6 April, 2015

Setting the Stage for Endless Holocaust-Reparations Payments to Jews

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The Holocaust is an endless cash cow. Germany has been paying Holocaust reparations to the Jews since 1953, with no end in sight. There is so much money to be had that there will be 2nd-, 3rd- and even 4th-generation “Holocaust survivors” cashing in. (The Jews even shook down Switzerland for Holocaust reparations, even though Switzerland wasn’t involved in the Holocaust or in World War II).


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    1. Non Ame Says:


      “Throughout his career, but especially in the time since President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has revealed himself to be something most politicians are not: a terrible bullshitter.

      I don’t mean “terrible” in a normative sense, though he often deploys bullshit for ends that I find morally abhorrent. I mean “terrible” in the sense of lacking skill. Even if you adjust your measurements to reflect his profession (where bullshit is nearly omnipresent), Netanyahu’s phoniness is obvious. It’s a strange thing to say about the second-longest serving PM in Israel’s history, I grant, but it’s true nonetheless. It’s easy absurdly easy to tell when “Bibi” is full of it.”

      How can you tell when a jew is lying? His lips are moving.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      When the Leader comes, as he surely will, they will be one hell of a payback.

      Not only to the Jews, but to the un-men of our own race who give them aid and cover.

    3. fd Says:

      I agree, Antagonistes. Paybacks are a MF. The coming leader won’t leave anything on the table. It will be like clorox. Justice long suppressed is terrible when unleashed. The traitors, con men, liars and fools will be hunted down. Summary execution.

    4. brenda peters Says:

      Annie Frank gang raped six preschoolers in her care, where are these victims reparations?

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      What did she do, become several people?

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      Back when the Hungarian up rising happened as we know in 1955 the people had NO weapons except their will, and clubs, then got the weapons putting down police criminals, taking a police stations and murdering joo’s in government positions who had been severely abusing White’s since they took over in 1945 with Stalin’s criminal troops backing up the joos complete rule in this Nation.

      The Voice of America radio broad casts and all the CIA propaganda was that the USSA regime would help them if they over their torturers, not so in reality.

      Stalin sent in a few hundred tanks and infantry and ratta tat, tat was the end of any White Hungarian up rising and today it is a paradise for joo porno operators using White women .

      The few that escape the prison guarded borders were taken to the USSA told the CIA, that they did not rebel against Communism what so ever it was the joo’s and their cruel control and abuse of the women and men etc.

      That news was suppressed in 1955 the year of Mrs Brown a joo versus the board of Education.

      Ah good old POTUS unqualified Ikey the clerk, he really took care of US.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m not so sure the coming Leader will be as ruthless with the Jews and their goy accomplices as he should be. After all the Leader will be a politician and politicians are always looking for ways to screw over their supporters so they can curry favor with the rich and powerful. So be on your guard when the White Savior finally rides into town on his white horse.