18 November, 2014

Speaking of Karl Marx…

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…Newbies should take note of an important detail about Marxism: it was designed to wreck White countries. It wasn’t intended to end up in China or North Korea like it did. Marx said that if communism didn’t reach, and wreck, England, then his efforts were wasted. Communism was a Jewish “time-bomb” designed to destroy the West. Quoting Marx, re: England: “Because of its domination of the world market, it is the only country where any revolution in the economic system will have immediate repercussions on the rest of the world.” Marxism was a racial (Jewish) movement posing as an economic movement. (Ironically enough, Jews helped communize China; Marx was long dead by that time).

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    1. fd Says:

      Democracy is trimmed with Marxism: Equality.

    2. nom nom nom Says:

      England is almost formally split on class. Marx must have seen that and saw it as both a strength and a weakness, one that could easily be deconstructed and turned into class warfare.

      After reading your articles and spotting a mention of the differences between the British and German modes of operation, Germans were able to put class aside, but the British can’t do that. They need to look down on or envy others (especially Jews); whereas Germans could see the unity, the whole, the nation.

      That’s the secret to being a higher or lower race.

      Whatever it is, if it is genetic or a corruption of being a colonial power, it gave the British the ability to ruthlessly run colonies, where the British could look down on others (Australians, Americans, Boers, and Irish); while at the same time tearing into fellow Europeans, while fawning over the Jews. The British could be callous to Irish starvation. They invented the concentration camp for the Boers, starved out India, bombed German civilians, the massacred postwar, tortured, imposed starvation, and the repatriated women, children, and soldiers into the Soviet hands for slaughter.

      Germans didn’t have a colonial system, but were pioneers into Eastern Europe and America. So, they didn’t have to ingrain inhumanity to hold colonies.

      It is also odd that England was at war with Spain, France, the Dutch, Russia, and Germany. There is something about being an island predator.

      The only part in the British favor is that the Jews intermarried with the upper classes such that there were few families that were pure (or I read today.) So, maybe the whole upper class disease is just a Jewish disease having infected England and is the source of all this evil.

      Certainly, Jews have a nose for pitting classes against each other, while Hitler was a “uniter not a divider.”

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      It is ironic that Marxism wound up taking hold in non-industrial countries like Russia, Mongolia and China instead of Germany, France and England, which is what Marx intended. Lenin knew that his own brand of Marxism, Bolshevism, would ultimately fail in Russia if there was no corresponding Bolshevik revolution in Germany. Too bad the Germans secretly sent Lenin back to Russia in that sealed train during WWI. The Russian Revolution had already begun without Lenin. Maybe Kerensky’s Provisional Government would have survived if Lenin didn’t arrive to rally his Red forces against it. A coalition government of Mensheviks, Social Revolutionaries, the various bourgeois parties and Royalists would have been preferable to the ruthless Bolshevik seizure of power.

    4. -jc Says:


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      Good stuff I’d not known about before

    5. fd Says:

      Tim McGreen, communism did take hold in Germany–East Germany. Much of Eastern Europe was industrialized where communism thrived also. Too many countries to list in that section of Europe.

      Truly free economies can be found across Asia and Latin America where the workers are not taxed, including those who sell products on the roadside. No tax number or permit is required. Iraqi workers paid no income tax until it fell under the tender mercies of Federal occupation, compliments of Washington city. Direct income tax is flat out tyranny. Draw the blood from each and every individual.

      Federal agent at the fruit stand: ‘Excuse me sir. Show me your tax number and permit’……’I have none secret agent man’…..’This is not Indonesia or Malaysia. I shall fine you today. Next time you go to jail.’

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      fd, you’re right about those Marxist authoritarian governments in central/eastern Europe, but that’s not where Marx and Engels imagined their system would take hold. What’s more, those Red regimes were imposed by Stalin after WWII, not to liberate the toiling masses from the bourgeoisie but to set up a huge military buffer zone between the USSR and the West. As bad as those old East Bloc governments were at least they provided jobs and stability. And there were never any problems with non-White invaders swarming in to those countries to drive up the crime rate and drive down the quality of life. Now those same countries are at the tender mercy of international bankers, speculators and corporations, while swarms of Gypsies and Turks enter with impunity.

    7. fd Says:

      Tim McGreen, you are correct. White Slavics in the Baltic states are plenty tough.