25 November, 2014

A Big Chimp-Out in Ferguson, Missouri

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(Above: a looter takes a break in Ferguson)

The Blacks had an opportunity to show the world that they aren’t always violent thugs by not burning and looting Ferguson. Of course, they burned and looted anyway because that’s what negroes do.


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    1. Howdy Doody Says:

      This link shows something that only White’s would do World Wide.

      White leftist, brain rinsed PBS disciples are so damaged they are not worth thinking about, because Congoids could murder their whole family and in court they would hug the savage’s family and walk that night with a candle up their ass. These types are White’s are not even the radical anti White’s who blame nig on White rape on White oppression on Cooliege campuses either.

      Brain rinsed ignorant White’s White’s are hopeless at this late date as they celibate their own demise based on lies. This is the price a race with out leaders.


      Africa Adddio 1964 was kept from the White public and never shown, as their agenda was under way.

    2. Joe Says:

      I almost wish whites would “chimp out” en masse every time a black killed an innocent white. Of course, the riots and melees would be unending. All I hear are crickets. (I know… bad comparison because Brown was not innocent.)

    3. fd Says:

      I’m the devil’s advocate. Had a White man been shot to death under the same circumstances members of his race would do nothing other than fill their bellies with pudding — roll over and slumber. You have to show some heart and force the facts to the surface. The grand jury, cops and Negroes are criminals. Cops are whores for ZOG.

      The Ferguson cop would have shot a White man 6 times with equal enthusiasm.

    4. fd Says:

      I profess the famous Ferguson cop will get a divorce inside the first 4 years of marriage.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Believe it or not, there are a few colored people who actually agree with Officer Wilson’s actions. But the Kike-Kahntrolled media will NEVER let us hear from them! No doubt Uncle Shmuley is rubbing his claws with glee over all the anti-White agitation he’s whipping up among the Negroes. And he knows that Whitey is going to keep quiet, mostly out of fear of being called a racist by the Jewsmedia if he fights back.

      Imagine if we dealt with those uppity niggers the same way the Jews in “Israel” deal with the Palestinians whenever they fight back against the illegal Zionist occupation of their land. Imagine how outraged the Jews would be, how they would be condemning American law enforcement for racism and brutality, even though those same Jews are dead silent when the Israeli Death Force massacres thousands of innocent Palestinian women and children as punishment for the actions of a few rock-throwers.

      Now imagine, if you can, the Jews writhing around in agony on wooden crosses planted in front of their burning synagogues and Federal Reserve banks. Thousands upon thousands of crucified Jews getting their eyeballs picked out of their skulls by hungry crows. Wow, that would be TOTALLY AWESOME.

    6. Antagonistes Says:

      This is a bit off-subject, but I received missive from certain sources, and was asked to submit it to VNN:

      We, the undersigned, ask respectfully that the works of Antagonistes regarding the meeting of Tim McGreen with Big Jim Jesus, as illustrated by the photo of two of Big Jim Jesus’ wives, as noted here


      be given a serial run on VNN, much in the manner of a “comic book”, although we consider the events reported to be truthful, and verifiable history, not fiction.


      Thom McQueen
      Elisha Alfred Strom
      Big Jim Jesus
      Jill Mustang
      New America
      Rob Zombie

      I am flattered by this request. Whether VNN acts on it, or not, I am still flattered and will report these events to the best of my abilities.

      Sorry, guys, if they are not on the first page. Beyond my control.



    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Nice work, Ant. Once again you’ve brought the conversation to a dead halt with your trollish nonsense. But I said what I had to say before you could screw it up. You’ll have to be faster on the draw next time, you schmuck.

    8. Cormac Says:

      Whaddaya mean “that’s what negroes do” ?


      That’s just a very small sample…

    9. fd Says:

      Old Southern joke: He took off running like a nigger after he stole a hubcap. That’s what Brown should have done.

      A city cop and a Federal cop are the same to me: ‘Workin’ for the man every night and day.’