10 March, 2015

Jews and Physical Unattractiveness

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(Above: Jewish “civil rights” leader Kivie Kaplan. Note his facial appearance)

Seen on the TV: an ugly woman who was, no doubt, a Jew, even though I didn’t get her name. She had the familiar rodent-like appearance [1].

One of the reasons that Jews hate White people is that they know that they are an unattractive race compared to Whites. Look at photographs of 20 Jews. Out of the 20, perhaps 16 could be described as “ugly.” Big noses, big ears, big mouths, weak chins, and an overall lack of muscular development make Jews look freaky in Western societies.

[1] Eastern European Jews (i.e., 90% of all Jews) have been described as having a rat-like appearance; granted, that doesn’t apply to all of them

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    1. Joe Says:

      Funny how the face doesn’t lie. Just look at a picture of the Jew Jerry Silverstein of 9/11 fame. Talk about a rat face. And notice how most Jews have several horizontal wrinkles above their neanderthal brows. This comes from the constantly-used facial expression “Who me?!” that they are forced to use in defending their lifetime of lies. No… the face does depict the character.

    2. fd Says:

      Jews are physically inferior. They have oversize ears, flabby cheeks and jowls. Patton said they were lower than animals at a press conference and he paid a heavy price for it.

    3. Zerstorer Says:

      Interesting topic, the amount of Jews with rat like features depends upon the ancestry of jew blood compared to European blood flowing through their veins.

    4. Big Man Says:

      Alex has said “I think they do it just because they are ugly.” I think he is partially right.

      I have always called them “soft face Arabs” that is because they are punks and do not work. If you read “New History of the Jews” you will see they are just parasites, and have been for the past 4,000 years.

      Here is an example of “soft face Arabs”


      If you search for jews on the internet you see attractive ones, as they are camofloghed by the beards and weird hats some always wear. But once you shave the beards you can see how misshappen their faces are. Some have said they look like “cum pumped” demons.

      Jews have probably always looked so soft from a lack of difficult lifestyle and it cannot be mistaken who is and who isn’t a jew, despite some Moore mixed Sicilians who look the same


    5. Big Man Says:

      The Sicilians who look that way due to the Arab Italian interbreeding that took place in that area.

    6. J├╝rgen Says:

      Also, notice how these filthy hebes generally have half-closed eyes, like that zionist bitch on ZNN (I mean CNN) named Barbara Starr.

      The only time those eyes ever open wide is when they bite your wallet, then they are big and roll around like black doll’s eyes….

    7. mrcrouton Says:

      Marrying nieces and cousins over and over again not only made them ugly, but they have a lot of retards in their ranks also.

      The Talmud teaches that it’s a Mitzvah for a man to marry his niece.

      Jews are inbred, ugly and prone to mental illness.

    8. Tina Carter Says:

      Doesn’t matter, they got enough money to facelit, or transform themselves into bleach blonde ala Lisa Kudrow from Friends, or even Seinfeld.

    9. Tina Carter Says:

      Doesn’t matter, they got enough money to facelit, or transform themselves into bleach blonde ala Lisa Kudrow from Friends, or even Seinfeld.