16 April, 2015

HollowSwindle Remembrance Day

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How could we ever forget the HollowCost? The Jews remind us of it every 3 days. By the way, “history’s oldest hate” isn’t the gentile hatred of Jews. It is the Jewish hatred of gentiles. The Jews were the first people to make racial superiority and racial hatred their day-to-day doctrines [1].


[1] “Thus an Orthodox Jew learns from his earliest youth, as part of his sacred studies, that Gentiles are compared to dogs, that it is a sin to praise them, and so on and so forth” — Jewish author Israel Shahak

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    1. fd Says:

      This April 19 will mark 22 years since the Federals mass murdered the inhabitants of the Branch Church. A real holocaust with fire, gas, tanks, helicopters and everything. The FBI microwaved the compound, lit it up with massive flood lights and turned up the volume with sounds of dying animals.

      Reno and Clinton said they had to destroy the place because the children were sexually abused and beat? wtf. I thought Reno and Clinton were the abusers. Those 2 jokers created a real Billy Jack.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Holohoax Remembrance Day is the longest day of the year…….It lasts 12 months. I certainly hope there is a rise in anti-Kikeism like the Jews keep saying. They are all but demanding we deal with them once and for all.

    3. fd Says:

      What a phony essay. And why does the author infuse Anne Frank into his rant? Jews desperately needed a Mary Phagan, and they found it in Anne Frank.

      I read Hitler’s letter. I remember it differently. He didn’t say it would take 2 centuries for anti-Semitism to rise up. It was more like it would take 2 centuries to build up another White racial state.

    4. Mary O Says:

      Perhaps some people imagine Auschwitz as a vast mountain wilderness; actually the entire complex comprises only about 15 square miles.

      The town of Auschwitz had been a developed industrial center since the 19th century.

      The claims vary constantly; but anywhere from 1 million to 4.5 million Jews are said to have been “murdered” there in the period 1939 – 1945, a time span of roughly 2000 days.

      So the Jews are claiming that an average of at least 500 prisoners were killed at the Polish work camp per day during that time!

      Supposedly the corpses were cremated.

      The Jews seem to think that Gentiles don’t know that about 5 lb. bone material on average would remain per corpse if they were in fact cremated.

      So 1.25 tons of this human bone material was produced on the average per day, and promptly disposed in that 15 square mile patch of land? That would be a total of 2500 tons of human bone material over the entire war, and these huge bone pits were (of course) never found even in such a small area?

      Keep in mind that modern technology could easily detect large displacements of land.

      And, this result corresponds to the lowest claim of only 1 million killed.

      The claim is also made that the victims were mainly killed by cyanide gas.

      Handling the corpse of a cyanide victim requires special haz-mat procedures because exposure to the poison can occur through vapors emitted from the corpse after death.

      So the Germans supposedly invested in huge specially trained haz-mat teams to dispose of the daily piles of 100s of bodies through cremation, which also would have consumed huge amounts of fuel, even while losing the war?

      Why? To hide the fact that they were supposedly killing Jews from Stalin? It makes no sense.

      Is it even safe to burn a cyanidic corpse?

      How could they have attempted this operation without creating a bio-hazard of epic proportions?

      People actually get very angry at me when I question this stupid hoax.

      The Hoax is a lot like Reid Interview techniques in which subjects are manipulated into confessing to crimes they never committed.

      An exaggerated amount of faith is put into the meaning of their eye movement and physical posture; although no scientific proof supports these notions.

      The interview subject is often lied to about certain evidence, and specifically told that forensic evidence points to their guilt. They are not allow to make a statement of denial, and they are bullied into silence if they try to talk at all. The subject is encouraged to believe that his situation is hopeless.

      Then, the “minimization” process begins —downplaying the moral consequences of the crime without mentioning the legal ones.

      In the case of the woman who tampered with her oxycodone prescription, the interviewer might suggest that the dentist did not give her enough pain pills and that she only wanted to save a trip to the pharmacy. “If you were a drug addict, you wouldn’t have changed the prescription to forty—you would have changed it to a hundred!”

      The media is “Reiding” us. Small gestures like the recent action of the boys from Commack NY who wore Auschwitz tee shirts as a joke is broadcast around the world as if it were terribly meaningful. Or someone draws a swastika on a college campus wall? What does it mean?

      We are not allowed to deny our guilt. We are bullied into silence if we try.

      We are not allowed to examine any papers or folders which we are shown, and told that they prove our guilt beyond any doubt; for example, the “meticulous” German records. Where are the links to these records?

      If we criticize any of the supposed evidence, we are basically shouted down.

      Minimization might be: “As long as you allow us to take complete control of your government, and go die fighting in one of the several wars we have started, you can be a “righteous gentile.”

      The next phase—Interrogation—involves prodding the suspect toward confession. Whereas before you listened, now you do all the talking. If the suspect denies the accusation, you bat it away. “There’s absolutely no doubt that this happened,” you say. “Now let’s move forward and see what we can do.” If he asks to see the folder, you say no. “There’ll be time for that later. Now let’s focus on clearing this whole thing up.”

      “Never allow them to give you denials,” Senese told us. “The key is to shut them up.”

      Ref. http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2013/12/09/the-interview-7

      The media certainly is shutting us up.

    5. Non Ame Says:

      Nothing is true until the government officially denies it. Nothing is false until Fox News reports it.

    6. Joe Says:

      Well stated, Mary O.
      Your logic and explanation of the impossibility of just some of the outrageous claims of the jews and their 6 million (1 million – whatever) is spot on.
      Alas, most of the TV swilling goy don’t think about things like forensic evidence. They just figure “well, if my TV or teacher says it’s so, it must be. Damn those evil Germans!” Our species, as a whole, is barely above the slime when it comes to overall intelligence… a fact the conniving jews so take for granted in herding us.

    7. Mary O Says:

      Another example of the media claiming that a random gesture is meaningful, similar to the way Reid advocates will claim that clasping one’s hands with thumbs up is the absolutely sure sign of a lying suspect:


      Ripping up the sign is a trivial crime, and not necessarily politically motivated. Teens are often mischievous.

      The local Jewish community automatically blames the internet, apparently believing that the only doubt ever expressed about the Hoax comes from the internet. The attitude is that we goyim are just too dumb to figure out an obvious campaign of media deception without computer help.

      My parents both doubted the Hoax, but they both died before the internet even came into common use.

      My mother observed that local Jewish doctors’ didn’t seem to have the level of education that completion of a university program would normally confer. Our government would accept claims that the records of the European university where the prospective physician had supposedly obtained their MD had been destroyed in the war, and allow these claimants to get medical licenses based solely on an exam. She wondered if that was why certain universities had been bombed.

      My father also observed the shaved heads of the prisoners. To shave the heads of inmates was a measure commonly taken against the spread of lice. If the Germans were planning to mass-murder these prisoners, why bother with containing the spread of lice?

      He also said that US Army doctors deplored Nuremberg, saying the charges were ridiculous and unfair, and that the authorities threatened to murder the German officer’s children if they did not confess.

      My father was also disgusted at the Eichmann trials, which were televised with Eichmann suspended in a cage over some governing body of Israelis. He was enraged that the witnesses used were obviously senile.

      (I have vague memories of this TV spectacle from my childhood. I was only about 5 year old, and I found this “trial” terrifying. Certainly it wasn’t a sober court of law).

      He also felt the persecution of Demjanjuk was elder abuse, and that as a mere prison guard, Demjanjuk was never in authority anyway.

      My parents were mainly of Irish descent. I often wonder what Americans who descend of other European ethnic groups tell their children about the so-called Holocaust.

      In addition to destroying freedom of speech on the internet, the government would also have to destroy the family, so that no one could actually discuss these issues with their children. Maybe that is why the government has taken so many measures to weaken the family.

      Pure Reid: the suspect is not allowed to make a statement of denial. We are being prevented from *denying* the Holocaust.

    8. Mary O Says:

      Reading criticism of Reid from the left, one wonders why anyone would consent to such an interview without first consulting an attorney, and having one present throughout the session.

      In this case, the White race is being accused of these crimes without the existence of any possible entity to act as attorney.

      Most actual attorneys quake in fear of Jewish judges and law firm partners, and always put career advancement above any other consideration.

      Since they usually have more than $100K in education debt, they must be obsequious. Their education doesn’t “better” them; rather they become enslaved trying to pay back the loans.

      So we alone are left to enter the “NOT GUILTY” plea on behalf of our race.

      BTW: Some Jews automatically start labeling my parents “anti-Semitic.” However I do not think that they were so much anti-Semitic as ANTIWAR, esp. anti-WW2.

      Right now the Jews, like Nuland, Kagan, and Soros, seem bent on resurrecting the Ottoman Empire, and backing this neo-Ottoman regime against Russia, and thus catapulting the EU and US into WW3, which we do not want.

      They are using the Hoax yet again as pro-war propaganda.

    9. Mary O Says:

      We are eventually see these stupid Hoax festivals every week:

      Per wiki,

      International Holocaust Remembrance Day, is an international memorial day on 27 January commemorating the victims of the Holocaust ….

    10. Mary O Says:

      From what I can tell, Auschwitz is the core of the Hoax.

      The rest is just frosting on the cake, and can never be quite pinned down.

      Of course, more Jews died in the invasion of Warsau, but the center of action had to be transposed to Auschwitz to avoid messy questions:

      1. Why did Stalin sign the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact with Hitler?

      2. If the Polish Jews were the object of the Holocaust “sacrifice,” who then was the entity to offer them up?

      Is the Holocaust metaphor consistent? The Polish Jews were to Isaac, as who exactly was to Abraham?

      If Stalin himself offered up the Polish Jewish community as “atonement for sins” and to grab for an Israel in the Mideast, how are we responsible?

      If Stalin was not Jewish himself, he was certainly surrounded by, and fully and totally supported worldwide by Jews.

    11. Mary O Says:

      My father used to say that the Hoax is projection.

      The Jews cannot cope with the horrible guilt they feel for their zealous support of Stalin, and his reckless “offering up” and destruction of the Polish Jewish community, and thus blame us for the entire episode.

      The probably more like 6,000 Jews who died in WW2, are canonized and glorified, as if each one were worth one thousand lives. Hence, the Six Million.

    12. Mary O Says:

      When the Jews claim that we are “deniers,” we should answer that they are PROJECTING their own guilt onto us.

      Of course, it may seem cruel to confront them directly, leaving them to drown helplessly in sea of anxiety, but the alternative is WW3.

      So Reality Therapy seems in order.

      No more Mr. (Ms.) Nice Guy. The Jews did the crime. They killed their own people by recklessly starting WW2.

    13. Mary O Says:

      People like Kagan, Nuland and Soros sold out their own people, left the Jewish community in Warsaw to BURN, left their own people there completely vulnerable and defenseless as civic order in Poland collapsed.

      The Polish Jews were surrounded by Poles who resented and hated them, even while the German and Russian troops, who also resented and hated them, were preparing to invade.

      Why exactly are we trusting them with our foreign policy? They threw their own people ON THE FIRE for a land and power grab in the Mideast; what might they do to us?

    14. Mary O Says:

      Most serious White intellectuals do see right through the Holocaust, and understand that the Jews themselves are just in denial for having killed their own people.

      It’s like going into a mental asylum and seeing some lunatic who has murdered her own child raving about how some intruder actually killed him, how “Hitler” actually killed him and so forth.

      They say nothing, because the whole scenario is so pathetic. And, what good would be done by arguing with her anyway? Confronting her would only be cruel. And, what does it really matter anyways?

      However, the lunatic is now getting ready to kill us, too.

      She is starting WW3.

    15. fd Says:

      Why does the Mongoloid Jew with slope-head and hook-nose pretend to be White? Why is the artificial Jew state a hateful place?

    16. Mary O Says:

      The greater pretense is that they are wholly non-White, that they can back all of this anti-White nonsense, blame Whites for the Holocaust, and “racism” and not suffer any consequences themselves.

      The Ashkenazi (90% of modern-day Jews) see themselves as Turks, and are trying to use Turkey and Israel as anchors for a neo-Ottoman power.