they told press when asked if they said it, they said yes and added if White Californians don’t like it they can get out of CA.

    5. Lt. V Says:

      But isn’t that what the damn blacks are told, to pack it up if they don’t like it? Oh, dear lord…..five minutes with Davis, that’s all I ask.

    6. Fisk Ellington Rutledge III Says:

      Hell no, Blacks won’t leave the U.S. and go to Afreekah. There’s nobody to take care of them in the Dark Continent. The only reason Blacks CLAIM to be unhappy in the U.S. is to use their “misery” to lever free stuff from cowardly Whites.

      Mexicans are the same. They make all kinds of strident demands that are nothing but threats and guilt tripping.

      Blacks and Mexicans are worthy only of Whites’ contempt. They are parasites who have no business in the U.S. or in any other White country.

      Definitely deport all nonWhites, and I include our very own domestic Blacks. They are the enemies of their own country, and that includes that affirmative-action parasite currently defiling the White House.

    7. Cliff Says:

      This is one of the most frightening and ignorant sites I have ever come across.

      Of course, the whites (I’m white) should leave ‘America’ to its original inhabitants and go back to Europe (I live in England).

      If you believe in the Theory of Evolution, you will subscribe to the origin of mankind in what is now Tanzania. Our ancestors would have been black because that was what the climate required. As people moved out of Africa (maybe as recently as 100,000 years ago), their pigmentation would have gradually lightened as an adaptation to reduced sunlight intensity. So whiteness is an adaptation – a variation – of the basic human design.

      If you’re a Creationist, are you telling me that God made a mistake when he created black people (in his own image)?

      Are any of you posters Christians? Jesus was a Jew, or have you conveniently forgotten that. And he made one thing clear – None of us deserves salvation, for all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. It is only by grace we are saved.

      But I realise that I’m wasting my breath because balanced discussion does not seem to be what you want, only views that reinforce your own bigotry and stunted intellect.

      Maybe I should apologise in that endearingly English way for my rudeness. But I won’t because, to be honest, I’d rather eat my own shit.

    8. Cliff Says:

      To the cartoonist,

      There are African Nobel Laureates like the late Chinua Achebe. And for centuries before him, there was an existing oral and written literary tradition in most African regions – perhaps the best known to white America is the astonishing library of Timbuktu or, if not, surely even you will have heard of the Egyptian Pharaohs and their dynasties. They were Africans and their achievements in the sciences, mathematics and architecture influences all western culture to this day. And let’s not forget the 26 pages on wikipedia detailing African philosophers. Just because you haven’t heard of them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Look it up, you ignoramus.

    9. Rebecah Says:

      The main reason of WHY they don’t leave it’s because they have seen all the good stuff that white people has and they want it for themselves; if we have something they want to take it from us by using force. I first off blame the whites for bringing the slaves to use as ‘helping hand’ on our fields. Later i blame Abraham Lincoln for not getting rid of them BEFORE giving their ‘freedom’. We started this mess, we should try to solve it before they take over our world. They talk about their black history, but all it’s spells is of how M. L. King fought for them and their rights (to be in our way). It’s not that we hate them it’s that they want our land without working for it; they want to be the next whites. Please, folks, don’t let the white race die out, do NOT breed with those whom aren’t of your skin. Racism is not hating other’s color, it’s hating your own. It’s disgusting to see them wanting to mate with white women even if we clearly turn them down. I was constantly chased by one to whom i had to call a near by police man and state him that i felt abused by his sick insinuations and all he said was that he wanted to ‘fix’ his race, as if being black was something that had fixing. I honestly believe that if they don’t like being black they should end their lives instead of disgracing others’. I believe that your cartoon explain rather well why they don’t wanna leave us alone……… just like the Mexicans. Seems that it’s easier to move to America and take our goods than staying on their country and try to solve their own problems without bothering others.

      White folks, enough of kindness toward them, they’re like beggars that no matter how much you give them, they never have enough; until we all die, they’ll never had enough. The white race are the parents of modern times, all inventions on this era were all made by white people: Edison, Voltaire, George Washington, Bell, Pasteur, Marie Curie, Ford, we gave a face to the new world…. what have the black race ever accomplished besides of whining over their skin color? For the heck of it, Lincoln, the guy that gave them their freedom (a mistake), and the God they pray to, are both white! Unless they want to put Baron Samedi as the ‘New God’.