4 April, 2015

Whites Are Starting to Fight Back With “White Genocide” Meme

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That’s a great slogan, and it’s true. Whites are being genocided.


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    1. Heather Blue Says:

      This man was talking about words on a fence that said “WHITE GENOCIDE.” It can be seen by drivers on the Interstate.

      Bernie Fields said “It sends a message to let people know that this type of thing still exist in our society. And it shouldn’t.”

      Actually that goes for him. Bernie Fields shouldn’t exist in our society.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:


      Exactly right Heather !

      TV helps our people stay quiets, along with fear of the regime since 01.

    3. brenda peters Says:

      Africa for Africans.
      Asia for Asians.
      White Countries for Everybody!

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      With out exception every vacuous headed White that I know of that has those free Tibet bumper sticker are cooliege edumacated weak or no father in their childhood and attended public school

      One SOB I know he is a lincense ordained minister or what ever the title is through the state as Tibetan POS so he can have hippy wedding or for taxes I don’t know, but he grew up in a very well off family in Western Maryland, loves niggers, but never went to school with them, and as an adult moved to one of the Whitest places in N.A.


      If any one would just read some history even from N.G. from the 1890’s it will explain what a brutal society Tibet was.

      White’s who follow this shit have are fools and self hating ass hats MFERS.

      Tucharians they do not want to know about or any White history, they are TV headed POS’s.

    5. Luke Says:

      I hope everyone here realizes, and has come to grips with the fact, that if and when the SHTF and CW2 arrives at our doorstep – that there will be a substantial, yet agreeably unfortunate, number of our fellow Whites who – due to their lifetime commitment to race treasonous behavior, and due to their pathologically insane obsession and dedication to the objective of committing White racial suicide – that these treasonous slabs of maggot infested White rat excrement are going to have to be placed at the very top of the list of problems that will scream for a resolution?

      And, this group is, like it or not, going to include family members and occasional associates and lame dicked White ‘friends’.

      I mean, if it were a simple case of a handful of ideologically screwed up Whites craving racial suicide and only they were going to be the ultimate victims of the anti-White racial genocide shit that they push, then, I would be the first to say that we need to step aside and then these IQ defective slabs of rat excrement commit racial suicide.

      But, the problem is – these slabs of rat excrement want to take the rest of the White race along with them, on their racial suicide mission. Whether we want to go along or not.

      Which confirms the fact that these turds are priority #1 on the problem resolution list.

    6. Non Ame Says:

      Too right, Luke. It’s very unfortunate and something we’d rather not have to contemplate, but our race will require some serious house cleaning. No question about that, only to what degree some of the more valuable race traitors can be rehabilitated, or if they should be at all.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:

      When joos when in to warp speed after the NOV. 1963 ventilation they knew for sure after intense studies since Wilson that a certain portion of the White population would sell they mothers on the corner if the propaganda anti White, self hate bs stories were put out around the clock in all forms of the alien media, with porn and lust for toys above all else.

      Point is this has been a tactical war move as they did know before they move on US like in 1917 Russia they had to have a strong fifth column. Well they have several now. NAACP, NKVD, CHEKA, NEA, open open border aided too, and with the most important fifth column of all history is the deluded, arrogant, dishonorable, wife cheating big time and other disgusting anti White behaviors praising niggers and denouncing real patriots is the eviljellicultists.

      Even some kikes have written they are crazy bunch even though they are on a leash.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Social Marxists can’t deny the charge that they are trying to destroy the White race through nonstop mud invasions, abortions, race-mixing and the like. I’d like to see them on the defensive for a change.