5 May, 2015


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Why does the West need diversity? It’s the West, not the East, not Africa, not Mexico, not Colombia. The West was created by White men. Now we’re being pushed out of it. “Diversity” means “less White men in a region built by White men.” Fuck diversity and the Jewish horse it rode in on.


  • 4 Responses to “Divershitty”

    1. Non Ame Says:

      I guess we can start expecting the quality of tech goods and services to begin a precipitous decline.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      “Fuck Diversity and the Jewish horse it rode in on.”

      Let’s print that up on bumper stickers and t-shirts. Then sell them.

      I am sick and tired of their “diversity”!!
      Do any of these dip-sticks realize more of that equals less White people?

      What is it with a people who would rather be extinct or a minority in their own country even——-Anything except rising up and saying we have a right to exist—–

      For FEARS they might be called that wilting word——-Racist!!
      I am certain that the “diversity” will be the majority in support and admin. but they will still need the White and Asian engineers to run the technical side because blacks and browns can’t do it.

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      Actually they will import more Indian and Chinese (who may be spies or what not with any Chi-coms) engineers thereby displacing Whitey,but keeping the gooks they already have as they fit nice an cozy into the new “diversity equations”.

      As a matter of fact ,Googles new format is the Jewish horse plan for the whole JewSA!

    4. Mel Brooks Says:

      Big Shooo banksters created Web 2.0 and the Google megalith. They’re not about to let the entire thing become a shambles for the sake of “inclusiveness”.
      150M is nothing to them, they’ll make a really, really big shooo out of something like this (and grease the palms of the race hucksters, while they’re at it), then all will go quiet, while the honkies and the slanties herd the new hires around and prevent them from screwing anything up.

      BTW, VERY odd it is, the circumstances surrounding the sudden death of David Goldberg..an accident, in a Mexican resort..husband & wife billionaires..it’s got “TruTV” written all over it. Sumpthin’ ain’t kosha’ about that entire affair.