6 December, 2014

Getting Ready for Another War-for-the-Jews

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Why would America want war with Russia? I’ll tell you why: the Jews who control America don’t trust Russia, for several reasons. They don’t want a “non-democratic” White superpower which could compete with America. And Russia knows too much about the true nature of the Jews due to the Bolshevik era. Furthermore, Russia won’t cooperate with Zionism. (By the way, America is sending tanks to Eastern Europe).


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    1. Tim McGReen Says:

      Behold the porcine Jewess who is pushing for war against our White Aryan brothers in Russia:


      What has Russia done to deserve such abuse? They are preventing the Zionists from annihilating Syria and Iran. And under Putin they are not submitting to the Jews’ demand that Russia turn over all its resources to the international Jew speculators and financiers, like Boris Yeltsin did.

      Now we know why the price of oil and gas have plummeted all of a sudden. The Jews are trying to destroy the petro-based economies of Russia and Iran. Funny how all the economic “experts” did not forecast this sudden drop in the price of oil. Just a year or two ago they were predicting that it would never go below $100 a barrel again, that high-priced petroleum was here to stay. That’s one of the reasons why I no longer listen to the BBC or any other “respectable” news source.

    2. Walter Says:

      I have to say the Russians are a bunch of white Neanderthals . We should have nuked them after WW2. On the other hand the Musclehead Putin is resisting Zionism really well unlike the U.S. I noticed too what a coincidence with Russia and oil prices. My gut tells me Putin will remain on top for a long time and I like this BRICS arrangement. That really must worry the Zio-banisters.

    3. Walter Says:


    4. CW-2 Says:

      I suspect all this sabre rattling is just a diversion. Any real conflict with Russia in the Ukraine would quickly involve Poland, Hungary and also Romania / Moldova. If that didn’t bring the Ejew crashing down, cutting Russian natural gas supply to Germany and France would do so.

    5. fd Says:

      The leviathan Federal government needs a monstrous war to preserve its existence. The con artists on the Potomac must have a reason to justify the obese creature.

      I would like to take the so-called leading fathers on a tour of America. Dear sir: The Federal principle destroyed statehood.