11 November, 2014

Once Again, the Jews Are Denying That Race Exists

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(Above: a Jew posing as a gentile: it’s “Ashley Montagu”)

“There is no inherent relationship between intelligence, law-abidingness, or economic practices and race…”

If you believe that, I’ve got some swamp land to sell you. Why did Sussman mention the old, bogus UNESCO race statement, which was created by Jews, including the fraudulent “scientist” Ashley Montagu (who changed his name twice)? Montagu wasn’t a real anthropologist (he was a cultural anthropologist and not a physical anthropologist) [1]. Notice the mention of another Jewish fraud, Franz Boas, whose work was recently exposed as bogus. Questions: if race doesn’t exist, why do Blacks have longer shin bones (tibia), smaller rib cages and different molars than Whites? Those physical differences must be just social or cultural constructs, huh?

[Extract from New Book].

[1] Montagu was born Israel Ehrenberg, then he renamed himself “Montague Francis Ashley-Montagu” in an effort to sound aristocratic, and then he renamed himself again, becoming just “Ashley Montagu”

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    1. Gandolf Says:

      He’s a typical rat faced Bolshevik in tune with the Bolshevik nation wrecking agenda. Niggers are a bottom of the barrel race. I’ve witnessed over 50 autopsy’s involving Niggers and every Nigger brain was at least 30% smaller than Aryan brains.


    2. Joey Says:

      Thanks for another good teaching lesson about Jewish treachery, Mr. Linder.

    3. Mary O Says:

      There is no inherent relationship between intelligence, law- abidingness, or economic practices and race, just as there is no relationship between nose size, height, blood group, or skin color and any set of complex human behaviors.

      The writing style suggests that the author thinks we are all 12 yo.

      The writer makes up the awkward construct “law-abidingness” to avoid having to say its opposite, criminality, which unfortunately is linked to race per FBI stats.

      “Economic practices”?

      Not much attention is given to economic practices among different races. All modern cultures use currency. Whites also use barter at times, and we assume that such barters are not substantially different than the type that occur in Asia, Africa and other parts of the world today.

      All human societies are innately capitalist, in the sense that we compete to sell and exchange goods and services, and we wish to make a profit. A healthy competition promotes innovation, and helps the society advance. Communism has to be forced on people.

      So WHO exactly is arguing that economic practices are determined by race?

      Why bother to refute an argument that has never been made?

      Or is the author afraid that we just might say that economic practices are genetically determined? Is he trying control the discussion by pre-empting us.

      Of course, becoming the Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank — for some reason — requires being Jewish.

      It is very difficult to tell what our particular genetic background is over human historic time. We humans are more similar to each other as a group than we are to one another within any particular racial or genetic category. Many anthropological books have been written to explain this phenomenon.

      “Many anthropological books …” The community college crowd may find him persuasive.

      The statement makes no sense. For example, an Irishman is more similar to the human race as a whole — in all its extreme diversity — than he is to other Irishmen?

      Claim: We are more similar to the group of all human beings than we are to ANY genetic category.

      A “genetic category” could be all the descendents of any one of my own great great-grandfathers. Those sets of people would not resemble a representative sample of the world’s races at all. Even if racial interbreeding occurred within these sets, the number of such occurrences would be low, and the probability that any of the sets would be “world-like” [that is, 18% Chinese phenotype, 18% Asian Indian phenotype, 18% Black phenotype, 38% other racial/ethnic phenotype, and only 8% White phenotype] would be negligible.

      The author is falsely assuming that humans form social relationships with any other humans on planet earth with equal likelihood, and then reproduce at random.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Let’s remember, all the churches are also deep in the race denial business.

    5. Thom McQueen Says:

      Real people will not belive this blather.

      Churches, yes, the sombitches are in on it. I left the church when it turned against South Africa.

      Le Pen ofFrance will lead the way. Those sombitches are getting tired of this malarkey, and they are capable of going off, bigtime.


    6. fd Says:

      I never give consideration to Jew speak. Mr. Montagu doesn’t know about the race war at my Texas high school, nor did he experience the civil rights wars that exploded the South. The Klan beat a White protestant preacher in the street for trying to enroll Negro students at a public school in Tennessee.

      The Jew boys have removed racist Carleton Steven Coon from encyclopedias. Mister C. understood that cultures are driven by race, not environment.

    7. Robert Cardillo Says:

      All I have to do is look at them and see their behavour, to know that they are not like us. So piss off you fucking kike MontaJEW!!!

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      B-but Dr. Montagu looks so distinguished, so professorial, with his white hair, tortoise-shell glasses, the skull in his hand and the bookshelf in the background! Isn’t all of that enough to convince the gentiles that he knows what he’s talking about?

      Yes, you could argue that anthropologists and forensic investigators can easily determine the race of an individual based on a skull, a dental sample, skeletal remains and DNA, that different groups of humans evolve differently and at different rates, that IQ tests have no inherent cultural biases built into them and all the rest.

      But what good is any of that if you are arguing with a Jew? First of all the Jew will never permit himself to get into a vulnerable position where he must defend his argument against irrefutable facts. Secondly, Jews have developed rhetorical skills that make arguing with them all but impossible anyway. Those skills doubtless evolved as a result of dishonest Jew merchants haggling with customers in middle-eastern bazzaars over the price of goats, camels and slaves in ancient times.

      So why knock your head against the wall? The Jew is the most stubbornly consistent and predictable creature there is. He never changes, his tactics and his mentality never change. Facts and evidence are of no interest to him, the truth does not enlighten him.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Nice try, “Doctor Montagu”, but your professorial appearance and props do not a convincing argument make. As we all know any police forensics investigator or anthropologist can easily determine an individual’s race, sex and age based on skeletal remains and DNA. And no matter how hard the liberals try to explain away or adjust for the glaring differences in racially-based intelligence tests those tests always show the exact same results, viz., that Negroes and Aborigines score at the bottom and that Whites and Orientals score at the top.

      The Jews know damn well that race exists -after all, they consider themselves to be the “mater” or “chosen” race- but they have such a low opinion of us goyim that they really think they can fool us into believing otherwise.

      BTW, today is Charles Manson’s 80th birthday.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Master” race, that is…..Master race, not “mater” race. Thank you for your patience in this mater.

    11. fd Says:

      The Jew is Picture Perfect. The international chameleon practicing the art of deception. Holding skull in hand is symbolic of the Jewish assault on the world.

      ‘Mister Jew, what is your name’……Well, in New York city it’s David Greenberg, but down in Cut and Shoot, Texas it’s David Green.’

    12. Antagonistes Says:

      And now ladies and gentlemen, Ashley Montagu will take questions from the audience.

      Ashley: “With a stiff upper lip! Hip, hip!”

      (audience laughter)

      Alfred Storm: “Dr. Montagu, is Israel a Jewish state?”

      Ashley: (in cultured tones)”Of course, my dear fellow, but that is not the
      subject of this lecture.”

      Alfred Storm: “Well, I think it is. So, if a person is a Jew, then he is
      welcome in Israel?”

      Ashley: “I don’t understand where you are going with this. Next question!”

      Alfred Storm: “There is only this question, Sir (audience murmurs
      approval). Since the black Ethiopians are Jews, and there
      is no such thing as race, why were they singled out to be
      kicked out of Israel?”

      Ashley: “Tut, tut. No one was singled out. There was a crime situation,
      my dear boy. Criminals were expelled; that’s all. It had
      nothing to do with race.”

      Alfred Storm: “Then it is strange that all the criminals were black, and
      that all the blacks were criminals.”

      (outright audience applause and enncouraging sounds)

      Ashley: “Perhaps it is a strange world.” (a hint of Brooklyn accent has
      intruded into Montagu’s cultured intonations)

      Alfred Storm: “Perhaps we in America have also noticed a correlation
      between race and crime. Yet you people have condemned
      us for it.”

      Ashley: “What do you mean by ‘you people’, my dear fellow? And scholars
      all agree that you Americans are racist.”

      Alfred Storm: “We all know that you are a Jew, Ehrenberg. And we all
      know that you people have one standard for your-
      selves and another standard for us goyim. And as
      concerns your ‘scholars’—they are all Jews like your-
      self, or Leftists, which are largely controlled by

      Ashley: (smiting himself repeatedly on the forehead) “Ladies and gentle-
      men, we have here a living demonstration of White Privilege.”
      (all traces of cultured English tonality are gone; he speaks in
      Brooklyn accents now)

      Alfred Storm: “Another Jewish con. Another attempt to degrade the White

      Ashley: ” . . . which does not exist. There is no such thing as race.”

      Alfred Storm: “Then there can be no White people or ‘White Privilege’.”

      (audience erupts in wild applause ; Ehrenberg rolls about on stage, chewing the carpet. )

      Jewish producer shouts: “Cut! Cut! Go to a commercial! I said ‘Cut’ ,
      you goddamn nigger!”

      “Ain’t no such thing as us niggas, boss!” says the cameraman, laughing.

      “Oi, vey!” shout Ehrenberg and the producer, in unison.

      Producer: “Studio guards! Arrest that White man and also that nigger

      Studio guards: “Who are you talking about? We don’t see White and
      black. As you say, there is no such thing as race!”

      Alfred Storm leads everyone in a rousing chorus of “Finlandia.”

    13. Sean Gruber Says:

      Jews never tell the truth. When pressured, they may tell part of the truth if it can serve some aspect of their nation-wrecking purpose.

    14. Mary O Says:

      Secondly, Jews have developed rhetorical skills that make arguing with them all but impossible anyway.

      Is their rhetoric great? They tend to be cloyingly sentimental and ethnically self-absorbed. Their writers may sell well for a time, but they don’t endure. Saul Bellows, Erica Jong, Philip Roth, Joseph Heller, Neil Simon? Even Jews don’t read them anymore, but they were top-selling authors in the 70s.

      They never get it right.

      [An exception: Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller.]

      The problem for them is that they actually see art and literature as a waste of time. They hi-jack culture as a way to steer their political agenda. To them, no work of art is for art’s sake; art is for the left’s sake only.

      Rock is for the left’s sake, too.

      Bob Dylan. Patty Smith. Simon & Garfunkel.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      You make some very good observations, Mary O. I cannot think of any Jewish writer whose work will endure for centuries, like Plato and Shakespeare have. However, “Catch 22” was quite good, as was “Goodbye Columbus” and Saul Bellow’s first novel “Dangling Man”. The music of Bob Dylan and Felix Mendelsohn will probably, and deservedly, be enjoyed for quite some time to come. Neil Diamond, Burt Bacharach and Leonard Cohen are also talented. So we must give credit where it is due. Such is the Aryan way.

      Gene Simmons is certainly no leftie. If you listen to his interviews you’d probably agree with just about everything he says, except for the pro-Zionist crap.

      I didn’t know Patti Smith was Jewish? You are referring to the “poetess of punk” who, along with the Patti Smith Group, recorded great albums like “Easter” and “Horses”, right?

    16. fd Says:

      Simon & Garfunkel produced good music too. Carol King also has a good reputation as a singer/songwriter. Carly Simon…? She had one hit song. Maybe the Jews over promoted her.

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      Franz Kafka is another Jewish writer of note. I think people will be reading his stories for a very long time to come. He had an extraordinary ability to write about surreal, dreamlike things with precision and clarity.

      “Put it in your pantry with your cupcakes……..”

    18. Howdy Doody Says:

      Bob Dylan, in a White World Nation where we arrested tried, and deported those that did not get hung after trials for war promotion against US in 1941, would have never been heard from ! Fact says me.

      Yes, if American First, and Silver League along with Congress had known just the facts in ( DAY OF DECEIT) 1999 by Robert Stinnet FDR and his secret Cabal would have been arrested all them, and England would have shut up and and gone back to fish and chips and Uncle Wolf would have crushed the kikes who stole Russia and called it the USSR that murdered 60 White Russian’s before WW 2, really nice folks, not.

      Pearl Harbor and WW 2 was crime, a crime, treason, and more treason.

      Hollywood media helped with adulation bs to keep US fooled in the majority and the cold war was to keep US from focusing the kikes, just like Vietnam the hot war was to keep US quieted down on a full blown radical race war in 1965.

      Read Dr. Edwin M. Wright his last state to US which is still at the Truman Library. org

      Nothing needs to be removed because no reads.

      Though it is interesting that Jimmy Carter was hammered and mikey savage called in a SOB on year anti kike etc. in July 06, and old Jimmy had to go to Brandeis University to apologize for ONE paragraph in his book about the pals. The kikes do believe their own fanatical lies.

    19. Cliff Says:

      The “human race” refers to our species, (homo sapiens sapiens). Various phenotypes exist – most obvious are differing skin colors – and we have come to refer to these as “races”. But we are all human; we can all breed. And no, different phenotypes do not evolve at different rates; genetic mutation rates are the same for all, a biological constant. What does differ are the environmental factors that necessitate the survival of certain mutations that prove advantagious, e.g. a dark skin for strong sunlight. As man originated in the Olduvai Gorge of present day Tanzania, all our ancestors would have had dark skin, and only Man’s arrival in sun-starved northern European latitudes led to a lightening of the skin. If white people stay for long enough in the sunniest parts of the USA, evolution will eventually determine that the skin of our descendents becomes gradually darker.

      An alternative theory is that in the technologically advanced west, it is no longer the fittest (best fitted to their environment) who survive, but those with access to modern medicine and technology. This leads to even the least genetically fit among us surviving to have offspring, thereby halting evolution in its tracks. Whereas in those regions we refer to as the 3rd World, this technology and medical care doesn’t exist and so evolution is still driven by the necessity of survival. In other words, the people of these regions will soon overtake us in fitness and become physically superior in every way; maybe one day far in the future even becoming a separate race.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      Cliff, I understand your argument, even though all that talk about phenotypes, genotypes and haplotypes quickly becomes “Greek” to me. I’m just saying that….Wait, what am I saying? What I’m saying is that sub-Saharan Negroes have more genetically in common with the Bonobo than they do with humans from Scandinavia. And I doubt the noble Eskimo of Alaska and Siberia will ever evolve into a Nordic Aryan, just because the Eskimo lives in a sunlight-deprived environment. Eskimos are an aboriginal group of Mongols, therefore they have no direct evolutionary connection with White Europeans or African Negroes.

      When trying to support an argument about human evolution one must be careful about relying too heavily on certain buzz-words like “race”, “species” and “subspecies”. Those are all man-made concepts used to try and make sense of nature. But nature is gonna do what she’s gonna do, regardless of man’s ability or inability to understand it. You dig?

      And has it been proven beyond all doubt that ALL human primates originated in the Olduvai Gorge? Maybe some came from there and others came from the Caucuses, or from some river valley in Manchuria? Unless I am gravely mistaken the bones of early human primates that are at least 1 million years old have been discovered around the Black Sea and southern Russia. Surely not every life-form that ever existed had its origins in Darkest Africa?

      As you can probably tell I get a little peevish when I haven’t had my supper yet.

    21. Cliff Says:

      There is always doubt about ancient origins – human fossil remains are extremely rare. And there were definitely sub-species of human around a million years ago. But modern humans like us (we displaced or absorbed existing populations) can trace our origins through mitochondrial DNA back to a tiny group of Africans who began to spread out across the world about 100,000 years ago.

      And there is no doubt you and I have approximately 70% of the genome of a banana and 97% of a bonobo, but – as near as makes no difference – our genes are 100% identical to any other people on earth. I’m all for free speech (in my quaintly English way I would fight for it) but I worry about this site (which I stumbled across a few weeks ago) and the kind of crackpot-on-the-edge-of-doing-violence-to-people-who-look-different-from-us that it attracts.

    22. Cliff Says:

      By the way, the term Aryan (when correctly used) refers to a proto-Sanskrit speaking population of northern India.

    23. Howdy Doody Says:

      Jump off a cliff, thank you.

      Letter’s And Note’s On North American Indian’s. 1839

      He and earlier with Lewis and Clark they could not fathom how White’s were living in the upper MO.

      You nutz are attacking every White community, Nation period.

      Terror and harassment of White’s is job one with constant war and open border invasion’s of every Nation in the West.

      NKVD forces loves VNN


      Please enjoy.


    24. Cliff Says:

      My forefathers were English and therefore guilty of raping the world.

      Thanks for engaging, Howdy. Can’t say I really understand, but God bless you and your apostrophes.

    25. fd Says:

      “. . . our genes are 100% identical to any other people on earth.”

      I don’t think so. The Negro with bushy hair, broad nose, protruding jaw, everted lips, black skin and animal smell repulses my dna make-up. Phenotype and genotype of any person is a direct result of dna.

      Anthropologists define race mixing as gene altering. That doesn’t sound good to me.

      Aryan means ‘noble’ in Sanskrit.

      The Romans named the ‘dark continent’ Africa. The out of Africa theory means what? The land mass of White origin could be anywhere. It doesn’t mean there was a Negro in the wood pile. White separation is a law of nature, especially in Mississippi :)

    26. Cliff Says:

      fd you are clearly an intelligent person and you’re perfectly entitled to be repulsed by anything you choose. Yes, race mixing is gene altering and often leads to ‘hybrid vigor’ – not necessarily a bad thing (hence the success of mixed-race athletes). The inverse of this, if taken to extremes, is genetic damage and disease caused by the inbreeding of small populations – not necessarily a good thing.

      The human genome is so vast (over 30,000 genes of which at least 6,000 exist in different versions or ‘alleles’) that a single percentage point represents huge possible differences in physiology. Our outward appearance can be radically altered by the expression of a single mutation to one part of one gene. So talk of percentages can be very misleading.

      White people (and, obviously, black people) have only been in America for a very short time. Our physiology shows that we belong in the northern latitudes of Europe. We are conquering invaders.

    27. fd Says:

      Cliff, I agree with your words for the most part. But I never bought into ‘racial vigor.’ To me, it’s a catch phrase for anti-Whites.

      The Finn/Lapps TAT-C controversy is interesting, not to be confused with the ol’ Southern Review


      “An admixture of two unequal races is therefore a cancer, an unpardonable sin against mankind and against nature, which has launched an ever flaming curse on all such connections; inasmuch as she lets the mongrels invariably inherit all the vices and evil traits of both races and rarely, or never, any of the good. Nature absolutely disallows the adulteration of blood; and herein she shows herself to be an aristocrat of the purest water. Every violation of these laws she visits in the most condign and pitiless manner.”

    28. Howdy Doody Says:


      Sadly it was WHITE men who fought the Japanese full frontal combat around the clock in most operations in the Pacific, also very sad, because they were never our enemies, it was high treason by FDR and his NYC CABAL.

      Point is spics, mixed bags of mud shit, fruits etc., would not have made it out those Islands alive. Such, a tragedy that so many good men, died for nothing, with no children. All A-1’s good eyes, I.Q. drafted.

      We fed, and built Stalin up with Averil Harriman sent over to build the criminal USSR factories, and we used the sweat and wealth of WHITE NORTH AMERICA to flatten Europe defending themselves.

      Look around US now, this is our reward for defeating the enemy aliens, enemy in 1945.

      Day of Deceit, 1999, Stinnet USN. R. Captain. R.I.P.

      Flying Tigers, Chanault also breaking the laws of this them, but fully supported the thug regime installed from NYC.

    29. Howdy Doody Says:


      Genetic mugshot recreates faces from nothing but DNA


      There you go.

    30. Howdy Doody Says:

      Ashley Montagu’ AKA kike, had a book out in 1977 from memory, I read that early pc pack of lie’s. “The Nature Of Aggression” if I got that right, I will check amazon.

      The propaganda is like being prescribed to student/dummies today, nothing surprise’s me.

      Found the book in new arrivals at the library, and it was well anti White garbage to make us defenseless and foolish.


      Its popping !


    31. Howdy Doody Says:


      AHHAAA, hard cover’s from one cent.

      One review mention’s keeping OUR population low, yeah exactly, but only Whitey, haaa.

      Such nice folks.