22 October, 2014

Video About Manhood and Feminism

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It makes some good points. [Video]. More [Here].

  • 6 Responses to “Video About Manhood and Feminism”

    1. Walter Says:

      Women are still not worth it because you can do all that then be taken to family court anyway and lose at least half of everything you got. Women are the ones that are outdated and Neanderthal in their thinking.

    2. Walter Says:

      I prefer the sharia Muslim way where women are virgins at marriage. Enough of this getting laid by alpha males crap (few males having sex with many women where all women have some sex and few men have sex with many women and the rest of the men get nothing. In reality polygamy is oppressive more on men than it is on women where the women at least get married and then most men are left without a spouse. It’s all based more and more on animal instincts and it is wrong.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      I should have thought these two videos would promote a great deal of commentary, but such is not the case.

      Women are not necessarily drawn to a man just because he has a flashy car or a lot of dough. I have seen a lot of attractive girls clinging like seaweed to men who have nothing…no car, no job, no regular address. But yet there’s something about those bums that many women cannot resist. What is it?

    4. fd Says:

      Good observation, Tim McGreen. Girls clinging to the bums you described might be attracted to simplicity and honesty. There is no fa├žade. What you see is what you get. And there is always room for improvement.

    5. Walter Says:

      To Tim McGreen
      From my observation and experience men like that, the bums are easy to manipulate and boss around. That’s why they pick them. They can do what they want and not have to worry about answering about themselves.

    6. Walter Says:

      I seen too that they try to fix them because they know what’s best for them, these I like the best because rarely do these men change and then these women are stuck with the jerk.