1 January, 2015

New National Alliance Website

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Will Williams, can you recreate some of the old National Vanguard Books catalogs on this new NA website? Maybe they could be scanned to create .PDF files. Those old catalogs have a surprising amount of good information in them (e.g., in the book descriptions).


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  7. 41 Responses to “New National Alliance Website”

    1. fd Says:

      Excuse me while I throw up: The new NA will be the old NA, complete with espionage and informants More of the same. No novelty. Non-stop boring essays. No disrespect to Pierce–just those living in the past.

      I want night riders, not candle light writers who stay close to the fireplace where it’s all warm and cozy.

    2. Socrates Says:

      Not so fast. Give Will Williams a chance first.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Education and information must be an ongoing part of our program, but in Europe “propaganda of the deed” needs to be urgently considered.

    4. Tim McGReen Says:

      I believe that fd is right in his funny, cynical assessment of the “new” NA. I especially do not like the fact that “Kreepy Kevin” Strom is still around. But like Socrates says the inclusion of “White Will” Williams in the new NA lineup may just save the whole thing from imploding…again.

    5. torrence Says:

      “ZOG (or JOG) never sleeps nor do bona fide “hate groups” like those treacherous Jewish supremacist devils at the ADL and SPLC”
      –Will Williams really likes cozying up to the SPLC by granting interviews. Visit the SPLC website to read his latest and second interview. Exhibits very poor judgment.
      I believe the NA is infiltrated already.

    6. torrence Says:

      Not so fast. A trial date will be set in the next few weeks which will bring final resolution to the state of the NA and who rightfully has privileges to its oversight.
      It’s all a real mess.
      Erich Gliebe’s time has come.
      To educate yourself, visit www. narrg.com on this initiative. The suit is now one year old and has met with one legal victory after another. Success so far has been beyond expectations.

    7. Socrates Says:

      torrence Says: Will Williams really likes cozying up to the SPLC by granting interviews. Visit the SPLC website to read his latest and second interview.

      Hmm, I was not aware of that. Well, it’s not something that I would do, but, in Williams’ defense, Dr. Pierce gave an interview to the TV show “60 Minutes.” Granted, it isn’t the same thing.

    8. fd Says:

      By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes.

      –William Shakespeare

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      I don’t think this “new” National Alliance is going to go anywhere, although it’s good to see more and more pro-White activity both online and in the “real” world.

    10. Will Williams Says:

      Socrates, the SPLC gives me $10,000 worth of needed publicity with “Triumph of the Will.” That article will appear in the quarterly Intelligence Report which goes to all law enforcement, courts, many in media and legislatures. What has VNN done for me lately?
      The Jew Mikhail Wallach interviewd WLP for 5 and 1/2 hours, calling him a “nutcase,” among other things. But Dr. Pierce kept his cool and got tons of publicity from the five or ten minutes those 60 MINUTES Yids used in their profile of him.

      There’s a more favorable piece about our Alliance written through our eyes, not our watchdogs, here: http://whitebiocentrism.com/viewtopic.php?t=1681&p=4366#p4366

    11. Socrates Says:

      Will Williams Says: What has VNN done for me lately?

      Because I’m a big fan of Dr. Pierce and the old NA, I’ll put a permanent link to the NA in the “Links” section on the main page, at top right.

    12. fd Says:

      “What has VNN done for me lately?”

      Translation: First rattle out of the box, the NA has chosen to consort with SPLC, law enforcement, courts, media and legislatures–the most criminal agents in the country. Indulging the enemy. To associate with those people will lead the NA astray.

    13. Socrates Says:

      fd: Williams explained his reason for giving an interview to the SPLC. That’s good enough for most people. Give him a chance first. If he doesn’t prove to be a good leader, THEN criticize him.

    14. fd Says:

      My words are meant for the NA in general–no certain person.

      The NA has to be very careful when communicating with government and media. If the group earns the reputation as a NARK outfit, it’s over. You can’t recover from that. Let them move fwd.

    15. torrence Says:

      Read All About it – How the National Alliance will yet be regained!

    16. torrence Says:

      A good read? You decide:
      TRIUMPH OF THE WILL: Will Williams and the National Alliance

      If this is good publicity, well, then….

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      I just read a few of the comments at narrg.com and my guess would be that the “new” NA is going to quickly disintegrate as a result of endless arguing, infighting, recriminations, lawsuits, counter-lawsuits, sabotage, etc. Good riddance.

    18. fd Says:

      The new NA: a dark production.

    19. Socrates Says:

      Quit it. I’ve never seen so much negativity. Will Williams has been chairman of the National Alliance for how long? A month? And already you’re carving the NA’s tombstone and digging the grave. Come on, be reasonable.

    20. Will Williams Says:

      Thank you for linking to our site on VNN’s main page, Socrates. Despite NARRG’s bravado I’m not worried at all about their now frivolous lawsuit against Erich Gliebe. I’m not a defendant in that case nor is the National Alliance.

      These negative, anonymous VNNers are not Alliance material, so should join with the NARRGs and try to build something with them that’s positive. Good luck with that. Do you really expect reasonableness from these worthless gadflies?

      Those who wish to join or rejoin our organization and move forward once again with Alliance-building can do so here, at the bottom of this page: http://natall.com/about/what-is-the-national-alliance/

      Hobbyists need not apply.

    21. Robert Cardillo Says:

      God willing, Mr. Williams will be giving the NA a good kick in the arse to the organisation that it desperately needs. Bollocks to Herr Gleibe and that slag stripper wife of his.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      Will Williams, I wouldn’t join your goofy organization if you paid me. Good luck with all of your lawsuits. I imagine those Jew Federal judges are going to get sick and tired of seeing you in their courtrooms so often.

    23. Will Williams Says:

      I’ll give it my best, Robert. Thanks.

      I have no lawsuits going currently, McGreen. Settled with Tubbington before taking on the Alliance Chairmanship. Those NARRG losers are trying to drag me into their lawsuit against Erich Gliebe, but aren’t having much luck, despite Jim Ring’s blustery bravado about “fighting on tho final victory.”

      Little Napoleon won’t like that I put this up, but since he insists on fighting with me this is what he’ll will get for his trouble: https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t443513-68/#post12581185

      I inherited a fat file on Jim Ring that I’ll leak out like that a little at the time.

    24. John Smith Says:

      Jim Ring is a troublemaker. What he can’t control he wishes to disrupt. It’s unfortunate to see others getting sucked into this. Time for the rest of the NARRG crew to quit wasting their money and maybe consider how they could help rebuild NA in a positive way now that Gliebe has stepped aside. That’s what they wanted, isn’t it? THe idea that WWW who criticized EG for years is now “in cahoots” with him is preposterous.

      And give EG some credit for stepping aside….So much for comradeship eh? Where were they when WWW was dissenting back in oh say 2003?

    25. John Smith Says:

      WLP licensed the TD to Lyle Stuart too and we know that aint what his mamma named him.

    26. John Smith Says:

      I wonder how these clowns expect to affect anything at NA when the NA isn’t a party to the suit. DUH! And how do a bunch of non-members expect to really have standing to sue on behalf of the the non-membership NA anyways? Get the bylaws and read them fools. The directors do and always have had official control of the outfit from the get-go. Somebody want to tell the fancy lawyer before you piss another twenty grand down the hole? LOL

    27. John Smith Says:

      For years people asked Will Williams to take up this role. Now Erich burys the hatchet, passes control willingly, and the kids stomp their feet and whine. Let’s see who is a real cadre and who is just a litigant.

    28. John Smith Says:

      Also did they ever think of adding Walker as a party. And is it possible that other persons who may have had duties under Gliebe actually overpaid themselves and not him? I wonder how if they backed EG for so long how they finally figured out that he was doing the dirty. Seems to me they are just out to try and grab the marbles for themselves. Such as the diminished marbles may be.

      Or let’s just say they are well intentioned. Nonetheless: It’s always interesting how the naysayers know better than the person who has actually had to hold the helm. It’s easy to second guess a leader, easy to try and tear things down. Much harder to build things up. That might include subordinating egos.

      I think there is new blood out there which will be better supporters of the newly reformed NA and willing to pull at the oars instead of just make noise with ineffectual lawsuits doomed to fail.

      What do they expect to get from EG anyways a judgment they cant collect? The longer they maintain this the more silly and foolish they look. Some of the saner NARRG plaintiffs should hire their own lawyers to second check this defective “strategy.” It would be penny wise to get a second opinion on this pound foolish suit.

      Oh and by the way. They lie about their victories. They asked for a receiver to be appointed and it was DENIED. That was the only thing they pitched that might have had the intended effect and it is NOT in any order. Check it for yourselves if you like. Right now the best possible outcome for the dissenters is a worthless judgment against EG.

    29. fd Says:

      Gossip, Gossip, Gossip. All this conversation about the NA is immature and effeminate.

      Dear Abby, the NA needs you and a team of psychiatrists from Vienna.

    30. Tim McGreen Says:

      Um, Socrates, what was that thing you said about giving Williams a chance first? I, uh, I really hate to say I told you so, but….well…

      No, wait! You know what? You were right. Yes, absolutely! Not so fast, let’s give….him……yeah. Hmmm.

    31. John Smith Says:

      One last thought. The whole NARRG gang is exhibiting a phenomenon called MISSION CREEP. An outfit gets together to accomplish an ad hoc task. Organization marshals resources and a money flow is established. Suddenly, and sometimes with unexpected ease, the GOAL IS ACCOMPLISHED. Normally the ad hoc committee would disband… except… that would staunch the money flow…. ergo, the mission is CHANGED so that the money flow can be continued. The new goal is fobbed off as the old goal, and the old goal is forgotten that is has already been achieved, and the gang keep shambling along as a solution in need of a problem.

      Ergo, Narrg was organized to unhorse Gliebe. EG unexpectedly retired; but all the attention and whatever the donations, were too much to renounce, so Jim Ring enthralled all his erstwhile comrades into equating WW with EG and continuing the “Struggle” with flourishes of heroism. PS send your donation!!! The fight must go on!!! Etc etc…

    32. torrence Says:

      “Narrg was organized to unhorse Gliebe”
      In part, only. There is more to come. Stay tuned.

    33. torrence Says:

      Little Napoleon won’t like that I put this up, but since he insists on fighting with me this is what he’ll will get for his trouble: https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t443513-68/#post12581185

      Well, looks like Mr. Williams is heading the interim NA like other losers in the White Nationalist laugh-in.
      Isn’t there something better to be done with your time?

    34. torrence Says:

      “passes control willingly”
      Do the circumstances allow for such a view? It is better understood as an evasion effort that won’t succeed.
      Erich Gliebe will soon be on trial as will other corporate matters. After its over with, he will have ruined his life.

    35. John Smith Says:

      Let me get this clear. Just like WWW graciously said when he attended the last hearing– the NARRG has accomplished a good purpose of encouraging EG to step down. And make no mistake, EG has shown good faith by doing so.

      “passes control willingly- Do the circumstances allow for such a view?”


      what about that is so hard to understand? Nothing: except that it means the mission is accomplished. Dissolve the ad hoc committee called NARRG or be guilty of attacking the organization rather than trying to help it.

      “Evasion effort” is not a claim to that is triable in a court of law. What the NARRG plaintiffs have is a fraud lawsuit on behalf of an entity which they do not formally control nor belong to nor represent in any sense, against a guy who is unemployed and would not be able to pay even if he won. And if he did pay guess what you fools, the money would properly be going back to the NA and not the NARRG.

      Get the parties straight. How much do you pay your lawyer an hour to not have explained this to you?

      As for ruining his life, EG lives and can go on with the next phase of his life post the NA whether the NARRG hates him or not.

      The NARRG is ignoring the fine example set by Will Williams of burying the hatchet and trying the help the organization back to health instead of further crippling it with pointless intrigue.

      Think about this NARRG plaintiffs: by following the known troublemaker Jim Ring, denounced by Jost Turner, which letter WLP kept on file no doubt for the significance of its friendly warning– but by following him, you run the risk of making yourselves look both like troublemakers– and also people who do not understand the legal system. For leadership material in America, like the system or not, you had better be able to use it properly. This is not a proper use of your own resources let alone any kind of way to do anything good for the NA organization which you supposedly wish well.

      I saw that Jost Turner letter and it says back in 93 Jost Turner said Jim Ring was a troublemaker. What is he now? A troublemaker with a bigger following than he had in 1993.

      But those who continue to follow his poor example will be ruining their own reputations for future interactions with other people in these circles, be assured. There is still time to hop off the Jim Ring bandwagon.

      Let’s all hope that out of this fracas comes a new sort of person who can work better in a group, stay more loyal to old comrades, and be more judicious in the use of scanty resources than those who would persist in the folly of maintaining this suit. Who will that be? If you want out, then simply instruct your lawyer that either you will voluntarily dismiss the suit as a group, or, let Jim Ring carry it on his own and you may each individually withdraw. Hey– don’t take my word for it– why not go hire your own lawyer to check it out and see if in fact this interpretation is valid? What’s to lose? Another thousand or another twenty thousand? For the possibility of an uncollectible judgment. Wow. You can thank me later. This is not legal advice, this is just a suggestion made for benefit of the organization. if that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

    36. torrence Says:

      Well, Mr. John Smith, let’s await the trial and then we’ll have more to talk about.
      I will defend Mr. Ring who I’ve known for several years. He is among the finest comrades within the movement I have met. Since the age of 16 he has been investing his life energy into White Nationalist efforts – heart and soul.
      Why are you are focusing on Jim Ring? He is one of very many behind this effort.
      We are seeing the beginning of another divisive whisper and suspicion campaign underway focusing on Jim Ring. Why?
      Infiltrated already?

    37. Will Williams Says:

      Why is Mr. Smith focusing on Jim Ring, you ask. Because he’s the NARRG ringleader. I’d bet you $100 that there is not going to be a trial, Mr. torrence, except that with your being anonymous to me I’d likely not collect when I win the bet. I don’t make a practice of betting with anonymous people or on things that I haven’t carefully calculated the odds of winning.

      You, Ring, Mrs. Papadopoulos and the others should start your own organization. I’m RESTORING and I’m REFORMING the National Alliance now and my governance is none of your goddamned business. I’ve inherited an active membership in good standing that I’m responsible to and you NARRGs are not part of it.

      Those Alliance members who are currently on our rolls but are six months or more behind in their pledges, after one warning from me to catch up, will be culled if they do not make an effort to become current, just like was our policy when Dr. Pierce was Chairman. I will not carry deadwood as was my predecessor’s practice and I will not tolerate willful troublemakers. http://whitebiocentrism.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1472&start=40

    38. Will Williams Says:

      The National Alliance has its own forum where we don’t suffer hostile, anonymous disruptors. Let the naysayers squabble and squawk; let NARRGs throw good money after bad all they want while we go about actually rebuilding something worthwhile. There is no call for Alliance members to ever be defensive with accusatory losers. We’re in; they’re out.

      Some background for the reader. I wrote the following comment at our forum in reply to member volker zorn’s point that name-calling by those associated with the National Alliance is untoward and counter-productive to the diplomatic, adult approach I had been pursuing. Nothing has changed since I wrote this two months ago, despite NARRG’s ongoing claims to the contrary. http://whitebiocentrism.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1472&start=10

      Mon Nov 10, 2014 9:15 pm

      Volker, there’s really nothing for me or the Alliance to settle with NARRG. Their suit is against Erich Gliebe and his former board members, one of whom, Jayne Cartwright, I retained; the other, Ryan Maziarka resigned from both the Alliance and its board. Jayne was excluded by the court on 10/24 from the order to produce that ton of sensitive Alliance membership and financial records because she was never in possession of them. Erich’s not going to give the court those records because they are all in my possession now since I’m Chairman and, thus, the rightful proprietor. NARRG thinks the court will somehow compel me to give up the sensitive National Alliance documents and records. That remains to be seen, and will be accomplished only over my dead body…

      I just received Gliebe’s last and final National Alliance BULLETIN in today’s mail. My picture is on the front under the headline The New Chairman. “Our Alliance’s New Direction” is the title of my commentary. We do not gloat about some sort of “victory” or “rub it in” with rivals. We simply go forward with Alliance-building like professional adults.

    39. John Smith Says:

      Torrance, maybe Mr Ring is a fine chap. Indeed I do not know him. I am just taking stock of what the NARRG has written on its own website, and making reasonable inferences. Has not Mr Ring stepped forward in your group to sharpen the rhetorical tone against Will Williams? Maybe I misread all the NARRG stuff. Perhaps I misunderstand. Perhaps he is confused. Perhaps he thinks pursuing EG to the Nth degree will accomplish something useful. Perhaps he thinks getting a judgment against EG will have some hard-to-fathom effect on the NA which is not a party to the suit. Perhaps he sees farther and deeper than us all. Perhaps he is just a lean and hungry man like yon Cassius. I don’t know. Tell us, who leads the show there? Perhaps that information could help dissipate this quarrel. Are all plaintiffs there in favor of a scorched earth, bitter end come what may fight, even if it leads off in the wrong direction? Indeed we do want to know: who are the leaders?

      I seriously believe the NARRG plaintiffs are most likely a majority of well meaning people who have not quite assimilated the unexpected change in leadership and the positive development that it signifies. Perhaps, then, let people of true leadership and quality show their flexibility in adjusting to a changed situation now. White leaders have to be light on their feet and adjust to facts that change– not get tunnel vision, mission creep, and keep pursuing the mileposts that are already in the rear view mirror! Let’s take stock of the situation now as it is not as it was.

      A gracious tone Will uses. We have all seen on the internet that he has other tones to use that are scathing. He is not biting now at the NARRGs though some of them have bitten at him. Some. We know not all. I believe his tone exemplifies positive leadership and what’s to be expected from someone who steps forward. Well done!

      Who viewing this drama over the past decade could have foreseen that EG would bury the hatchet and pass reins on to a former comrade who had sharp words for him, for years? And this caused me to pause and reconsider: what faults that we saw in EG’s performance in the past, were actually attributable to people around him, who either did not do their jobs, or deliberately sabotaged the situation? Perhaps now it is too complicated to sort out– but you can be sure a lawsuit isn’t going to sort that out, where people are busy assigning blame. Why not turn to eyes to mutual goals that lie ahead? It’s not like the real goals we might all share may easily be obtained. Let’s not kid ourselves: there is hardly a more difficult operating environment than this. And the old activists know this.

      In the end, we need to keep in focus who “The Enemy” really is. It’s not other white people of good will, who wish the upward climb of our kind. White people need to overcome “personalities” and aim for the cause.

      Might I suggest, if you don’t like what the next fellow is doing, then just go do your own thing better. Don’t be like HAC who has spent decades dragging everyone down with slanders, everyone from Metzger to Pierce to Duke. Let’s not squabble over the tiny memberships: let’s grow the whole pie. Let’s bring in new blood, and develop new resources, not fight over the old.

      We know who the bad guys are. Lessons having been learned, difficulties having been diminished, the focus needs to be turned downrange and not sideways, folks.

    40. Will Williams Says:

      I’d asked James Harting a question about this NARRG thing today over on a topical Stormfront thread, and he replied:

      James Harting
      “Friend of Stormfront”
      Sustaining Member
      Join Date: Oct 2010

      Re: How Erich Gliebe Destroyed the National Alliance,
      Originally Posted by Will Williams
      James, that was the way things looked to you on 9/11/13. What’s your view of things now, 17 months later?

      Today, as in the past, I am outsider, but the way it looks to me now is that the battle to rescue the NA from Erich Gliebe is over, and you won.

      The NARRG people, including my good friend and comrade Jim Ring, need to reconcile themselves to this reality and move forward to more productive projects and campaigns. For them to continue to their efforts now is a waste of time, energy and money, and, moreover, it spreads unnecessary ill-will throughout the movement.

      With so little time remaining to us until our Race passes the point of no return, this continual infighting benefits no one but our common enemies.

      Sometimes in life, you have to cut your losses and more on, no matter how bitter this may be!


      Thank you again, Socrates, for allowing me to set the record straight about our Alliance. As for your original question about putting NVB catalogs up on http://www.nvb.com, we will be rebuilding that site over time. It’s not time for doing that just yet.

    41. Will Williams Says:

      Speaking of the New National Alliance Website: http://natall.com/about/what-we-believe/

      If there are any former Alliance members reading this who are interested in being part of Alliance-rebuilding do so soon. Gliebe is gone. I need you back. Of course new applicants who weren’t around when our Alliance was in its hey day are welcome to apply as well. We need our youth. I’ll be assigning special low membership numbers to the first 100 signups in 2015, with the lowest going to those who make higher pledges or pay ahead at least six months. It doesn’t cost us anything to do that, and if we succeed the Alliance members with these low numbers on their Membership cards will have bragging rights with their grandchildren.

      It’s time!

      The first National Alliance BULLETIN under my Chairmanship will be mailed out before the end of this month, so get on our list if you want to be a participant and get the inside scoop on Alliance-building. For those who don’t want to be Members for one reason or another, you can become a financial Supporter and receive out internal BULLETIN, too. Members and Supporters also receive issues of National Vanguard magazine as they are published, along with other perks.

      Will W Williams – Chairman