24 October, 2014

Swiss Citizens Will Vote on Immigration on Nov. 30

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“The federal government and all major political parties have come out against the initiative, with Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga recently calling it ‘xenophobic’ and harmful to the Swiss economy, which she said depends on immigrants.” What a fool she is. As if economics is more important than your culture. Newbies, nothing is more important than your culture! If they have any sense at all, the citizens will overwhelmingly vote to limit immigration. (Given the small size of Switzerland, you’d think that they’d stop, not just limit, non-White immigration).


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  7. 28 Responses to “Swiss Citizens Will Vote on Immigration on Nov. 30”

    1. fd Says:

      Come as you are. Bring Your Own on Bottle (Texas dance hall BYOB). Door prizes for all.

      Who needs the formality of immigration. Call them migrants and let them come and go as they please. No custom checkpoint or entry papers.

    2. John Says:

      Switzerland is less touched by decay than its neighboors for several reasons :

      _they have a semi-populist rule of law and thus citizens still have a say
      (direct democracy)

      _their leaders managed to stay out of WWII (even though there is a thought police, white guilt doesn’t operate well)


      _they have their guns (last resort)

      the vote will very likely lead, once again, to a rejoincing result.

    3. Mary O Says:

      In the US, almost all immigrants go straight onto public assistance. Section 8 grants start at $1000/month for typically 3-bdrm apartments which must pass regular inspections by law; SNAP pays $200/per month and up for free food; Medicaid provides free total healthcare, even to ebola victims, with no cap; special education is free, and if their children’s IQ is as high as 90, they get free college, and job preferences.

      United Way also kicks in extra free food, clothing and other goods and services using funds forcibly extracted from Whites.

      In exchange, the immigrant works a token mini-job, typically 12 hours per week at Walmart. A token mini-rent, usually less than $300, is charged to keep up the pretense that somehow they function in our society.

      Therefore, a family of immigrants easily costs the US taxpayer $60K/year to maintain. How can this situation possibly benefit us? It’s financial ebola, and the White countries are crashing and bleeding out.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Any tourist in search of Swiss culture is advised not to go anywhere near Basle. It is a multiculti hell with hordes of muds coming across the nearby border with France.
      I bet all the reverends and pastors in Switzerland are screaming from their pulpits about ‘White racism’.
      The Swiss are rightly famed for their hi-tech industries, skilled craftsmanship and precision engineering. All attributes of White culture. So of what benefit to the Swiss economy are unskilled low IQ turd worlders? The evil elites know the answer to that, their intention is to destroy Switzerland.
      At least the Swiss don’t have any WWII ‘baggage’. But it wasn’t only the Wehrmakt defeated at Stalingrad. The whole White race is now suffering the consequences of von Paulus’ incompetence and betrayal.

    5. Sgt. Skull Says:

      No, nothing is more important than your RACE. And culture is merely an expression of racial characteristics. There’s a little more political freedom and integrity in Switzerland, so if this initiative passes it probably won’t get struck down by a judicial kikeocrat although it will denounced by the hypocritical ADL and European jewry.

    6. Sean Gruber Says:

      When capitalists say “the economy,” they always mean “a handful of jewish billionaires in the short run.”

      The actual economy — the economy of the majority of workers — is crushed in the long run by loose borders, because mud immigrants destroy the culture on which productiveness is based.

      “Economy” is therefore an equivocal term. It means something very different from what most people assume it to mean. It means White workers are pushed out of the middle class and into the Third World, while a jew locust sucks their blood.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Excellent observations, Mary O. But there must be a solid, specific reason for ZOG’s non-White immigration policy, and you can bet it has nothing to do with extending “kindness” or “compassion” to the invaders. Of course those Turd Worlders are going to automatically vote for Democrats so the present immigration policy is naturally going to be strongly supported by the DNC. And all that Mud welfare dependency justifies the existence of the Empire’s welfare bureaucracy, keeping it nice and bloated. More people dependent on the System, more people loyal to the System, more power for the System.

    8. Sean Gruber Says:

      Turning the “gentile” world brown, violent, dirty, and retarded is the lust of every jew. Jews are murderers. They need to be counter-murdered wherever they are found.

    9. Mary O Says:

      Most likely reason that lunatics like Obama, Cuomo and DiBlasio want the borders open, even to West Africans in the midst of an epidemic, is that to the “affordable housing” interests (Section 8 landlords) each refugee is an income flow of at least $1000/month. Even a two-month slow-down would mean apartment vacancies, which would damage the bank accounts of their #1 contributor to campaign finances. Housing interests actually provide more money to US politicians than Israel!

      What they are not considering is that most of the immigrants don’t like us that much, and only come here to collect the freebies. They are lowest class of their respective nations. As soon as they see ebola in their apartment blocks, they will flee the US. So the landlord companies are going to take an ebola hit no matter what.

      The idea of the ebola SWAT teams is ridiculous. All it will do is cause confusion over the hierarchy in an emergency situation.

      The designated hospitals idea is stupid, too. One of these hospitals has a facility near where I work. Possibly the ebola victims will be planted there, which is most unfortunate since it actually provides necessary services to our community.

      The 21-day quarantine idea is unmanageable. As we have seen, the globe-drifting hipsters won’t cooperate unless they are basically incarcerated. That oaf of a Dr. Spencer (corruption of Spector?) treated the entire ordeal as if it were a Seinfield episode; very smug, too; as though he had access to a cure, which no one else has. Every single person coming from those countries should be considered at risk.

    10. Howdy Doody Says:

      Sean Gruber Says:
      25 October, 2014 at 2:12 pm

      Sean, could you tell how you really feel ?

      Haa !

    11. Mary O Says:

      Not to sound grim, but now may be the time to go vegetarian. Meat packing companies use cheap African labor to fill jobs that once provided Americans with middle-class income.

      The authorities say that ebola can’t be transmitted through food, but why not?After all, food is a” surface,” and the virus can survive exposed on a dry surface for about 4 hours. The virus multiplies dramatically inside a human corpse, once the victim has died; therefore, the corpse of an ebola victim is highly infectious, even more so than the victim was when alive. So the question becomes: how long could ebola virus survive in animal meat? Could it possibly multiply in animal meat? Would the virus be detectible in animal meat?

      By the way, DiBlasio is claiming that it’s not possible to get ebola from casual contact with a victim. This statement is not true. He is reading an AIDS script for a very different disease. WHO has stated that taxicabs can be source of infection, unless thoroughly disinfected after carrying an infectious ebola victim.

      We are told that ebola victims are only contagious after they start to exhibit symptoms. However, such determinations are subjective, and may not be that useful. The common cold is known for its sudden onset, yet how many people could pinpoint the exact time that they felt the symptoms of a cold? Unfortunately, a period of denial may be part of the illness; after all, does anyone want to honestly tell themselves that they are succumbing to an extremely painful and devastating illness that may kill them very soon?

      The Congo has reported an outbreak of a related virus, Marburg; which has similar effects as ebola in humans. The fed-guv is encouraging Congolese to seek “refugee” status here in the US.

      Battling two different and equally deadly viruses is sure to create absolute chaos; we are pouring huge amounts of resource and effort into measures against ebola, which may not necessarily be effective against Marburg.

      In the next episode … it will be revealed that Dr. Spencer’s two friends, now quarantined, were gay, and that they have visited every bathhouse and gay dive on Christopher St. in the past three weeks.

    12. Mary O Says:

      By the way, nonwhite Americans want the border shut down. They are terrified of this illness. The DNC is in trouble. Its leadership seems to advocate a quixotic, extremely expensive, but ultimately self-destructive effort to fight the disease. Its people want to slam the door shut. Even African-Americans advocate closing the doors. They think our government is totally nuts.

      Too much empathy is perhaps a mental illness. The key point to remember is that in realistic terms, we can do nothing to help the African victims. To argue that we should take on a slight risk to do tremendous benefit for another people could possibly be reasonable; but to argue that we should take an extreme risk on ourselves and our society without even the slightest hope of putting a dent in the foreign epidemic is sheer folly.

      Isn’t the fed-guv saying implicitly that even tens of thousands of White lives aren’t worth an African fingernail?

      It’s like they want us to die.

    13. Mary O Says:

      Following her quarantine on Thursday night, Miss Dixon, a longtime vegetarian, apparently said she was grateful that she and her fiancé were in America, where the best treatment is available.

      ‘This is amazing, being in a privileged position in a well-resourced country,’ she reportedly said.

      Ms Wise said that despite her own health risk, Miss Dixon immediately thought about the ‘folks who Dr Spencer left behind’ after he brought the Ebola virus into New York from Guinea, West Africa.

      Miss Dixon, who helps adults to find and maintain jobs during her work for the Hope Program, is being quarantined alongside two friends of Dr Spencer, who were also returned to their homes today.

      Dr Spencer arrived in New York on October 17 – six days before he was admitted to hospital.

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2808175/New-York-Ebola-patient-Dr-Craig-Spencer-receives-blood-transfusion-survivor-Nancy-Writebol.html#ixzz3HEOQsXee
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

      Dixon is over-estimating our ability to control this illness if it got loose among the general public. Her own husband is an example of a poorly-trained and careless American doctor. We have seen several cases of modern Western medicine curing ebola recently; but those cures were the product of huge teams of the best doctors available, and $millions spent.

      During her time at Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati, she wrote to officials in developing countries, urging them to stop violating human rights, the New York Times reported.

      She also helped to run the Amnesty International Club, with a note in her yearbook reading: ‘Morgan Dixon passionately speaks to the members of Amnesty about injustices of the world.’

      Then, in college in Beloit, Wisconsin, she studied sociology and ecologically sustainable development while pursuing her passion for the performing arts and helping others.

      Miss Dixon’s friend, Christopher Wintrode, who also attended Beloit College, described her as a ‘liberal’ person who often helped less fortunate people from behind the scenes.

      ‘I would describe her in a nutshell, she’s about as liberal and earthy as you get,’ said the 30-year-old. ‘She was about as hippy-dippy as they come.’

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2808175/New-York-Ebola-patient-Dr-Craig-Spencer-receives-blood-transfusion-survivor-Nancy-Writebol.html#ixzz3HEV7qezb
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      Liberals are taught from childhood that their supposed moral superiority gives them natural authority over everyone, even the leaders of the nonwhite nations, whose people they claim as our equals. Do they not see the contradiction?

      Cultural Marxism as taught in the colleges leads them to homosexuality, casual sex, abortion and substance abuse, which in turn produces extreme anxiety. To assuage this anxiety and guilt, they turn to third-world do-gooder projects.

      Another factor is unemployment; a stint overseas on a do-gooder project (for which they often pay “tuition”) is a way to fill an empty resume with something that sounds professional.

    14. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Since Mary mentioned the United Way I should note that the annual UW drive is underway at my employer. The brochure shows blond, Nordic children with the implication that your donation will be used to help angel faced white kids while in reality that is a lie as white donations will be directed to subsidize the muds and their roach like breeding habits.

      Of course, many whites are so decadent and anti-racist that they would be overjoyed to assist the offspring of their biological enemies at the expense of white children.

    15. fd Says:

      United Way funds anti-gun groups, abortion and no telling what else.

    16. Mary O Says:

      Not much info on this case, but article states that the disease was contracted in the US. This victim is therefore not some traveler or very recent immigrant.
      Likely could be a healthcare worker.


      Hospital officials say the patient will be in isolation until it is determined whether the patient has the virus.

      According to an updated statement released Sunday afternoon, the patient is in stable condition and an ‘alternate primary diagnosis has been established.’ This means that the patient could have an illness with symptoms similar to that of the Ebola virus.

      Could be Marburg.

    17. Mary O Says:

      “Doctors without Borders” is a Soros front. This outfit told its employee, Dr. Spencer, that no precautions against the disease need be taken on his arrival in NYC. The small businesses which lost money due to the ebola concerns in NYC should sue both Doctors without Borders, Soros and the doctor himself. Ordinarily the courts are all stacked in favor of Soros, however individual judges (including nonwhites) may oppose import of ebola and other diseases into the US. The small NYC businesses could possibly win big.

    18. Mary O Says:

      On another board, a poster speculated that ebola from perspiration could survive for 4 days within the holes of a bowling ball. Since we know that the virus can survive for 4 hours exposed on a dry surface, his estimate seems reasonable. So ebola can probably also survive for days in any small crack or cranny on a train, taxi, bus or other public convenience.

      How strange it is that well-educated people, even doctors, seem to miss this fact, while others who don’t seem to have any intensive scientific background grasp it immediately.

      Also, the authorities don’t seem to grasp the concept of probability. The odds of getting ebola from sitting next to an infectious person on a bus may be small, but given a huge number of such exposures eventually some people will get contract ebola through that means. Say the probability is 1%; 2000 such exposures would yield an expectation of 20 cases of the illness. So even a tiny probability should be taken as a serious threat to public health.

    19. Sean Gruber Says:

      Mary O wrote

      “How strange it is that well-educated people, even doctors, seem to miss this fact, while others who don’t seem to have any intensive scientific background grasp it immediately.”

      It isn’t extraordinary. Well-educated people, especially these days, worship status/credentials/power over facts. Thus, if one of their “guild” (to use one of Alex’s very apt terms) declares a priori that Ebola isn’t readily contagious, or that blacks are civilizable, or that the moon is made of green cheese, then that *becomes reality* in their minds. It becomes a plank of the Cathedral, the elite religion; this explains why apparent demonstrations of the faith, such as Obama’s photo op with Pham while he hugs her, are more important to the “well-educated” than actual scientific reasoning is. They think that this hug constitutes “scientific reasoning” because it expresses the official line of the big shots of the Science Guild.

      It’s a priesthood of self-worshiping fantasists.

      Also, Obama is guilty as charged of wanting to destroy America. One of the several motives behind his administration’s bizarre resistance to travel restrictions is precisely that desire. Note how evasive and unconvincing the “reasoning” behind that resistance is: he is even putting pressure on states *not to quarantine* suspected Ebola sufferers, arguing that quarantines spread disease somehow.

      One thing is for sure. Jews will never support travel restrictions. Of any kind. Ever. (Except when it comes to Israel.) They are the ultimate destroyers.

    20. Mary O Says:

      To SG, I agree. The authorities are behaving like members of a religious cult.
      They are adhering to dogma, and not considering that we don’t know very much about this virus at all.

    21. Howdy Doody Says:

      98% of the White Rotarian/merchant class sneer at US, they are no better than any leftist.evanjellycultists, and they support the the regime to hilt.

      The media keeps us brain rinsed, and half of our race are flat out numb skulls, better make that 70%.


    22. Mary O Says:


      In the (undated) photo, the nurse looks sick. She has reddish eyes, a major indicator of ebola, and an odd expression on her face as if she knew something terrible had happened but had to fake a smile for the camera.

      She obtained a Jewish lawyer who doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of 21 day incubation period (although the true period per WHO is 42 days and sometimes more). The blood test is not conclusive until she is out of the incubation period.

      Siegel is the former head of the New York Civil Liberties Union. He said he is challenging the new rule on Ms Hickox’s behalf, and will be filing paperwork in New Jersey federal court later this week. .

      ‘Her temperature’s 98.6. They took her blood and it’s negative for Ebola. So I don’t think they meet the requirements to confine her. And she wants out,’ he added to the New York Daily News. ‘You can’t have a policy based on fear. It’s got to be based on medical fact.’

      [Siegel is saying the right thing, but advocating for the opposite.]

      Mr Siegel says the governor needs to prove that there is a compelling public health reason to keep Ms Hickox in isolation for three weeks against her will.

      75% mortality is not a compelling reason?

      In Preston’s book, “The Hot Zone” he describes a young African nurse named Mayinga going into complete denial over the possibility that she has ebola. This refusal to accept the truth is part of the reason that the illness spreads so quickly, because having seen people die in such a dreadful manner, caretakers just cannot face the fact that they too are sick.

      Maybe like Mayinga, this nurse knows she has the virus, but can’t face the facts.

      10% of all healthcare workers who treat ebola, then die of ebola. The fed-guv says that a quarantine would discourage Americans from going over there. Why should we not discourage them, when they have a significant chance of dying over there?

      New York Mayor Bill De Blasio called her treatment ‘inappropriate’ at a press conference.

      ‘The problem here is that this hero coming back from the front, having done the right thing, was treated with disrespect and was treated as if she had done something wrong when she hadn’t,’ Mayor de Blasio said. ‘We owe her better than that.’

      And Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, called the new quarantine rules in New York, New Jersey and Illinois ‘Draconian’.

      ‘I don’t want to be directly criticizing the decision that was made but we have to be careful that there are unintended consequences,’ Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told NBC’s ‘Meet the Press.’

      ‘The best way to stop this epidemic is to help the people in West Africa, we do that by sending people over there, not only from the U.S.A. but from other places,’ said Fauci.

      Fauci and others claim that we should send people there, but to do what?

      Pictures of what our troops are constructing look like concentration camps complete with barbed wire fences.

      Now someone could argue that if the victims are isolated into camps that would protect the Africans who are still healthy.

      But are we not depriving these foreigners of every civil right?

      First, we are going to arrest the sick; then force them into a camp. Then what? Are US soldiers going to shoot them as they climb the fences screaming to get out?

      Will family and friends visit the victims through the fence; thereby making themselves sick anyway? How could you prevent that situation?

      And, what if even amid this horror show, we do not obtain any significant results? At what point would we pack up and go home?

    23. Mary O Says:

      Now Cuomo has changed his mind. The healthcare workers exposed to ebola will be quarantined on an honor system:

      Under the new New York guidelines, medical professionals who have had contact with Ebola patients can now be quarantined at home instead and receive twice-daily monitoring, if they have no symptoms.

      Family members will be allowed to stay, and friends may also visit with the approval of health officials

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2808178/Cuomo-Ebola-quarantine-hard-enforce.html#ixzz3HJqPyieV
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

      Next we are going to see a FB picture of Spencer’s little wifey in a Starbuck’s laughing at us.

      Cuomo had criticized Dr. Craig Spencer, who tested positive for Ebola on Thursday, for not obeying a 21-day voluntary quarantine. But on Sunday, he called the health care workers ‘heroes’ and said his administration would encourage more medical workers to volunteer to fight Ebola.

      The general public does not regard these people as heroes, but rather more as threats to their health, if not their lives.

      And, encouraging Americans to go over there is just plain stupid.

      Meanwhile, Kaci Hickox, the first nurse forcibly quarantined in New Jersey under the state’s new policy, said her isolation at a hospital was ‘inhumane,’ adding: ‘We have to be very careful about letting politicians make health decisions.’

      Public health care policy is by definition made by politicians. This airhead is now a supposed expert.

      A tyranny of hipsters!

    24. Mary O Says:

      How poorly trained this Kaci Hickox is as a nurse! She doesn’t seem to have had the vaguest clue of what a virus really is, or how to protect the public from an epidemic.

      Similarly, early this summer I asked a professional public health nurse what she thought about ebola, and she hadn’t a clue. She hadn’t even heard of it.

      And, this Dr. Spencer of course seems stupid.

      Growing up in a small city seemed to me that doctors were always respected as men of science, and nurses for their patience and skill; but now we are left with a bunch of jokers who just managed to get themselves a relatively high-paying secure job based on their high-level of Pollyanna pc. They don’t have any real dedication or interest in the public health or medicine at all.

      The government dumbed these programs down quite a bit to push the immigrants through. Now we see the result: insincere, careless, stupid practitioners of “medicine.”

      If they can’t be trusted to understand the concept of “quarantine,” then what can they be trusted with?

      Kaci looks White, but she shaved off her eyebrows to resemble like a Latina thug, and her hair is a big greasy mess.


    25. Mary O Says:


      The above picture demonstrates the source of the problem: note how this stupid woman seems to be getting high from the imaginary vision of herself as a saint through other people’s eyes.

      Note also the indifference of the natives which makes her “sacrifice” all the more supposedly noble. She does not engage with them, they are just like barnyard animals, mere props.

      She is dreaming of who will play the part of herself in the movie version of her life.

      Other races don’t seem to have this attitude. Asians do have concept of honor and virtue but it’s more about serving their family, group or national interest.

    26. Mary O Says:

      To Sean Gruber, Thank you very much for your compliment on my posts in the regular forum.

    27. Mary O Says:

      ‘We’re confident that selfless health workers who were brave enough to care for Ebola patients in a foreign country will be willing to take reasonable steps to protect residents of their own country.

      ‘However we are willing to pursue legal authority if necessary to ensure risk is minimized for Mainers.’

      At present, Maine quarantines ‘high-risk’ people who have had contact with Ebola patients while others who have been to the Ebola ‘hot zone’ countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, will be monitored.

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2812282/Nurse-no-Ebola-symptoms-told-stay-quarantined-home-Maine-insists-not-bullied.html#ixzz3HYKWcb7U
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

      Brave? Selfless? How about pathetic?

      The thermometer wasn’t working? A nurse should know that sometimes that happens; a thermometer can be inaccurate. So you take the temperature again, as many times as needed, to get a reading the doctor thinks is reasonably sure. A nurse should know it’s all just routine ….

      UNLESS she thinks she has ebola, and like Mayinga can’t face the truth.

      [With Governor Christie’s urgency, and refusal to back down, my own suspicion is that the physicians involved may have expressed an opinion that she does have the illness. Wouldn’t it be funny if Siegel caught ebola from her? ]

      The lawyer keeps repeating that she wasn’t showing any symptoms at the time she was first quarantined or since then, but what part of the phrase “incubation period” does he find so unfathomable?

      A nurse who has been quarantined despite having no Ebola symptoms declared today that she will not be bullied by ‘appalling’ confinement rules and plans to fight for her freedom if restrictions are not lifted by Thursday.

      Kaci Hickox, 33, said her lawyer will go to court in Maine on Thursday to demand that authorities lift the 21-day quarantine placed on her at her Fort Kent home as she is in ‘perfectly good health’.

      She told Today: ‘I don’t plan on sticking to the guidelines. I am not going to sit around and be bullied by politicians and forced to stay in my home when I am not a risk to the American public.’

      So what’s she going to do? Travel about Maine? Instead of staying home for what? 14 more days. Most professionals would welcome a couple weeks to relax and catch up on their reading or hobbies at home.

      Who is bullying who in this situation? She is bullying us.

      Kaci has gotten a huge negative response from the public. She probably never expected such a reaction against her. Sounds like she is out for revenge on us for not worshipping her as some kind of saint.

      Maybe that’s what draws her to the third world: she needs to have all these helpless people totally looking up to her 100% of the time as the Great White Mother, the angel in nurse form.

      That situation puts her in the position of total power; esp. compared to an American patient who might ask questions, or criticize her skills.

      Or ask her the crucial question: how did any of her efforts actually help the situation in West Africa?

    28. Mary O Says:


      Photo taken 10/29/14.

      Kaci’s face has no emotional affect.

      Note the abnormal dilation in her pupils.

      The pupil of her left eye is dilated much more than the pupil of her right eye.

      Both pupils are highly dilated even apparently looking into the light.

      Abnormal pupil dilation can be a sign of stroke.

      (And, other illnesses, of course).

      Strokes are what ebola causes; as the bloods massively clots, all the major organs of the body suffer strokes.

      Not discussed in the media is whether the recently “cured” patients will suffer lasting disability due to these strokes.

      Because the regular clotting mechanism is disrupted, any minor cut or pin prick can cause uncontrollable bleeding. The blood will flow out of the body like water from a pricked balloon.

      Preston in “The Hot Zone” also reports that patients typically undergo a personality change early in the progress of the disease; becoming sullen, angry and resentful, and losing memory.

      Dr. Spencer reportedly had difficulty remembering all the places he had recently visited in NYC.

      Preston also mentions that these type of viruses can cause psychotic episodes, due mainly to the strokes to the brain.

      The body itself may seem to be held stiff and rigid ( just as Kacy seems very stiff in the picture), as if the victim feels vulnerable to internal rupture.

      Victims lose their personalities, and become like automatons. Kaci almost seems like an automaton in her refusal to express concern for the public’s safety and feelings.

      Possibly the combined effect of denial and small strokes is making these healthcare workers belligerent, and causing their erratic behavior?

      We are supposedly going to trust these possibly infected healthcare workers to judge their own condition objectively, and take reasonable precautions.

      Is it possible that ebola quickly destroys their judgment itself?

      Their lack of cooperation may be a key indicator that they have the disease.